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    Is Hootsuite good? Check our opinion

    Is Hootsuite good? Check our opinion

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 22, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Do you know and know if Hootsuite is any good? Today, we are going to give our opinion about this digital marketing platform that can end up helping you a lot on social networks and on the internet, especially in your marketing strategy. But first, let's check out what Hootsuite really is.  

    This tool is a platform with a system specialized in brand management in social media. Founded in 2008, Hootsuite is widely used by corporations, but it also has several functions and can be used as a tool by all those who work directly on the internet and with their social media.

    So, the most important question remains: is Hootsuite good? That's what we're going to try to find out in this post, but remembering that this is our opinion of the platform, so it's okay if you disagree with us. 

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    How does Hootsuite work?

    As mentioned above, Hootsuite's specialty is social media management, being among the main tools on the market that perform this function. However, in addition to performing this management, the platform also allows users to track all activities related to their social networks in a dashboard, helping to measure their numbers on the internet.

    One point where Hootsuite stands out from the competition is the flexibility of its platform. The service system is also compatible with practically all the main social networks available on the market, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and YouTube.

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    Scheduling multiple posts

    Perhaps the most interesting, most used, and best feature of Hootsuite is scheduling multiple posts and content. In a CSV file, the user can configure a list of scheduled posts and their content and, after that, upload the file in the platform interface. With this, you guarantee that you won't forget to send a message and save a lot of time, since you won't have to manually send multiple messages daily to your audience.

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    Hootsuite also has a unique feature called the Application Directory. This feature allows the user to add more social media and marketing tools to Hootsuite, thus going beyond what is already available and normally supported on the platform. However, it is worth mentioning that the Application Directory has an additional cost to use.

    On top of that, Hootsuite also stands out for its search facility, where you can set up a search flow and, if you want, use parameters from social networks like Twitter to add a geographic location to the end of the term you're searching for. Thus, you can check the results of a specific area, which is a very useful and functional filter.

    Other Functions

    In addition to scheduling and the functions mentioned above, there are other reasons that can convince you that Hootsuite is good, they are:

    • Tracking conversations in custom tabs;
    • Installation of third-party applications;
    • Analytics on social networks through reports;
    • Check what customers say about you online;
    • Two-step authentication for increased security;
    • The possibility of working in a team and creating other accesses with their own profiles;
    • Through this platform you have the facility to have direct communication with the customer;

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    It's great on desktop, but not so great on mobile.

    Hootsuite has a great desktop interface, working more than perfectly on computers. All the main sections are located in a navigation bar positioned in the left corner of the platform. 

    Probably the main buttons you will use in Hootsuite are “Add Social Network” and “Add Flow”, and they are positioned right at the top of the page, making it easy to access. As the names suggest, with them you'll be able to add the social networks you want on the platform and customize the flow of each one.

    Every social network you add in Hootsuite will create a new top tab, like a new window for you to click through. So, when you want to send a message, for example, just type at the top of the screen and then click on the tab to which you want to forward the message, the rest will be done practically automatically. 

    However, what it has of ease in its version for computers, it has problems in its version for mobile devices. The application of the tool needs to improve a lot, before it can perfectly perform its function as a work tool, especially due to its confusing and limited interface. 

    But in case you still want to check out the mobile version, it is available on the main digital app stores, on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.

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    good support

    If there's one thing you don't have to worry about with Hootsuite, it's support, as the platform provides many options for customers. In addition, they also have a Twitter account dedicated exclusively to support in all languages. On the web version, you can also find a section with written tutorials and videos explaining how to make use of Hootsuite.

    Despite the various forms of support, one of the main ones is not available, which is telephone support, but the live chat option can end up making up for this. When choosing your subscription package, you can also check the checkbox options for HootCare and HootSuite University. 

    The former offers the user 24/5 priority support, so a response within 4 hours is guaranteed. The second option is as a self-directed educational training program. After completing the program, the sector provides a certificate.

    Among the main forms of support, in addition to live chat, we have: email support, community forum, knowledge base, video tutorials and support center.

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    service value

    Users have the option to choose from three plans offered by Hootsuite. The first is the Professional Plan, which costs $19 per month, and allows up to one user per subscription, 10 registered social networks, unlimited posting program and access to inbox messages. 

    The second is the Team Plan, worth $99 per month, and with it up to three users per subscription, 20 social networks, unlimited posting program and inbox messages are allowed. Both plans have additional features and the possibility of a 30-day free trial. 

    The third is the Enterprise Plan, in which the user can customize the options he wants in the plan. For a free demo and pricing, you must contact Hootsuite directly. 

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    Negative points

    Hootsuite is not very suitable if you want to make specific posts on just one social network, such as a carousel post on Instagram for example, since its interface and functioning are more suitable for more general posts. 

    In this example of the carousel post, the tool ends up being several images referring to Facebook and Linkedin, not allowing the post on the carousel on Instagram. As well as having other similar problems. 

    If you also want to post videos on Instagram's IGTV through Hootsuite, that's also not a possibility, since, so far, the platform is unable to create this type of material. 

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    After all, is Hootsuite good or not?

    But after all, is Hootsuite good or not? Well, to answer that question, yes, Hootsuite is good and worth checking out. Although it has these problems that we mentioned above, the platform greatly simplifies and optimizes the work related to social networks. 

    In addition, it also ends up being a great organization tool and actively contributes to the strengthening of your brand, especially if you are starting to work in these digital areas. Even if you need to spend a little money to use all the functions offered, the investment will probably be well worth it. 

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