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    Learn how to recover a Gmail account and use Google services

    Recovering your Gmail account also means regaining access to Google services, such as YouTube, Drive, Play Store, among others. The impediment to login can happen due to forgetting the password or even the email address.

    There is also the possibility of hacking your account, in which the criminal has changed your access data. If you happen to be going through any of these situations, helps!

    Check out how to recover your Gmail account below.

    How to recover Gmail account if you forgot password

    1. Go to the Google Account Recovery page;

    2. Enter your email address and click Próxima;

    3. Then enter the most recent password that you remember to access the service and go to Próxima again;

    4. If the service understands that you really are who you say you are, it will take you to the next step. Now, you will need to enter the recovery email address you registered when you created the account and press Send;

    • If you don't remember what the registered address was, check that Google gives a hint, informing the first two letters and the domain.

    5. A verification code will be forwarded to this recovery email. In a new tab, access the account, open the Google message and copy the numbers;

    6. Go back to the Google recovery service tab and paste the code received. Confirm the option in Próxima;

    7. Now it's time to create a new password of at least 8 characters. It is important that it be strong, but at the same time be remembered easily. Confirm the password in the field below and click Próxima;

    8. Follow your body, you Continue and, that's it, you'll have access to your account on the service again.

    I can't remember my most recent password or recovery email. And now?

    If you don't remember your most recent password, after step 2, go to try another way. The company will send an access code to the registered recovery email. So just follow the tutorial above from the step 5.

    It may also happen that the user created his Google account many years ago and indicated an address that he no longer uses. Then, in step 4, click try another way.

    You will need to answer your security question correctly. Then enter the month and year in which the account was created (which can be a bit tricky). If you don't know, Google will let you know that it needs time to review the request and ask you to provide a contact email address.

    How to recover Gmail account if you forgot login email

    1. Go to the Find your Google email page;

    2. Enter your mobile number registered with Google or the recovery email registered at the time of creating the account;

    3. Then enter the first and last name used in your Google account;

    4. If you have entered the recovery email, skip to the step 7. If you provided your cell phone number, Google will ask you to send a message to provide information that can help with the recovery. The company reports that “standard rates” are charged for the service. click in Send;

    5. You will then receive a message on your cell phone with a verification code. On the email recovery page, enter the code and follow Próxima;

    6. On the next page, your email address on the service will be displayed;

    7. If you provided your recovery email, Google will ask you to send a verification code to that address. For that, go to Send;

    8. In a new tab, access this account, open the message sent by Google and copy the numbers;

    9. Go back to the email location service tab and paste the code you received. Confirm the option in Próxima;

    10. On the next page, your email address on the service will be displayed.

    Recover a Gmail account that was hacked

    If you suspect your Gmail account has been hacked, Google gives you some tips on how to get it back. According to the company, some signs that someone else is using your email are:

    • Stop receiving emails;
    • Sending strange or spam messages to friends;
    • Have the username changed;
    • Having emails from inbox deleted and not finding them in Trash.

    Also, it is likely that the attacker has changed your password. Therefore, the first step is to access the Google Account Recovery page and follow the step-by-step guide on how to recover access if you have forgotten your password.

    After that, the company recommends checking your settings for any suspicious activity. To do this, simply go to the Review Recent Security Events page.

    It is also recommended that you manage which devices have accessed your account under the Recently Used Devices security section. This way, you will be able to identify any for which you have not logged in and remove your access.

    How to create a strong password and stay safe

    Creating a password that keeps personal information safe and at the same time is easy to remember may not be a simple task. To help, Google provides some guidelines on the topic.

    According to the company, the ideal is to choose a different password for each account. For example, one for Gmail, one for Facebook, a third for business email, and so on.

    Also, longer passwords are harder to crack. At the same time, it is important that it is something that can be remembered. Some solutions would be to use a verse from a song, a line from a movie or an excerpt from a book.

    Other alternatives would be a string of terms that have meaning to you or an abbreviation, using the first letter of each word that makes up a sentence.

    It is also important to be careful not to choose weak or very obvious passwords, such as your first and last name, name12345, your birthday or relatives. Another tip is not to start or end a password with a blank space or one that has been used previously on your account.

    Also see how to recover deleted photos on Android quickly.

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