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    Marketing Salary: Know the salary ranges in the area

    Marketing Salary: Know the salary ranges in the area

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 14, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 0

    The marketer is responsible for a range of activities within an organization: activities aimed at maintaining and improving the positioning of the company's brand in its market. Therefore, today we are going to talk about what is the marketing salary and how much these professionals usually earn.

    Many people believe that a marketer is solely responsible for promoting a brand's products and services. However, the activities carried out by these professionals must be strategically thought out.

    Therefore, the goal of a marketer is not just advertising. The strategies that these professionals develop seek to improve the positioning of the brand, improve the company's profit and maintain a satisfactory relationship with customers.

    In this sense, today we are going to talk about how much a marketing professional earns, where we find the best salaries in the profession and what positions occupy the career of this professional.


    Marketing was already a field of professional activity in high demand by students. With the advancement of technologies and the era of social media, digital marketing has opened up new career opportunities in the field.

    From the positions that work within marketing, an immense range of performance profiles opens up.

    Those who have a more artistic and creative profile can work in the area of ​​campaign creation, digital content production, copywriting and others.

    Those who are more shy and introverted can work with campaign data analysis, ROI, SEO, advertising research and others.


    There is still no defined salary floor for workers in the marketing area throughout Brazil. Also, there is no specific union that represents the category. This often depends on the company that is hiring the professional.

    In the categories of marketing support, such as telemarketing for example, it is already possible to consider a minimum wage floor. And it also depends on the field of activity of the contracting company: commerce, industry, transport and services.

    Therefore, we can conclude that the marketing salary will depend on several factors: position held, location, field of activity of the company and others.

    For example, in the state of our city, the salary floor established for marketing agency professionals is R$ 1.607,00 for those who work in the capital. Those who work in the interior, the value drops to R$ 1.250,00, according to data from collective agreement 2022/2022 of the Publicity Union.


    Analyzing data from CAGED for 2022, vocational courses company Quero Bolsa, released the best marketing salaries of the year.

    First, there was the position of creative director. With 130 hires in 2022 and an average salary of BRL 13.587,00. Normally, this professional will take care of the structuring of marketing and advertising projects as a whole.

    Second, we have the advertising account director. Typically, a management position in advertising agencies had 177 hires in the year and an average salary of R$8.680,02.

    In third place on the list, came the business analyst. With an expressive volume of 15.343 hires and an average salary of R$ 4.844,00.

    This professional is responsible for analyzing the macroeconomic environment in which the organization is inserted and developing marketing projects that solve problems.

    Then, in fourth place, we have the public relations professional, responsible for taking care of the company's image in the eyes of society. There were 1.807 hires in our country in 2022, with an average marketing salary of BRL 4.386,00.

    In fifth position is the market research analyst. The position added up to 16.388 hires in 2022 and an average salary of BRL 3.985,00. The performance of this professional in the market provides a basis and data for strategic decision-making in organizations.

    Sixth, we have the publicity agent. The professional responsible for the communication plan of a brand. There were 4.263 hires in the year and a marketing salary of R$ 3.823,00.

    Next on the list is the advertising copywriter, in seventh place: the main person responsible for writing the texts for marketing campaigns. There were 1.833 new jobs and an average marketing salary of BRL 3.584,00.

    In eighth place, we have the art director in agency. One who plans graphic pieces for campaigns. This position accumulated 568 hires in 2022 and the average salary was BRL 3.014,00.

    In the penultimate place, we have the text producer. With a similar function to the copywriter, but he works in a more focused way, with longer and more technical texts, for blogs, newspapers and e-books, for example. There were 276 hires with an average salary of R$ 2.964,00.

    And at the end of the list, we have the position of graphic designer. The professional who takes care of the visual identity of brands. There were 7.696 new placements and a salary of R$ 2.890,00.

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    According to the survey, data on leadership positions were taken from the previous list. That's because, in these cases, marketing salaries vary widely between companies. In addition, large companies tend to pay more than smaller ones.

    Typically, these positions are also held by professionals with extensive experience in the market. But even so, the survey showed data on managerial positions in the marketing area.

    According to CAGED, in 2022, 364 marketing directors were hired in our country. These professionals achieved marketing salaries above 20 thousand reais.

    Another position with a lot of hiring in the year was that of sector management. There were 5.561 hires and the managers' marketing salaries averaged R$9.164,00.


    The Brazilian market has been following the evolution of marketing and the global pace of the branch.

    Among the main tasks of a marketing professional is to reveal the profile of their consumer and thus adapt language and communication to persuade their audience.

    If you have a business, but you don't understand anything about marketing, a qualified professional can shorten the path between your brand and your customers, thus facilitating the sales process.

    If you like the field and want to be a well-paid professional in the sector, it is worth investing in a vocational test to discover an area of ​​marketing that you have more skills to develop.

    More and more new professionals enter this market. Therefore, it is essential to keep up to date with trends in courses, blogs and international campaigns. There are many sources where you can get insights to create great work.

    Consolidating your career can take time and a lot of dedication. But reaping the rewards through good work and even through your marketing salary is rewarding.

    Now that you know what your marketing salary looks like, tell us in the comments what your main marketing activity is.

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