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    Meaning of WhatsApp Emojis You Need to Know in 2022

    Knowing the meaning of WhatsApp emojis is important to not send a smiley face with a different meaning than you imagine. So, you don't run the risk of being pissed off and sending the wrong message to your crush or a co-worker, for example.

    We start with the meanings of the most used emojis and then we separate the symbols by categories. Check out!

    • most used emojis
    • Different emojis
    • Emojis to use with crush
    • Fun and funny emojis
    • Emojis to show emotions

    most used emojis

    Face with tears of joy

    The face with tears of joy is the most used of all! It is usually used to indicate that you found something very funny or amusing. Or even to give that desperation laugh, depending on the context.

    In an even more hilarious situation, users often opt for the rolling smiley face: .

    • To copy: πŸ˜‚

    red heart

    The red heart is the most popular emoji heart. It is usually used to express feelings of love or romance. However, it is common for it to be sent in contexts of gratitude, happiness, affection and empathy.

    • To copy: ❀️

    thumb up

    The thumbs up is our famous thumbs up. Indicates that the sender agrees with something or someone. Also saying it's ok, signaling approval or even as a form of encouragement, like, "yes, go ahead".

    • To copy: πŸ‘

    little face crying loud

    It is used to show that someone is deeply sad and frustrated. But, curiously, there are those who use it to indicate other feelings, such as laughing uncontrollably or being extremely emotional.

    • To copy: 😭

    Hands together

    The original meaning of this emoji is gratitude or supplication, the way the gesture is interpreted in Japan. However, it is also often used to represent spirituality, moments of prayer and hope.

    Contrary to what many think, the symbol does not mean high five. The fact was denied by the website specializing in emoji Emojipedia.

    • To copy: πŸ™

    Little face sending kiss

    This friendly face can show a feeling of affection or love for something or someone, often with romantic intent. It is usually used as a thank you or to say goodbye with that "good night" kiss.

    • To copy: 😘

    Smiling face with hearts

    The smiley face with hearts has several meanings. You can use it to show that you are in love or that you feel loved. But it can also indicate happiness, affection, affection or that you feel blessed by something.

    • To copy: πŸ₯°

    Smiling face with heart in eyes

    This emoji is easy to deduce what it means. These hearts in your eyes show that you are completely in love with or enchanted by something or someone, romantically or not.

    You can use it to say that you loved an outfit, a dessert or a photo received, for example.

    • To copy: 😍

    Happy face with smiling eyes

    The emoji above demonstrates a feeling of genuine happiness. But it can also be used to show that you were embarrassed by something or slightly blushed.

    • To copy: 😊

    confetti launcher

    It's party! The confetti launcher is usually used in moments of celebration, celebration of an achievement, birthdays, among other special dates. It can also be used to congratulate someone, whether ironically or not.

    • To copy: πŸŽ‰

    Radiant face with eyes closed

    A smile with squinted eyes can only mean a feeling of joy and happiness. It usually indicates that a person is beaming, laughing at something or feeling proud of some accomplishment.

    • To copy: 😁

    pleading face

    In an iconic scene from the cartoon Shrek, the character of Puss in Boots puts on a cute face to get everything he wants. And that's exactly what the emoji above wants to convey.

    Via GIPHY

    The symbol is used in a pleading tone, to try to convince someone or win their compassion. However, that look can be mistaken for sadness.

    • To copy: πŸ₯Ί

    Smiling face with sweat

    It is used to represent those moments of relief, of "it was close", or to express discomfort with some situation. It could also indicate something is laughing out of nervousness or simply being hot.

    • To copy: πŸ˜…


    It can be used to represent fire and heat themselves. But it is usually used figuratively, to say that someone is attractive or that a situation is tense, "on fire".

    • To copy: πŸ”₯

    slightly smiling face

    It is associated with positive feelings such as joy or happiness. It can also be used to show that you passively agree with something, when you are not sure how to react to a situation. It would be something like "You're the one who knows πŸ™‚".

    • To copy: πŸ™‚

    Person with hand on face (Facepalm)

    You know when you realize you've done or said something stupid? This emoji is perfect for the situation. The symbol can also be used to show disappointment or dissatisfaction.

    Via Masterchef
    • To copy: 🀦

    heart of hearts

    Although originally representing a deck of cards, it is often used in a very similar way to the traditional red heart. Therefore, it can indicate love (romantic or not), affection, among other positive feelings.

    It is worth noting that when it is sent alone in the app, it does not gain the pulsating effect, as with the other red heart. In this sense, it can be considered a less intense feeling.

    • To copy: β™₯️

    Different emojis

    Birthday cake

    Self-explanatory, the cake emoji is usually sent on commemorative dates, especially on birthdays.

    • To copy: πŸŽ‚


    It is often used to express positive feelings such as happiness, gratitude, and joy. There are even those who use it to talk about something new, which is shining so clean.

    They can also be associated with glamour, jewelry, glitter, among other shiny items.

    • To copy: ✨


    The skull emoji is commonly associated with terrifying themes, being widely used around Halloween.

    It can also be used ironically, when the person says they are dead, to show that they are shocked by some formation. Or even after practicing physical exercises and showing that you are dead tired.

    • To copy: πŸ’€

    confetti ball

    Like the confetti thrower ( πŸŽ‰), the open confetti ball is associated with festive moments, celebrations, and space occasions. It can also be used to congratulate someone on an achievement.

    • To copy: 🎊

    Money bag

    Are you full of money and want to flaunt it? This money bag is the perfect emoji for that. The symbol can be used in those times when the salary drops or receives an unexpected amount.

    The more humorous choose to use it in an ironic way, to say that their current account is zero.

    To copy: πŸ’°


    The emoji above reproduces the way collisions and explosions are represented in cartoons and comics. The symbol can also be used to say that someone is attractive enough to blow your head off (figuratively speaking, of course!).

    • To copy: πŸ’₯


    In addition to being used to represent the beautiful weather phenomenon, it can also represent positive feelings such as happiness, hope and wishes for good luck.

    The rainbow symbol is also widely used to represent the pride and struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    • To copy: 🌈

    High voltage

    Although it means a warning about high voltage, this emoji is often used to talk about lightning, storms, electricity and energy. It can also be used to symbolize magic and power.

    • To copy: ⚑

    Hot drink

    This steaming cup is often used to represent coffee, hot chocolate, black tea, or any other hot beverage. It can also be associated with pleasant and relaxing moments and even to invite someone for breakfast or afternoon snack.

    • To copy: β˜•

    four leaf clover

    The four-leaf clover is known worldwide as a symbol of good luck. Most of the plants of the species have only three leaves and, because it is rare, whoever finds one with four leaves is considered a lucky person.

    Therefore, in WhatsApp, it is used when you want to wish someone good luck.

    • To copy: πŸ€

    drops of sweat

    This is yet another emoji inspired by comics and cartoons. It reproduces the beads of sweat that are often used to indicate that a character is stressed or working hard.

    Therefore, it can be used to demonstrate moments of physical or mental effort. It can also represent other types of liquids, including sexual fluids.

    • To copy: πŸ’¦

    anger symbol

    These four red strokes were inspired by anime and manga, used to show that a character is furious, to the point of the veins jumping. Despite this, the emoji is very much associated in WhatsApp conversations with moments of explosion or fight.

    It is often used similarly to the collision icon (πŸ’₯).

    Via GIPHY
    • To copy: πŸ’’

    new moon face

    Don't be fooled by this little face's smile. The new moon emoji is often used to show disapproval or give a positive response filled with irony.

    However, the symbol became popular even for its suggestive character. Therefore, it has been widely used to indicate sexual interest in someone in chat apps.

    • To copy: 🌚


    Anyone who has watched cartoons will surely recognize this "smoke", which always appears when a character runs out without leaving a trace. In WhatsApp, in addition to indicating haste, it can also be associated with other types of smoke, such as cigarette smoke.

    There are also those who use it to symbolize human gases (commonly, to fart).

    • To copy: πŸ’¨

    murcha flower

    It is often used to indicate moments of sadness, melancholy or a broken heart. It can also be used, ironically, to represent endless waiting or a useless waste of time.

    • To copy: πŸ₯€

    Emojis to use with crush

    Smiling face with open hands

    Much more than a hug, this emoji can be used to symbolize gratitude, love and affection. It's also a good option for those times when others are upset, as a way to express your support, even from afar.

    • To copy: πŸ€—

    winking face

    The winking face can be used in many ways. One of them is to indicate that what was said is a joke, and that someone else does not take it so seriously. There are still those who use it ironically, in order to contradict something that has just been said.

    But, of course, it can also be a way to charm the person you are interested in.

    • To copy: πŸ˜‰

    bright heart

    It transmits positive energy and therefore can indicate a happy and radiant state of mind. This heart can also represent a heart that glows with love.

    • To copy: πŸ’–

    Little face smiling maliciously

    It is usually sent when you want to communicate self-confidence and conceit. But it also goes very well with those cheeky jokes.

    Therefore, the face is often used in flirting moments, especially when you want to insinuate something that was implied in the message.

    • To copy 😏

    growing heart

    This growing heart can be used to demonstrate a love that is developing. There are also those who interpret it as a heart beating fast, either because they are in love or scared.

    • To copy: πŸ’—

    spinning hearts

    You know when a character falls in love in cartoons and has hearts flying over his head? It is this feeling that this emoji wishes to represent. Therefore, the symbol is used to show passion, love and affection.

    Via Space Jam
    • To copy: πŸ’ž

    Bouquet of flowers

    It can be used as a gesture of affection, love and tenderness. The bouquet is also widely shared on commemorative dates, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, among others.

    • To copy: πŸ’

    drooling face

    If romance isn't your thing, this smiley face can be a fun option to use with your crush. It's a way of saying you're drooling over them, you're so into it.

    But of course, the emoji can also represent your desire for a tasty food or object. There are even those who use it to show that they slept soundly, to the point of drooling.

    • To copy: 🀀

    Kissing face with eyes closed

    The closed eyes make it clear that this is a kiss sent willingly! In addition to being a way to represent a kiss in a virtual way, it can also be a way to show affection and affection.

    The emoji can still be used as a thank you or to say goodbye at the end of a conversation.

    • To copy: 😚

    Smiling face with horns

    The horns combined with the smile give this emoji a mischievous tone, making it ideal to send with double-meaning jokes and spicy innuendo. The symbol also matches reports of pranks or perverse behavior.

    • To copy: 😈

    Fun and funny emojis

    Face smiling and squinting

    This emoji is simply a version of the xD emoticon, very popular in the early 2000s. It is used to show that nice smile or when you're laughing with the urge to do something. It can also be used in those moments of animation or excitement.

    • To copy: πŸ˜†

    festive face

    Party is with this emoji! This confetti-filled face, party hat and mother-in-law tongue is perfect for celebrating important dates. Whether it's a birthday, New Year's or the achievement of a loved one.

    It can also be sent with a way to demonstrate that you are having a great time at a party.

    • To copy: πŸ₯³

    Smiling face with sunglasses

    It's perfect for "taking a wave", playing cool or self-confident. The emoji can also be used to represent someone stylish, to refer to a relaxed moment and even a sunny day.

    There are still those who use it to say that they are calm with some situation or to say that everything is fine.

    • To copy: 😎

    Little guy enjoying a food

    Those eyes closed and the tongue sticking out were thought to represent someone who is enjoying delicious food. But it is clear that the face opens the door to other meanings. Some people use it to indicate that they are physically attracted to another.

    There are still those who see the emoji as a face giving the tongue in a friendly and fun way.

    • To copy: πŸ˜‹

    Face winking with tongue

    It is usually used to indicate that he is playing with the other, making fun. It also combines with fun teasing, as a way of praising yourself or some accomplishment.

    • To copy: 😜

    Monkey covering eyes

    This emoji is part of the triad of emojis known as The Three Wise Monkeys ( πŸ™ˆ πŸ™‰ πŸ™Š). According to Emojipedia, together they represent a Japanese proverb that says, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

    On WhatsApp, this figure has gained several meanings. Can be used when someone is embarrassed or wants to say they don't believe what they're seeing.

    • To copy: πŸ™ˆ

    crazy face

    This fun face can be used on many occasions. Whether it's to show that you're joking or that you're very happy about something. It can also represent your goofy way of being and even indicate that you overindulged in alcohol at a party.

    Via DreamWorks Animation
    • To copy. πŸ€ͺ

    upside down face

    It's the same as the slightly smiling face (πŸ™‚), but upside down. The image can be used in the same way as its upside-up version, i.e. to express a positive feeling such as joy or happiness.

    But, depending on the context, it is also used to indicate a joke, sarcasm or irony.

    • To copy: πŸ™ƒ

    face making a face

    Those open eyes and gritted teeth can convey various feelings. Like, for example, that moment when you think: "screwed, everything went wrong". It can also pass emotions such as nervousness, embarrassment, discomfort and even disgust.

    There is also the possibility of using the emoji to show an almost desperate disapproval of some situation.

    • To copy: 😬

    Smiling face with halo

    But what an angel! This emoji is often used to highlight someone's good deeds or to say that a person is calm, kind, or innocent. It can also be used ironically, after telling a story that is not exemplary or saying something malicious.

    There are also those who use it to refer to religious issues, such as angels, saints and prayers.

    • To copy: πŸ˜‡

    silly face

    This face leaves room for several interpretations. There are those who use it to say that they ate a lot and are sick, while others prefer to demonstrate that they have passed the drinking point and are drunk.

    And it doesn't stop there: there are people who use the emoji to show that they are dizzy with love, confused or even tired.

    • To copy: πŸ₯΄

    Head exploding

    You know those moments when you're just shocked by something or notice something obvious that you've never noticed before? This emoji is ideal for them. The image is also indicated to express feelings of disbelief, mental exhaustion and even represent a very strong headache.

    • To copy: 🀯


    But what's so funny about an eggplant? In fact, nothing. The fun is in the double meaning that this vegetable gained on social networks, becoming associated with the male reproductive organ.

    In fact, because of this meaning, the #πŸ† was banned from Instagram in 2022.

    • To copy: πŸ†


    The peach is another fruit that has gained an unusual meaning on the internet, being chosen to represent or make insinuations about butts. Apparently, it all started in 2022, with a photo of socialite Kim Kardashian.

    The model posted a photo of her back on Instagram in which she wore a dress the same color as the fruit. The caption was just "πŸ‘". It was enough to re-signify the emoji.

    • To copy: πŸ‘

    Emojis to show emotions

    Person shrugging (shrugging)

    This emoji shows a gesture that would be something like a shrug, inspired by the famous Β―_(ツ)_/ emoticon. Whether to demonstrate that you don't know what to say or indifference, in the sense of "whatever".

    The symbol can also be used to express annoyance in a passive-aggressive way. Or, still, show that you gave up on something and say that "it's over".

    Via GIPHY
    • To copy: 🀷

    Face rolling eyes

    Did someone say something absurd that left you without the patience to respond? Use the smiley face by rolling your eyes. In addition to impatience, this emoji can also show feelings such as disapproval, boredom, disdain and frustration.

    Via GIPHY
    • To copy: πŸ™„

    little face thinking

    Need some time to make a decision? Send the thoughtful face to emphasize this need. The emoji can also be used to doubt or disdain something that has been said.

    • To copy: πŸ€”

    ruddy face

    Those red cheeks give it away: the person who sent it was shy, embarrassed, or embarrassed about something. The face can still express feelings of surprise and amazement.

    • To copy: 😳

    melancholy face

    This crestfallen face can represent several bad feelings. These include disappointment, heartache, and sadness, as well as regret, regret, or even shame over something you've done.

    • To copy: πŸ˜”

    crying face

    Whoever chooses to send this little face is sad about something. In this case, it is a more measured feeling of sadness. It could be because of a disappointment, missing someone or being hurt by someone.

    • To copy: 😒

    tired face

    As its name implies, this face is used for those moments when you are very tired. It can also be associated with feelings of frustration and unpleasant situations.

    • To copy: 😩

    ugly face

    It is normally associated with feelings of anger and irritation. But it can also be used to show disapproval and frustration. It has a variant for when the feeling is more intense, with curses coming out of the mouth: 🀬.

    • To copy: 😑

    Happy face with smiling eyes

    If joy is in the air, this emoji is the right choice! It conveys ideas such as happiness, good mood, fun, among other positive feelings. It's one of the most uplifting faces on WhatsApp.

    • To copy: πŸ˜„

    relief face

    This face conveys a sense of peace and tranquility and is therefore often associated with these feelings. It is also used to express gratitude, calm and relief. There are still those who choose to use it to represent the act of meditating.

    • To copy: 😌

    dazzled face

    It is often used to express admiration, affection or excitement towards something or someone. It can also be a way of showing joy, surprise or that you were positively stunned by some news.

    • To copy: 🀩

    Face screaming in fear

    The face inspired by the painting The Scream, by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, should be used for feelings that freeze the spine. Be they fear, surprise, shock or fright.

    The Scream, which inspired the emoji

    The emoji is also used to show disbelief and disbelief over something that has been said.

    • To copy: 😱

    sleeping face

    Did you fall asleep or get bored with a conversation? Send the sleeping emoji! A smiley face can also be a way of showing that someone or something is being annoying.

    • To copy: 😴

    neutral face

    Despite having the name of neutral, it is often used to show negative feelings. Like, for example, when you run out of words in relation to a message or news. It can also be used to express concern, discontent, discomfort or indifference.

    • To copy: 😐

    despondent face

    The look of this emoji and the mouth down open room for different interpretations. The image can be used to show irritation, bad mood or dissatisfaction with something. It can also express disdain and disinterest, with a touch of irony.

    It is inspired by the following emoticon: ¬¬.

    • To copy: πŸ˜’

    face with heat

    Summer, the thermometer reads 40 degrees and this is the perfect emoji to demonstrate that you are melting in the heat. But you may prefer to use it to make it clear that someone is so attractive that it takes your breath away.

    • To copy: πŸ₯΅


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