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    Is Superdigital Bank Trustworthy? Know everything here

    Is Superdigital Bank Trustworthy? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 3, 2022 | Banks |

    If you're the type of person who needs a credit card, but doesn't like to pay in installments for an item in the long term, then getting a prepaid card can be a good alternative.

    In addition, there are stores that only accept direct card payments, for example, the Playstation Store. Although it is possible to use gift cards, it is necessary to resort to third parties.

    In situations like this, the Super Digital Bank will be of great value, as it offers a prepaid card with interesting advantages.

    In this post, you will see what Banco Superdigital is, how it can be used, the fees charged, the advantages and disadvantages, the services available, the types of subscriptions, among other aspects.

    In addition, the controversy surrounding this institution will also be explained.

    What is the Superdigital account?

    Formed in 2022, the Superdigital account was born with the idea of ​​making the financial lives of its customers easier. The project developed, grew and worked. In 2022, Banco Santander acquired the startup ContaSuper, which idealized the project. As a result, operations were expanded to Chile in 2022.

    Banco Superdigital's proposal is based on helping to obtain a "credit" card for customers who have difficulties with approval at the time of credit analysis and, consequently, are unable to issue a credit card or a satisfactory limit.

    Another objective of the platform is to carry out financial transactions through the web, without the need to solve problems in physical branches. In this way, customers will be entitled to order physical and virtual prepaid cards.

    In short, Banco Superdigital works just like any other digital account. However, users can have the credit card only in prepaid mode.

    And on the prepaid card, it is designated as a credit card, but in practice it works like a debit card. So the idea is to deposit a value and consume that money. It is very similar to a cell phone recharge.

    Photo: Publicity / Superdigital

    So, every time you make a transaction in any store, whether physical or virtual, you have to choose the credit function. The value of the product is deducted at the same time of payment.

    The controversy surrounding Banco Superdigital

    In January 2022, Banco Superdigital became involved in a scam issue by PIX. Cybercriminals sent messages with the promise to return double the money that was transferred to certain accounts by PIX.

    Frauds gained so much strength in the week that, at one point, it even involved an alleged security breach in another digital bank, at the same time that other fintechs communicated that they were people who were trying to carry out scams.

    The idea of ​​the fraud was based on a rumor of a system failure by the banks. Then, according to Nubank, an institution that was also involved in the rumours, text messages, photos and videos were disseminated en masse by cybercriminals with the claim that there were flaws in the systems of digital banks and through PIX it would be possible to earn a refund of twice as much. of the transferred values, when sending the money to specific keys.

    In this way, the keys that were being released belonged to the cybercriminals themselves. Nubank stated that this rumor of failure in the PIX system never existed and the purpose of the messages was to increase rumors and deceive bank users into making transfers.

    The name of Superdigital enters this situation because there were videos and photos circulating on social networks that indicated that there really was a flaw in the PIX in particular in the transfer system of Banco Superdigital.

    In the content that was running on the pages, it showed excerpts demonstrating how it was allowed to earn double returns of the money sent to this financial institution.

    The rumors that indicated that there was a problem occurred shortly after when Banco Superdigital reported maintenance in its security systems. And that raised the rumors that it would make PIX transfers unavailable for a few hours, and that served as a kitten for cybercriminals.

    So, it seems that everything was just rumors when talking about the bug in the system. Cybercriminals got the money and whoever made the transfers fell for the scam and couldn't get the money back.

    How does Superdigital work?

    Banco Santander continued with the same ideals that had already been used in ContaSuper.

    More than that, there were advances in the platform. In any case, to purchase the service, you must be 18 years of age or older and have an active CPF.

    To open an account in the tool, it is necessary to download the app, which is available for devices with Android and iOS systems. The process is simple and fast, you just need to fill in some personal data, such as your name, date of birth, email, address and send a photo of your RG or CNH.

    To activate the services, any amount of money must be deposited into the account. After that, any financial transaction made by the digital and physical card will have the money automatically deducted from the account.

    The physical card is sent to your registration address within 10 working days. The virtual is available at the same time as activating the account and can now be used.

    Services offered in the Superdigital account

    Banco Superdigital provides users with a good variety of service alternatives:

    • Make purchases and make withdrawals at Banco 24 Horas cashiers;
    • Receive and transfer money to any bank;
    • Possibility of having five or ten virtual cards in the account;
    • It is possible to pay bills through the app;
    • Purchase of phone top-ups and Bilhete Único, the latter being valid only for the city of our city.

    It is important to note that, as the card is prepaid, users cannot pay in installments. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out good financial planning to ensure that payments are always made in cash.

    On the other hand, your account will always have a positive balance, that is, you don't have to be afraid of not having enough money to pay off your debts on that card.

    Superdigital account features

    One of the main features of the Superdigital account is its ease of use. All features can be accessed with just a few taps on the screen. In addition, one of the great advantages of requesting this service is the little bureaucracy.

    By only providing prepaid cards, this makes some positive points appear, such as not having to go through credit analysis, proof of income, no consultation with SPC and Serasa.

    In this way, even people who are negative can purchase the service.

    It is important to say that Banco Superdigital customers receive cards with the Mastercard International brand, that is, they can be used to make purchases anywhere that accepts the brand, whether in our country or abroad.

    And remembering that the virtual card follows the same line. But, in this case, users use it to make purchases over the internet and make payments for services, for example, streaming and transport applications.

    So, some platforms require the card number, even if it's just to test the premium version.

    This happens on Crunchyroll, which when redeeming the 14 free days, you still need to enter your card data. In this way, you can use the services of the Superdigital account.

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    Superdigital account subscription types and fees

    The Superdigital account has some fees to be able to use certain services. It is worth noting that the values ​​are lower than other services that are considered more traditional. It is also important to say that several features can be used for free.

    Thus, Banco Superdigital offers two different types of subscriptions. Check out how each of them works below.

    Super Zero Subscription

    The Superdigital card has a monthly fee of R$9,90. But if you spend R$500 on the card in the month, you won't have to pay this fee, which can generate an annual savings of R$118,80.

    So, this subscription gives you access to the following features:

    • A free withdrawal or transfer via PIX to other banks in the month. After that, a fee will be charged;
    • Apply for a loan, which is subject to approval by the SIM Loan partner;
    • A physical card to use all the benefits mentioned above;
    • Ten virtual cards to use in services and products purchased on the internet.

    Be aware that there are limits for daily withdrawals and purchases on the Superdigital Mastercard card.

    In this way, it is only allowed to make purchases of up to R$5 thousand per day. Withdrawals are limited to R$1 daily and R$5 per month.

    Now, if you want to check what is charged and how much each service of the Superdigtal account in the Super Zero subscription, check out the following list:

    • Make or receive account deposits: exempt;
    • Two deposits per ticket: exempt;
    • Check your balance via SMS (sending the word SALDO to the number 27322): exempt;
    • Transfers to the Superdigital account: exempt;
    • 1st copy of the physical card: exempt;
    • Ten virtual cards: exempt;
    • Generate balance or check statement at Banco 24 Horas: R$2 per event;
    • Withdrawals made in our country using the 24-hour Bank: R$6,40 per event;
    • Transfers to other institutions: R$5,90 per event;
    • Additional physical card or duplicate: R$2;
    • Withdrawals made abroad through the Cirrus Network: R$19,90 per event;
    • Fee for generating a ticket: R$2,90 per event.

    Superdigital MEI ZERO

    The other type of subscription is intended for MEI. The operation is very similar to the Super Zero, what changes the most are the fees, as can be seen below:

    • Cancellation can be done free of charge;
    • Availability of five virtual cards;
    • A physical card;
    • Maintenance is free;
    • Possibility of accumulating points on Mastercard Surpreenda;
    • R$6,40 per serve;
    • R$6,40 per transfer.

    Other features of the Superdigital account

    In addition to all the resources already shown, Banco Superdigital also has other resources that can be very useful in your daily life.

    Superdigital: International prepaid card

    As it is an international card, if you need to use it abroad, keep in mind that it is necessary to carry out exchange operations. This means converting values ​​from the real to the local currency.

    The platform used to have the currency conversion function, but this feature ended in January 2022.

    In any case, according to Banco Superdigital, it is still possible to use the balance normally to make withdrawals and purchases in another country or on websites abroad.

    Therefore, you should pay attention to the fees charged at the exchange rate. Unfortunately, Banco Superdigital does not show on its website which rates will be charged or whether the quote will be commercial or tourism.

    Because of this, the operation can be more expensive than on other platforms specializing in international remittances.

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    Allowance Card

    The Allowance Card is ideal for parents who do not like their children to carry cash. This card has the same features as the prepaid card.

    In addition, there is no monthly or annual fee charged for the Mesada Card, you only need to pay R$14,90 to issue the card and take advantage of it.

    The Superdigital Bank in Reclame Aqui

    Despite having a good website, with easy accessibility, excellence is not maintained when visiting Banco Superdigital's profile on Reclame Aqui.

    The overall rating of the platform is 6,9 which is considered just regular.

    There are several complaints, ranging from blocked account to not being able to close the bond. In addition, there are cases of the same user experiencing the same problem more than once.

    The rate of complaints answered is 93,6% and the consumer rating is only 5.56 out of 10.

    The Superdigital app

    The app is also another aspect that needs a lot of improvement, as it only has a score of 3,1 out of more than 70 reviews on the Google Play Store.

    The vast majority of comments address issues with the app, reaching the point of not being able to access or open the app and soon after it closes. Another recurring reported problem is the need to have to put the token frequently.

    In addition, the overwhelming part of the comments do not receive a response from the bank, and when they do, strangely, they give a compliment that makes no sense since the user is giving a negative review or asking why the problem is happening.

    In this way, the app needs to be revamped and communication needs to improve.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the card?

    Throughout the text, several positive points and others not so much of Banco Superdigital were pointed out.

    Even so, it is important to check the synthesis of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

    Advantages of Superdigital Bank

    • It is not necessary to present proof of income;
    • Transparency: the site provides easy access to the main account information;
    • A credit review is not performed. Therefore, there is no verification in SPC and Serasa;
    • There are no additional fees to have the Mesada Card;
    • As it is a prepaid card, users can recharge exactly the amount they intend to spend in the month. This contributes to the management of financial life, as you will not be able to spend excessively;
    • The card is international;
    • It is very easy to open the account, the bureaucracy is minimal.

    Disadvantages of Superdigital Bank

    • The account for individuals has a monthly fee if R$500 is not spent in the month;
    • Charge for making withdrawals;
    • Charge for making transfers to other banks;
    • Absence of currency conversion function;
    • The app needs to improve;
    • Communication is not satisfactory.

    Is Banco Superdigital reliable?

    Despite having gone through that situation of attempted coup, Banco Superdigital is reliable, even because it belongs to Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in the country.

    About services, you need to know what is offered fits your demands, taking into account all strengths and weaknesses.

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    As one of the attractions, we can highlight the possibility of people with a restricted name also being able to open an account, since the SPC and Serasa consultation is not carried out and there is no need to present proof of income.

    In addition, the prepaid card can help people who have difficulties in maintaining a healthy financial life, as it can only be used if it is recharged.

    On the other hand, the application has problems and needs to be improved as soon as possible, and this aspect needs to be taken into account when opening an account on this platform.

    Finally, it is worth mentioning that Banco Superdigital can be ideal for people who want to have as little relationship with a bank as possible.

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