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    Karaoke online: 5 best options to let your voice out without downloading anything

    An online karaoke can be a good option to have fun alone at home or with other people even from a distance. There are sites that offer children's songs and varied genres, such as pop, country music, MPB, gospel and much more.

    has gathered the best online karaoke to get your voice out. And it even explains how to sing along with friends and relatives who are far away.

    1. YouTube

    YouTube does not offer dedicated functionality for those who want to let their voices out to the sound of their favorite music. But the Sing King channel, hosted on the platform, has hundreds of instrumental versions of famous songs with lyrics to accompany them.

    The videos are divided by themes, artists and music genres. As we are not from our country, the catalog is composed only of international titles. There are artists like Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Abba and more.

    2. Cantanding Online Karaoke

    Cantanding Online Karaoke promises to find the karaoke version of any song. Just type the name of the song in the search bar and the service finds a video hosted on YouTube.

    The user is not redirected, remaining on the site to search as many tracks as desired. The tool is free, unlimited and does not require registration.

    In tests done by , Cantanding Online Karaoke did not disappoint and, in fact, found everything it was looking for.

    3. Karaoke TV

    TV Karaoke is our country's online karaoke platform, which offers a catalog with over 12 songs, many of which are national. There is a lot of funk, sertanejo and even a category dedicated to gospel music.

    Just press play, allow access to your microphone and release the gogó. At the end, a (fictitious) grade will be assigned to your performance. The service is paid, but much cheaper than similar foreign versions.

    However, if you want to have fun for free, you can enjoy the sample of the site, composed of some songs, all in their entirety. There are hits by Sandy and Junior, Anitta, Jorge and Mateus, among others to sing on the track.

    4. Karaoke 4 Free

    As the name implies, Karaoke 4 Free offers free instrumental versions accompanied by the lyrics of several songs. The catalog has hundreds of titles that can be played online or downloaded.

    Works by artists such as The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Green Day and also Beyonce, Avril Lavigne or Ed Sheeran are available. In the player, the user can choose to listen to the karaoke version or the original song, with the lyrics below to accompany.

    5. Karafun

    Karafun is one of the trendiest online karaoke services on our list. Both in terms of visuals and music catalogue. But to have access to 36 thousand songs, you have to pay.

    The site offers a party plan option (lasting only two days), monthly subscription or gift card for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. In addition to the classic genre division, there are playlists like Disney, Pop Divas, Acoustics and more. If you prefer, you can build your own list.

    How to sing online with your friends

    None of the tools mentioned above natively offer the option of singing along with friends from a distance. However, many group videoconferencing programs allow one participant to share a computer screen.

    So, just choose an app that has the feature and decide who will command the transmission. This person will be responsible for accessing the site and displaying the screen to others.

    Another option is to use the Watch2Gether tool, an online service that allows you to watch videos in sync with your friends at a distance. Just create a room and share the link with participants. It is not necessary to make any registration.

    To view content from websites that are not in the bar at the top of the page, you must select the W2gSync option and download the Watch2Gether Chrome extension. In this case, the creator of the room is responsible for accessing the videos.


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