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    Is Instacarro worth it? Check our opinion

    Is Instacarro worth it? Check our opinion

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 2, 2022 | Shopping |

    A Instacarro has gained considerable prominence in the automotive market. That's because, it offers a practical and cost-free platform to sell cars on the internet.

    It is not necessary to leave your residence to do this process. Everything is done online.

    However, most people still have doubts about this type of service and whether it is worth it.

    It is essential to make it clear that this content is not sponsored by the company. Opinions are based on valuable data and information that help the reader better understand the quality of the service.

    For this, we will talk about the following topics:

    • What is Instacarro?
    • Is it worth investing in Instacarro? 
    • What do I still need to know about Instacarro? 
    • Instacarro on Reclame Aqui: what is the company's assessment? 
    • What is Instacarro's scenario in the country? 
    • What are Instacarro's costs? 

    From now on, you will have access to an Instacarro guide with the main information about this company. Follow up!

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    What is Instacarro? 

    Before explaining whether Instacarro is worth it, it is important to show the concept of this service so that everyone is aligned in relation to the main characteristics of the company. 

    One scenario is certain: it doesn't matter if the market is up or down.

    Regardless of the moment, anywhere in our country or in the world, a person will be selling some type of vehicle. 

    This reality is possible because customers are very interested in exchanging their car for a more modern version.

    In addition, many Brazilians need to sell a car to pay off a debt, replace it with a cheaper model or just to save money. 

    Gone are the days when it was necessary to worry about strategies to sell a vehicle more quickly or find out what documents are needed to transfer the car.

    Now, this process works in a practical way and without bureaucracy. 

    Instacarro processes 

    It is a platform that offers assistance to customers who want to sell their car, without having to stress about this process. 

    Imagine the following scenario: João decided to take his vehicle to a specialist to analyze it and establish the price. Afterwards, he will not need to take any further steps for the car to be sold. 

    And the best part: as soon as the sale is executed, João immediately receives an amount that is related to the market scenario. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But this is possible, with the support offered by Instacarro. 

    The company follows the European and North American vehicle trading market and works with innovation and efficiency to solve customers' main problems. 

    Instacarro is one of the best alternatives for customers who want to market their car with more safety, agility and practicality.

    The platform has the presence of more than 1.500 dealerships and shopkeepers who seek to acquire their car within 24 hours. 

    Is it worth investing in Instacarro? 

    Yes. The company offers several benefits to the customer. The first of these is the quick sale. To get an idea, the car is evaluated, the customer receives the offer and payment is made immediately. 

    Another positive point is that it is not necessary to focus your energies on making advertisements or visiting various retailers and dealerships in search of the best value for your car.

    In addition, you save time by researching prices on the Fipe Table and other vehicles that are sold over the internet. 

    The most interesting thing is that the client does not need to leave the house. All you need is a computer or cell phone with internet access.  

    Security is another feature that cannot be ignored on our list. You do not need to relate to other companies to complete the process.

    The platform solves all the details, guaranteeing the offer and payment without installments or bureaucracy. 

    What do I still need to know about Instacarro? 

    Another interesting way to assess whether Instacarro is worth it is to know how the company's process works. The first step is to schedule a free inspection. This step can be done at your own home or at one of the stores that belong to the platform. 

    Then it's time for the inspection. A professional is responsible for assessing the condition of your car. In addition, he will take photos that will be used in the auction that is done over the internet. 

    After the inspection, your car will be registered in the auction system. In it, it is possible to identify more than 1.500 establishments spread across several regions of the country. 

    With the end of the auction, which runs 24 hours a day, the company gets in touch to present the proposal with the highest value.

    The user is not obliged to accept the offer that is displayed by the company. 

    When the user accepts the offer, the company will take care of all the documentation, avoiding less stress with bureaucracy. 

    Now, with the entire process completed, the payment is sent to the customer immediately and in cash.

    It is done through TED and the amount will be available in the user's account within 24 hours. 

    The last step in the process is the delivery of the car. The customer can schedule a visit to take the car to one of the establishments that belong to the company.

    Another interesting alternative is to ask Instacarro itself to send a tow truck to pick up the car. 

    Instacarro on Reclame Aqui: what is the company's assessment? 

    It's not enough to have a tool and just market your car with a few clicks.

    The process needs to work in a practical and efficient way for the consumer, without obstacles. 

    To better understand if Instacarro is worth it, we recommend getting to know the company's evaluation on the Reclame Aqui website. Through it, you know in more detail the company's reputation on the internet. 

    In August 2022, Instacarro's rating was 8.8 out of 10, which is considered great by the platform.

    Even with user complaints, about 81.3% of customers would do business with the company again. 

    What is Instacarro's scenario in the country? 

    Pioneers in online car business in the country say the company is standing out in the market.

    To give you an idea, more than 170 cars have already been inspected. The company has registered more than 650 million transactions and more than one million bids have been placed on the automobiles. 

    The company's credibility in our country can also be seen with the reports that were published on the platform in the main newspapers in the country, such as: Folha de a minha cidade, Estadão and Exame. 

    What are Instacarro's costs? 

    After discovering how Instacarro works and other interesting details about the company, it is also important to mention the costs in relation to the services that are carried out by the platform. 

    If you still have doubts about whether Instacarro is worth it, we have good news that can help you answer that question in the best way: the process is free of charge and without any commitment.

    There are no fees for reviews or offers. If the vehicle owner does not accept the offer, he will not have to make any payments to the company. 

    When negotiating the car, the company is responsible for taking care of the documentation, bureaucracy and transfer.

    The only fee is the notarization of the DUT (documentation used for transfer).

    If the car is pending, it will be deducted from the total amount. 

    Final rating on Instacarro 

    Undoubtedly, Instacarro is one of the best options when the consumer needs to sell a car.

    This is because the process works through the internet, without having to leave your residence. 

    Another positive point is the absence of bureaucracy. Unlike other alternatives available on the market, here the process is practical and can be completed in just one day. 

    Company reputation is yet another item that cannot be ignored in this article.

    In addition to the good rating on sites like Reclame Aqui, she has already been mentioned in newspapers that have a lot of credibility in our country. 

    The possibility of using the tool free of charge also needs to be taken into account.

    You don't have a salesperson trying to complete that sale all the time just to meet the end-of-the-month goal.

    The user is the one who defines if the offer is pleasant or if it can be refused. 

    Therefore, it is worth using the service and knowing the features that are offered by the company.

    It is a great opportunity to market the car with practicality and agility. 

    You can follow the main information about the company on the “Instacarro Linkedin” page. 

    If, even with our review, you still want to know other companies that trade vehicles, it is worth visiting the websites of Volanty, Webmotors and AutoAvaliar.

    Now that you know the main details about Instacarro, learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

    It is an interesting alternative to invest the money that was acquired with the sale of the car.  

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