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    Is Cloudshop good? Check out our review

    Is Cloudshop good? Check out our review

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 28, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you know if the cloudshop it's good Or do you know the platform somehow? Before we explain more about it, we need to talk a little about the e-commerce market, which is growing more and more and attracts not only sellers and companies, but also many customers and consumers. 

    If you are looking to enter this market for good as a company, or if you are just a curious person who wants to know more about the area, you may end up coming across Cloudshop. And questions about the quality of the service, especially questions like “Is Nuvemshop good?” They emerge.

    Therefore, we are going to explain what this platform is, how you can open a store on it and the pros and cons of the platform. 

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    What is Cloudshop?

    Present in the market since 2022, Nuvemshop is a Brazilian e-commerce company that received several awards for the best ecommerce platform in the Portuguese market in 2022, 2022 and 2022.

    The Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABCOMM) is responsible for awarding the competing companies. 

    The platform is very suitable for companies looking to increase their revenue by diversifying sales channels, in addition to positioning on the internet.

    Despite being a platform aimed at the digital sales market, some physical stores are also available for customers.

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    How to open a store on Nuvemshop?

    Before creating an account for your Cloudshop store, you will need to have an email address and already know your brand name. After that, the creation of the password will be necessary. It is worth mentioning that the platform can be used by both legal entities and individuals. 

    Optionally, you can also inform your name, Facebook and Instagram profile and contact via WhatsApp with DDD. The Cloudshop service is not paid at the beginning, and you can try it for 30 days free, before you start paying for your plan.

    For the trial period, it is not necessary to inform a credit card or other forms of payment. 

    Your online store domain will be shared. Thus, the end of the address will be “”. However, it is also possible to have a separate domain of your own. But for that, you will have to purchase it separately and then link it with your cloudshop store.

    After that, you will have to choose a base template to continue with your online store registration. The options are not many, but they are all in Portuguese and with very professional and modern designs.

    What's more, they are designed to work perfectly not only on the computer, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

    After choosing one, you can also customize it as you see fit. The platform also allows editing directly in the template code, if you are a web designer or know a freelancer who can do this. 

    However, simple modifications can also be made directly on the platform, as the layout menu is made available to users. Changing colors, inserting a logo, choosing a font, and the appearance of the start menu and header, such as shopping cart, is also possible. 

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    Is Cloudshop good? e-commerce resources

    1. There is no limit on stores and visitors

    The next step will be to return to the main menu to register the products that you will sell in your Nuvemshop store. Each product allows you to add up to 4 photos, plus description and name. Variables such as color and size can also be added.

    Another option is to divide the products into categories. 

    There is no limit to the number of products you can add, nor the number of visits or sales you can make in the online store. This happens regardless of the plan you choose. That way, you don't have to pay extra fees to add more products.

    2. Has free shipping option

    Then, you will define the payment methods that can be credit, debit, boleto and several others, depending on the tool. When choosing the delivery method for the sold product, you will also define the shipping value, which can also be free.

    This alternative can be great when advertising promotions or discount coupons, for example. With this, you attract many customers and can convince them to buy with the advantage of free shipping.

    3. Various services are available

    Several other options can also be included in your store settings, such as: customer registration with basic data; discounts with coupons and promotions; integration with other sales channels and social networks such as Facebook and Facebook Shop; Instagram and Instagram Shop; Mercado Livre, Google Shopping and others, being perfect for promoting your store.

    In addition to these, can also be added: communication, with emails to customers in case of abandoned cart, confirmation of payment and purchase and much more; manual orders with created and shared shopping cart links, plus multiple languages ​​and currencies for out-of-country purchases and sales.

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    Is Cloudshop good? Disadvantages of e-commerce

    To answer the question “Is Nuvemshop good?”, we will first list the advantages and disadvantages of the platform to help you make your decision. Let's start with the cons:

    1. There is no free plan

    Although the user has 30 days to test the tool, you will need to pay for a plan, whether the most basic or the most advanced, as the platform does not offer a free option to use. In addition, you still need to pay a commission for each sale you make using Cloudshop.

    The cheapest plan available is the basic one, which costs R$14 per month plus R$2 for each completed sale. However, it will not be possible to customize the layout of your online store, nor to get your own domain. Tools related to the creation of promotion and integration with Mercado Livre will also not be available. 

    The other plans offered by Nuvemshop are:

    • Plane Impulse: provides all the essential tools and costs R$49,90 per month and R$1,99 per sale made.
    • Influence Plan: offers access to the website code and more forms of integration and costs R$99,90 per month and R$0,99 per sale made.
    • Plane Scale: offers greater support and the possibility of international sales, and costs R$199,90 per month and R$0,49 per sale made.

    Regardless of which plan you choose, the fee on the sales you make will not be charged for the first 90 days. If you decide to pay 3 months in advance, you will still get a 10% discount on the plan price. If you pay twelve months in advance on your credit card, you get a 20% discount on the amount.

    There is another plan called Business. However, the details can only be checked if you contact the platform directly to make an inquiry.

    2. Support is limited

    Cloudshop may not be the best option if you are looking for a wide range of services, as it is only available via email. However, if you subscribe to the Escala plan or higher, the service can also include WhatsApp during business hours.

    Despite this, the company's assessment in Reclame Aqui is enviable. Cloudshop stands out for having a rating of 8,7/10, in addition to responding to 100% of the complaints posted.

    The company's problem solving rate is 92,3% and 82,7% of customers said they would do business with the company again. It is worth mentioning that these data are from January 2022 to June 2022.

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    Is Cloudshop good? Advantages of e-commerce

    Now that you know the cons of Nuvemshop, let's take a good look at the pros, which also stand out a lot:

    1. More than 30 page layouts

    Although online shopping is common and consumers are no longer as afraid as they used to be, having a visually attractive online store is essential. Therefore, Nuvemshop provides more than 30 layout options that you can customize in the way you see fit.

    In addition, the platform also provides filters to facilitate customer navigation in digital stores. But does not stop there. A tool to calculate shipping can also be inserted into your digital commerce. 

    2. What forms of payment are available?

    Cloudshop has partnerships with the main payment intermediaries in the online market, such as Moip, Mercado Pago, PagSeguro and PayPal. So, you can choose the main payment methods that are best for you and that best suit your business and integrate them into your ecommerce store. 

    It is worth mentioning that, as said before, credit cards, online debit and boleto are also alternatives that you can resort to. You can also customize other forms of payment, i.e. allow payment upon delivery of the product or bank transfer to your account.

    That way, regardless of the form of payment you make available, your security and that of your customer will be guaranteed.

    3. Freight agreements

    Many virtual stores are in doubt about choosing between the post office or private carriers to deliver the products. However, you can have both options in Nuvemshop.

    The platform has agreements with several shipping tools, such as Mercados Envios, Envio Fácil, Correios, JadLog, Loggi and several other alternatives. 

    It is important to note that the shipping agreements cover large products, such as furniture, to small products, such as fashion accessories, ornaments, paintings and others.

    You can offer your customers personalized shipping options, as well as pick-up at the physical store or at lockers, the famous pick-up points. 

    3. Diverse service

    In addition to email service and WhatsApp service for users from the Escala plan, Nuvemshop has tutorials on different topics to help you improve your virtual store on the platform.

    The Cloud Service Center (CAN) offers materials on payment methods, shipping, products, layout, website domains, sales channels, marketing, business partners and much more. 

    4. What are the sales channels?

    Among the channels that you can sell on Nuvemshop are virtual stores, physical stores, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Marketplaces. For sales on social networks, the product catalog can be synchronized so you can convert posts and publications into sales, and you can even do the same in Instagram Stories.

    For this, just create the cloudshop virtual store and integrate with social networks in a very simple way. 

    For sales on WhatsApp Business, simply upload the products sold to the administrative panel of your virtual store, allowing them to be shared in your customers' chat in the messaging app. 

    If you want to sell on marketplaces, Nuvemshop facilitates integration with the largest available in our country, such as Submarino, Amazon, Americanas, Zoom, Saraiva and many others. 

    5. Has monitoring reports

    You can follow all the data regarding your virtual store on Cloudshop, either through tools such as Google Analytics or the reports that are made available by the platform.

    That way, you can stay on top of the main ecommerce metrics, check the most viewed, best sellers and billing details. But you can also enter 5 members of your team with different levels of access to manage your store together with you. 

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    6. Ease for beginners in e-commerce

    The Cloudshop platform also provides the University of E-commerce, focused precisely for beginners in the area or people who want to improve their knowledge in the online sales market.

    With the University, you learn advanced sales strategies, basics and much more.

    Among the materials available for free are e-books, articles, videos, podcasts and courses on the subject. The topics covered, in addition to e-commerce, are sales, management and marketing.

    You can also check out stories of people who have had success using Cloudshop for sales. 

    7. You will have a mobile app store

    The Cloudshop app store is perfect if your business needs more tools. You can find a variety of third-party software and integrate it into your store with just a few clicks on your phone. It is worth mentioning that they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

    You will have access to apps to ship your products such as:

    • Frenet;
    • Kangu;
    • Best Shipping;
    • Send well and etc.

    Apps to better manage your store, including:

    • Bling;
    • Tiny ERP;
    • Blue Account and more.

    Apps focused on improving your sales, such as:

    • Cart Recovery;
    • Shop Together;
    • PluggTo e etc.

    With the latter, you can even integrate your business with other marketplaces, such as Americanas. 

    8. Specialists available

    If you want to improve your store even more, Nuvemshop offers another way besides apps to improve your marketing strategy. The platform provides a catalog with different agencies and experts on the market and on digital marketing that you can evaluate and hire to improve your results and services. 

    If you choose to get in touch and hire one of the experts, they will assist you in setting up your e-commerce, improving business promotion and customizing sales and your online store. 

    9. Platform Capacity

    Cloudshop also stands out for the stability of its servers. The Amazon servers that are used by the platform are adaptable to the volume of traffic at the moment and their uptime is 99,9% during the year, that is, practically the whole year.

    A 24/7 monitoring team is also always on hand to prevent or solve any problems that may arise.

    The platform has an SSL security certificate, which serves to protect user and customer information on websites.

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    Is Cloudshop good?

    Now that we know the platform completely, we need to answer the question “Is Cloudshop good?” Evaluating the number of pros and the number of cons that the platform has, this question can answer itself, right?

    So yes, Nuvemshop is good, and if you are planning to start an online store, the platform is an excellent choice for you.

    This is an even better option if you have little technical knowledge to maintain and manage the store, since you only need to know the minimum for the features offered by the tool. 

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