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    Long Bob Hair: 40 ideas to do on your

    Long Bob Hair: 40 ideas to do on your

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 3, 2022 | News |

    One of the cuts that became a trend was the long bob hair. Countless models, celebrities, bloggers and digital influencers have joined the fashion in recent years.

    For those who don't know the so-called Long Bob, just know that it is a type of short to medium size cut. The ends of the strands are at the height of the collarbone or close to the shoulder, in the front the hair is longer and has a straight base.

    If you are also a fan of the modern cut, you need to check out this list of inspirations that we prepared especially for our readers. In all, there are 40 inspirations for the look followed by photos of the hair to illustrate the various possibilities.

    Long Bob Hair: Short

    Short hair looks great with this cut, as it ensures lightness and freshness. Those who have a lot of heat in the neck area can bet on this style without fear of taking out their long strands.

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    Long Bob Hair: Medium

    This cut style also suits medium hair. It is an option for those who want to adhere to fashion, but do not want to give up the length of the wires. As the front is longer, it is more difficult for you not to adapt to the medium bob.

    Long Bob Hair: Peaked

    The bob is a more relaxed style and ensures more movement to the hair. The peaked strands draw attention to the face and highlight its beauty.

    Long Bob Hair: Straight

    Straight hair makes the shape of the cut more evident and, in addition, the straight bob looks good with bangs, which can be shorter or longer.

    Long Bob Hair: Wavy

    Wavy hair is widely used with this cut by countless celebrities. The waves contour the face and ensure more movement of the locks.

    Long Bob Hair: Curly

    Curly bob is a charm aside. Because it is not very usual, it draws a lot of attention for giving volume to the curls and is a great option for those who want to highlight their beauty without using chemical products.

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    Long Bob Hair: Frizzy

    Bob with curly hair is also very rare to see and, therefore, refers even more to modernity. You can be sure it will be a style to rock this season.

    Long Bob Hair: Afro braids

    Afro braids are best known with the straight cut. You need to experiment with using your hair with these braids as they allow you to change the thickness of the strands and the size.

    If your locks are short, you can increase the length to shoulder length. It is important to remember that there are different types of afro braids and your Long Bob cut can be done with any of these techniques.

    In summary, Box Braids can be long or short and are made along the entire length of the hair through individual braids. There is also the Nagô type, which starts from the root of the scalp and allows drawing close to the head.

    Finally, in the Twist braid the strands are braided from two strands and they are twisted. This shape resembles the look of a braided rope and this is how we differentiate one style from the other.

    Long Bob Hair: Hairstyles

    Here we separate some hairstyles to do with this cut. Long Bob usually looks good with braids, half-up ponytail and styled buns. You can also abuse accessories such as tiaras, bows, hairpins, scarves and other embellishments.

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    After reading this text about Long Bob we hope that you enjoyed the inspirations we have separated for all hair types. Who knows your next cut will be with bob? It's always good to change and give a makeover to the look.

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