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    Is Nu Invest Trustworthy? Check our review before opening your account

    Is Nu Invest Trustworthy? Check our review before opening your account

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 2, 2022 | Brokers |

    As a recently launched broker, Nu Invest is reliable is one of the most common questions among customers looking for a digital experience.

    To help you answer this question, we have developed a guide with a complete assessment of the topic. 

    It is important to clarify that this article is not company-sponsored content.

    It is an impartial assessment, based on our own experience.

    To that end, we will cover the following topics:

    • After all, is Nu Invest reliable? 
    • How safe is Nu Invest? 
    • What are the costs of Nu Invest? 
    • How does Nu Invest help the client? 
    • How to open an account at Nu Invest? 

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    After all, is Nu Invest reliable? 

    Yes. Nu Invest was born from the union between two companies that are considered references in the market: Easyinvest and Nubank. 

    Founded in 1968, Easynvest started work under a different name. At that time, it was known as Título Corretora de Valores.

    Since then, the company has been among the best investment platforms in the country. 

    To give you an idea, Easynvest reached the first position in the number of investors in Treasury Direct.

    It also pioneered Home Broker and a hassle-free platform for investing in stocks. 

    Now Easyinvest is recognized as Nu Invest.

    The main proposal is to offer an experience without bureaucracy, so that the reader discovers the financial products that are most connected according to his needs. 

    How safe is Nu Invest? 

    Another point that helps to answer whether Nu Invest is reliable is security.

    Here, user data is not shared with other people on the internet.

    The company maintains several policies and regulations that directly impact the security and privacy of consumers. 

    The company uses contact information to inform consumers of the latest news regarding its services and products.

    Customers' personal data are only used for the issues that are mentioned in the company's Privacy Policy. 

    However, it is essential to make it clear that the company needs to follow the rules of the Central Bank of our country (Bacen), the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the National Monetary Council (CMN) and B3, the stock exchange our countrywoman.

    For this reason, the exchange may request personal data and even details about the consumer's financial transactions.

    On the other hand, it is never too much to remember that financial operations carried out through the platform are protected.

    As a result, the integrity of information and consumer safety are not affected. 

    What are the costs of Nu Invest? 

    When it comes to impressing the consumer, many companies end up promising several benefits, but fail to fulfill them during the routine.

    The good news is that this type of scenario is not present with Nu Invest. 

    On this platform, the consumer does not have to worry about brokerage*.

    It is not charged on stocks, BDRs, real estate funds, ETFs and in-app tech features. 

    Brokerage also does not exist in fixed income assets, including: Treasury Direct bonds, investments such as CDBs, LCIs, LCAs, debentures and other investment alternatives. 

    * Note: Brokerage is a fee that brokerage firms generally charge to broker the investments that the user applies on the Stock Exchange.  

    How does Nu Invest help the client? 

    It's no use having a great platform if the company doesn't help the investor when he needs it most.

    This point should be carefully evaluated when investigating whether Nu Invest is reliable. 

    To bring more security to the customer, the company offers several contents to enhance their knowledge and help them make increasingly assertive decisions with their money.

    It is possible to have access to quality content on the company's blog, YouTube channel and social companies. 

    Want to learn more about finance and investing?

    Nu Invest offers a variety of content for you to inform yourself and thus make the best decision for your money, both on the blog, YouTube and Instagram.

    At AllYourVideogames, the reader can also learn from various contents that are shared about the world of investments.

    Best of all, the materials are free. 

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    How to open an account at Nu Invest? 

    As with the Nubank digital account, it is very easy to open an account at Nu Invest.

    The process is done online and can be completed in a few minutes.

    The user does not need to pay fees to start the procedure or to keep the registration active on the platform. 

    Account opening can be done through the Nu Invest app, which is available for IOS and Android.

    We have already tested the tool and we can conclude that Nu Invest is reliable even at this stage.

    See the step by step below:

    1. Access the website or application of the platform; 
    2. Select the “Open your account” button and follow the system rules;
    3. Add my personal details. The platform will request CPF, e-mail and the confirmation field of the registered electronic address; 
    4. Build a password and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
    5. Tap Register; 
    6. Click on “Complete Registration”;
    7. Add the personal data requested by the system, including: your full name, date of birth, cell phone number, address and marital status;
    8. Click to add ID document numbering. The platform accepts CNH or RG. It requires them to be within their expiration date;
    9. Confirm that you file a tax return in the United States; 
    10. Confirm that you are a public person; 
    11. Read the brokerage agreement. If you agree, accept the rules;
    12. Select the Finish option;
    13. Tap the “Back to website” button; 
    14. Log into your Nu Invest account. 

    Ready! Now, you can make the first transfer and start investing.

    It is important to remember that Nu Invest only allows the registration of clients over 18 years of age who have a fixed residence in our country. 

    Before registering, you need to know the Easyinvest Nubank simulator.

    It allows you to find out how much profit the customer will have when investing in a certain product, such as Tesouro Direto. 

    About Nu Invest 

    It is the platform of the digital bank Nubank that operates exclusively in the investment market with recommended portfolios.

    The proposal is to offer quality products to customers who wish to work with the diversification of items.

    It is an experience that takes place online, with practicality and security. 

    The platform contains more than a thousand investment products.

    Most of the alternatives available are exempt from the brokerage fee.

    The benefit is granted to variable income products (stocks, real estate funds, investment funds and BDRs) and fixed income (Treasury Direct bonds and CDBs). 

    The user also has access on the platform to several modern products, including: mini dollar contracts and mini index. 

    Many people still have doubts about “easyinvest nubank valor” and how the negotiation process between the two companies took place.

    The company itself contains a complete article on the subject that answers readers' main doubts on the subject. 

    If you have questions about using “easyinvest login”, just go to the company's website, as it also contains a complete tutorial on the subject.  

    Here, we mention the main elements that help to define whether Nu Invest is trustworthy.

    Therefore, we recommend analyzing all alternatives carefully to make the best decision for your financial life.

    If you choose to invest with other companies, it is worth evaluating BTG Pactual Digital, Clear Corretora and Vitreo. 

    After finding out if Nu Invest is reliable, learn more about Modalmais Corretora, another interesting alternative to invest your money.

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