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    Is Grow Social worth it? Know everything here

    Is Grow Social worth it? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 17, 2022 | Instagram | 0

    Whether Grow Social is worth it is one of the most common doubts when it comes to this technology.

    With that in mind, we decided to address in this post several points that help answer the question. Do not hire the tool without finishing reading all the content.

    After all, our main objective is to help you make increasingly conscious decisions that directly impact the results of your business. 

    In addition to explaining whether Grow Social is worth it, we will show you the benefits of the tool, its reputation on the internet and social networks, what plans are available and what type of company it is suitable for. Follow along and clear all your doubts.

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    Grow Social vale a pena?

    Yes. To justify this answer, we are going to show some points that directly impact the routine and evaluation of users. 


    The tool's list of features is a point that shows how much Grow Social is worth. Find out which are the most important below. 

    1. Automatic integrations

    The user can automate interactions without bureaucracy. Here, it is possible to like and follow according to a certain tag, geolocation or other types of profiles.

    Also, the user can unfollow those people who don't follow you back.

    2. Send DM automatically

    Setting up direct messages automatically welcomes new people who follow the page.

    The user can also forward DM to all their new followers or only to a certain group that should receive the content at that moment.

    3. Schedule publications

    The user can select the time and day to publish the messages.

    The most interesting thing is that your mobile device or computer does not need to be connected to complete the post.

    4. Geolocation filter

    This functionality is essential, especially with people who have physical establishments. In it, you can interact with users who have tagged places in your region (city, state or country), ensuring more segmentation of your audience.

    In this way, it reduces the chances of interacting with those people who are not close to your business.

    5. Filter by genre

    You can choose whether to interact with women only, men only, or both.

    6. Filter by competitors

    The tool allows interaction with users who like, follow and comment on your competitors' pages. That way, you can attract only those people who are most interested in your product or service.

    7. Sem downloads

    To enjoy all the benefits of the tool, the user does not need to download any program or system. The system works in the cloud and can be used at any time.

    All you need is a device with internet access. The tool is compatible with smartphone, desktop or tablet.

    8. Charts and reports

    The technology also displays a report with various data and a graph with its main results. Thus, it is possible to understand which were the positive points of the strategy and which are those that need to be adjusted to achieve optimal numbers.

    9. Online support

    The company offers quality and agile support through online chat and WhatsApp that works during business hours. 

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    Anyone who uses Instagram frequently to increase engagement with their fans or consumers knows how complicated it is to set aside time in their routine to achieve their goals.

    And this is precisely where Grow Social helps page owners. Technology saves you or your employees time, without harming your business results. 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, the tool is suitable for any type of company. It's a great opportunity to increase your number of followers, improve your relationship with potential customers and captivate your fans in a simple and practical way. 

    It is essential to make it clear that technology also helps in the interaction of individuals with their followers. You can activate the services while you are performing other activities, such as sleeping, studying or working.

    Grow Social is also suitable for an artist, blogger, vlogger or anyone with a desire to become an Instagram celebrity. 

    Complete tutorials for customers 

    One of the main reasons Grow Social is worthwhile is that the company cares about the customer experience. It offers several tutorials for you to clear all your doubts about how the platform works. 

    Grow Social reputation on Reclame Aqui 

    The Reclame Aqui website is a great thermometer to analyze how much a particular company is evaluated in the market. If you want to find out if Grow Social is worth it, check out the customer feedback about the company on this platform.

    In August 2022, her grade was 7,1 out of 10, which is considered good by the website responsible for the research. 

    It doesn't matter if your brand is not present on the social network or has a good result on that network. Grow Social is worth it for all cases, because it brings more practicality, efficiency and productivity to your routine or your team. 

    And the concern with the social network cannot be ignored by brands that want to improve their positioning in the coming months.

    According to a report released by Statista, in 2022, Instagram is expected to reach 2023 million monthly active users in the United States by 120,3, up from 107,2 million users in 2022.

    Another survey shows that this social network is on the list of the most downloaded apps in July this year. 

    And what does that mean? Simple! While your strategy is at a standstill or the numbers are not increasing as planned, your competitor is gaining a great presence in the digital environment.

    To ensure a competitive edge, seek the help of tools such as Grow Social. They help not only to optimize time, but also to develop increasingly assertive campaigns with your target audience.

    What are Grow Social's plans? 

    After finding out if Grow Social is worth it, you are probably interested in knowing what plans and values ​​are offered by the company, aren't you? The company contains three options available. Discover the features of each below:

    • Monthly plan: the value of this plan is R$149,90/month. In it, you have access to the following services: automatic like/follow/unfollow; filter by Geolocation; filter by Concurrent/Similar Profiles; schedule Posts; Automatic DM; performance analytics and metrics; dedicated online support and 1 profile; 
    • Annual Plan: according to the company, it is the most chosen plan. It has 30% off. The value is R$127,42/month. This alternative includes the following services: automatic like/follow/unfollow; filter by Geolocation; filter by Concurrent/Similar Profiles; schedule posts; Automatic DM; performance analytics and metrics; dedicated online support and 1 profile;
    • Plano Trimestral: the value of this plan is R$144,28/month. It contains the following features: automatic like/follow/unfollow; filter by Geolocation; filter by Concurrent/Similar Profiles; schedule Posts; Automatic DM; performance analytics and metrics; dedicated online support and 1 profile. 

    How to hire Grow Social? 

    Grow Social's hiring process is very simple. Just access the company's official website and add your personal data.

    The positive side is that the tool allows for a free three-day trial, without the need to use a credit card. In this way, you can find out if the tool can solve your company's main problems in relation to Instagram strategies. 

    Once you find out if Grow Social is worth it, know the best time to post on your Instagram. Thus, it will be easier to achieve great results with the support of this tool. 

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