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    Is buying on Olist reliable? Know everything here

    Is buying on Olist reliable? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 2, 2022 | Technology | 1 comment

    The question “Is Olist trustworthy” is one of the most common when involving this company. The indecision is justifiable, especially as the company is one of the most talked about in the electronics segment. 

    To help you answer this question, we are going to show you what are the elements that help you to find out if it is worth buying from this company or if it is better to look for another alternative in the virtual market. Follow along and clear your doubts today. 

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    After all, is Olist reliable? 

    We know that marketplaces play a key role for large retailers. With the support of more entrepreneurs to share certain products, these organizations are able to increase their portfolio and offer more competitive marketing alternatives. This is possible not only in terms of price, but also in terms of delivery time. 

    Therefore, any negative experience that the consumer faces brings intense problems for marketing itself. As is well known, any brand does not want to receive negative comments that could influence its credibility. 

    In this way, there are strict rules to only allow the entry of professionals who are experienced in the subject and who can help the client when he needs it most. 

    It is essential to make it clear that Olist applies the same methodology to authorize the entry of new tenants.

    To give you an idea, the company only accepts the presence of formalized organizations, which work with the legal origin of items, with complete documentation and that are paying taxes in accordance with the rules. 

    Concern about delivery time 

    One of the main pillars of Olist is the concern with the delivery time. The company adheres to all deadlines that were disclosed to customers at the time of purchasing a product.

    This is only possible because the company monitors the posting of items at the Post Office in real time.

    Contrary to what happens in most companies, in the event of any delay, it is not the consumer who contacts the responsible retailer to file a complaint. It is Olist that takes care of this problem, making the customer feel safe and not worry about the deadline that has not been met. 

    The most interesting thing about this process is that, if the seller does not have an attitude expected by the platform, with shipping problems, he is blocked from the system and cannot make new sales. 

    Respect for consumer rules 

    Another element that shows how reliable the company is is that Olist fully respects the Consumer Protection Code (CDC). This means that the company guarantees anyone the right to regret the purchase of the product within seven days, without paying any fine.

    It also has a guarantee for the exchange of items, in case the shopkeeper sends a product with a manufacturing defect. 

    The company informs that it applies the legislation carefully, offering the right of withdrawal and providing the refund whenever the consumer requests, according to the rules that are required by the CDC.

    To be entitled to this benefit, just contact the customer support team (SAC) and explain the situation. 

    Specialized service team 

    Another point that helps to find out if Olist is reliable is the specialized service offered by the company. Although the company offers a product in a virtual way, which is software as a service (SaaS), its team is not made up of robots.

    On the contrary, they are professionals who are at the customer's disposal to help them solve the main problems regarding their product and the experience with the system.  

    The team has a team of about 90 people, distributed in several departments. Each team is responsible for a phase of the process, which begins with the development of Olist, consumer growth and reaching the main stage: customer satisfaction. 

    The correct functioning of all stages did not mature overnight. Olist has more than 10 years of experience in the market, serving various types of consumers. 

    Reputation on Advertise Here

    The Reclame Aqui website is a great thermometer to check if Olist is reliable. Regarding this company, the page indicates that the organization has a 6.9 out of 10, which is considered a regular score by the portal.

    In total, the company had 2.933 complaints and responded to 2.930. 

    Partnership with large companies 

    Let's finish our list of elements that prove how reliable Olist is by talking about the partnership that the company has with several businesses that are important in the market.

    When searching for “american olist”, you will find that Americanas is one of Olist's partner companies.

    The same situation occurs with “Olist Casas Bahia”.

    Therefore, having the trust of large companies in the market helps to understand how strong Olist is in its segment.

    About Olist 

    After finding out if Olist is reliable, we will explain more details about the company so you can find out how it works, what are its characteristics, among other issues.

    This is very important because the more knowledge you have about a platform, the more confidence you will have to make a purchase. 

    It is a platform that aims to connect an online store with its audience. It acts as a process facilitator, ensuring a safer system for both shopkeepers and customers. 

    The company aims to simplify the routine of any retailer, whether in the online or offline environment, to sell products in the most important marketplaces in the country.

    Among the most common names are: Mercado Livre, B2W and Via Varejo.

    With just one contract, you can advertise products on the pages of large companies. The best thing is that the shopkeeper has support in management, logistics and customer service.

    In practice, instead of adapting to the rules of each of the marketplaces, Olist takes care of all these bottlenecks. 

    Olist's participation in the electronic market 

    The year 2022 was a remarkable period in many ways. In addition to the pandemic that affected the entire world, it was necessary to deal with several surprises that arose along the way. 

    We had to change our behavior for various situations. And e-commerce was able to play a key role in this phase. Immediately, we noticed that consumers changed their behavior, starting to make purchases of products and services online. 

    Given this scenario, it is possible to conclude that there are more people shopping online. As a result, there are more merchants with more online businesses. 

    It is in this path that Olist enters to offer more possibilities of success for entrepreneurs who want to add or implement a digital channel in their investments.

    The company always seeks to prioritize the consumer experience for those who want to sell and for those people who want to buy. 

    Olist acts as a bridge that connects the company and the customer. The main objective is to leave the practical steps with the marketplaces. 

    After finding out if Olist is reliable, learn about the 7 best marketplaces to sell online in this article.

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