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    Is Directv Go worth it? Check our opinion

    Is Directv Go worth it? Check our opinion

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 25, 2022 | Shopping |

    Do you know if Directv Go is worth it? In fact, do you know this service?

    It is a subscription TV streaming that can be accessed on Android devices on the Play Store and iOS devices on the App Store, working over IPTV and also on Desktop. 

    This service only arrived and became available in our country until the end of 2022, and stood out for broadcasting TV shows over the internet, being a great alternative to the most well-known streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Globoplay and Disney Plus, for example.

    In case you are interested and want to know if Directv Go is worth it, we have separated the main aspects you should know about this service, and you can check out the details below.

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    How does Directv Go work?

    Directv Go's main way of working is via IPTV, a technology that allows TV signals to be transmitted via the internet with the same quality as a conventional streaming service.

    You must have a device compatible with the application to be able to access the service.

    This will allow the user to access lists of channels available on the given provider.

    These lists are like playlists, only with internet addresses. Thus, the contents are hosted on this list, facilitating and allowing subscriber access.

    Directv Go, in addition to being compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, can also be accessed by Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick TV and smart TVs, both LG and Samsung.

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    What are the plans and prices?

    Directv Go service offers two main plans for users, monthly and annual. In both, a seven-day free trial option is available through the service. So you can check in advance if Directv Go is worth it.

    The monthly plan costs R$69,90 per month. With it you will gain 2 years of access to HBO Max streaming; more than 70 live channels; OnDemand content; thousands of series and movie options; access to sports championships, children's programs, news and many others.

    There are no contracts and no need for cables and you will be able to watch on mobile devices.

    The annual plan will cost R$699 per year in cash and without installments. You will have access to 2 years of HBO Max and 2 months of free Directv Go.

    In addition, all other benefits listed in the basic monthly plan will also be available.

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    Directv Go: catalog

    If you want to know what you can watch on Directv Go, below we list the main programs and some channels available in the service's catalog. See if you like it and if Directv Go is really worth it:

    Open TV

    • Record;
    • TV network;
    • SBT;
    • Band;
    • Globo (Belo Horizonte, our city, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and our city);
    • Globo affiliates (TV TEM, TV Liberal Belém, TV Mirante São Luís, TV Verdes Mares, TV Amazonas, TV Bahia, TV Gazeta, TV Verdes Mares Cariri and RPC Curitiba).


    • National Geographic;
    • Nat Geo Wild;
    • History;
    • History 2;
    • Animal Planet;
    • Discovery;
    • Discovery Science;
    • Discovery Theater;
    • Discovery Turbo;
    • Discovery World.

    music and entertainment

    • UNTIL;
    • Multishow;
    • MTV our country.


    • Band Sports;
    • Fox Sports;
    • Fox Sports 2;
    • SportTV;
    • SportTV 2;
    • SportTV 3;
    • ESPN;
    • ESPN 2;
    • ESPN our country.


    • TNT;
    • Mega pix;
    • Space
    • Universal Studio;
    • Paramount;
    • Cinemax.


    • Syfy;
    • Sony;
    • Warner;
    • TNT Series;
    • Discovery ID;
    • FX;
    • A&E;
    • AMC;
    • AXN;
    • Comedy Central;
    • FOX Channel.


    • Band News;
    • CNN our country;
    • Globe News.


    • Food Network;
    • HGTV;
    • Alive;
    • Off;
    • TLC;
    • GNT;
    • Discovery Home & Health;
    • AND!;
    • FoxLife.

    Kids Meal

    • Gloob;
    • Gloobinho;
    • Nickelodeon;
    • Nick Jr .;
    • boomerang;
    • Cartoon Network;
    • Disney Channel;
    • Disney Junior;
    • Disney XD;
    • Discovery Kids.

    Extra content packs

    The Directv Go platform also offers additional packages that are paid separately from the basic subscription fee. Check out the other extra channels you can get for an additional fee below:

    • HBO channels (Plus, HD, Family and HBO 2): R$34,90 per month;
    • Star Premium 1 and 2 (Former Fox Premium – due to name change after Disney acquisition): R$24,90 per month;
    • Conmebol TV Channel: R$39,90 per month;
    • Canal Combate: R$69,90 per month;
    • Telecine Channels: R$37,90 per month;
    • Extra ESPN: R$7,90 per month;
    • Premiere channels (football matches): R$79,90 per month.

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    How to subscribe to Directv?

    In case you understand that Directv Go is worth it or want to try it for yourself, subscribing is quite simple.

    Just access the service's website, click on “Try it Free”, choose between the monthly or annual plan in the new window that you will be forwarded to and click on “Try it free for 7 days” on the chosen plan. 

    You will land on a page with subscriptions to the extra channels. If you are interested in any, just click on “+ Add” below the option and then on “Continue”.

    If you don't want any extra channels, just go directly to "Continue".

    The next page will ask for your personal information. Fill in the requested data and click on “I accept”, at the bottom of the page.

    Then, simply enter the payment details and complete the subscription. After the seven free days, your chosen plan will be billed automatically unless you cancel your subscription after the trial period.

    How to cancel Directv?

    If you are no longer interested in maintaining the service and want to cancel, you must log in with your details on the Directv Go website.

    Then, go to the “Manage Subscription” option to view all your account settings in detail.

    Look for the “My Plan” tab and click on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

    After canceling your account, Directv will be accessible with the subscription activated until the expiration date of the plan arrives.

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    Is Directv Go worth it?

    But after all, is the Directv Go service worth it? Although it has a great content catalog and the advantage of offering HBO Max streaming as part of its subscription, the service's reputation is not very good.

    In Reclame Aqui, for example, Directv Go is classified as a “Not Recommended” service.

    On the company complaints website, the service has 722 different complaints from January 2022 to August 2022, and none have been answered.

    It is worth mentioning that the company has been registered with Reclame Aqui for almost 1 year. 

    Several of the complaints are about the functioning of the platform and improper charges.

    Thus, we can see that it has practically no customer service, being almost non-existent. But answering the question whether Directv Go is worth it, based on these serious issues, the answer is no. 

    Again, the catalog is excellent. However, the poor functioning of the platform, the meaningless extra charges and the practically non-existent customer service lead us to believe that the subscription to the service may not be worth it.

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