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    Is buying Instagram followers worth it?

    Is buying Instagram followers worth it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 2, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    For those who work or want to work with Instagram, it is always important to have a considerable amount of followers to facilitate the work and increase the reach even more. But getting to increase the number of your real audience that follows you can be a little time consuming. So you can think about buy instagram followers. But should we?

    Instagram has an algorithm where with each update, the social network gets smarter. Over time, this algorithm starts to prioritize profiles that have greater relevance than profiles that have a greater number of followers. Thus, having an active following on social media is of paramount importance. 

    These active profiles are the ones that will interact with likes, comments and shares, increasingly engaging your account. With this, Instagram will recognize this engagement, highlighting your content and consequently increasing your reach. 

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    Is it reliable to buy Instagram followers?

    In this post, we will check if buying Instagram followers is really worth it, although it is a way to gain more followers. The expectation when doing this can be to “bomb” your post and profile in general, increase interactions and reach, publicize the brand, have greater monetization and so on. But the reality can be disappointing. In addition to being expensive to buy Instagram followers, you will have to deal with fake profiles, lack of engagement and penalties. 

    You can even buy Instagram followers, but let's see if it's worth it:

    Buying Instagram followers makes you gain fake followers

    One of the biggest problems with buying followers is that most are fake, bots, or inactive users. But this ends up being expected, since this alternative aims to increase numbers and not generate interaction. Follower sales occur through lists, and the bigger that list is, the more you'll need to shell out. 

    What's more, fake profiles that don't generate engagement can be removed by Instagram itself. The social network seeks authentic interactions and fake users will undermine this objective and the experience of those who are on the platform. Thus, Instagram itself has an automatic system to delete these fake profiles and fake activities. 

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    Buying Instagram followers makes your engagement drop

    As said before, active followers will increase your engagement more and more and make your profile more prominent and reach more people.

    However, fake profiles will only increase the number of followers and you will not have this response in engagement, as interactions such as likes and comments will not occur on the posts, as these will be profiles that are not active or that have no interest in the posts made. For Instagram, quality and credibility are much more important than quantity. 

    Having a large number of followers and low engagement can also damage your brand image, as real followers who access your profile will see a large number of followers, but a low number of likes and comments. For this reason, it's not worth buying followers and having thousands of followers and no interaction, is it?

    But there are ways to buy real followers, although it doesn't mean an increase in your engagement. In fact, it can cause even more problems, as the user may not like to see the post from an account they never followed and report your post or your profile, for example, or block you. So buying Instagram followers can end up being harmful.

    Buying Instagram followers causes your content and brand to lose relevance

    Social network content is delivered according to relevance. The more people share, save, like or comment, the more that post will be delivered to other users, as well as improving the profile's relevance as a whole.

    So, the more fake followers you have when buying Instagram followers, the lower your engagement and relevance will be, as the interactions will be small. This whole situation also results in a snowball, as the trend is for interactions to decrease with each post. 

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    Buying Instagram followers puts the security of real profiles at risk

    The security of real profiles is also at stake if you buy Instagram followers. When you make the purchase, you are also allowing the bots that come with the purchased profiles to access your contact list. This can cause these same contacts to start receiving Spam from these bots, which, let's face it, is pretty annoying. 

    Furthermore, buying Instagram followers can also bring viruses to your profile and your followers, resulting in information theft from everyone involved. This will not only damage your image and communication with your audience, it will also leave you vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals.

    Buying Instagram followers hurts your performance metrics

    When buying Instagram followers, you will not be able to track metrics correctly. Your user base will not be correct, as fake profiles will not represent potential customers, for example.

    With this, you will not know your real performance on the social network, in addition to not knowing the engagement or how many people you reached in a certain period of time. The numbers will simply not match reality. 

    So, you will not be able to use the reports made available by Instagram to make decisions about your brand. Your marketing and content strategies will no longer be usable as they will be based on untrustworthy data. By making a decision, you could be condemning your profile once and for all.

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    Buying Instagram followers is the same as “going against the tide”

    If you want to work with sales through this social network, then buying Instagram followers is just a waste of time and resources. You will not be able to gauge the response of your real followers to the content you want to sell. Then your goals would be undermined. 

    What's more, buying Instagram followers just to have thousands of them will mess up your positioning as a brand. You need to go after people and profiles who are really interested in what you are selling, who will really interact and consolidate you as a powerful brand in your niche. So, keep in mind that you always need to focus on the target audience.  

    Buying Instagram followers can penalize your profile due to the Terms of Use

    Did you know that buying Instagram followers can earn you several penalties through the social network? The terms of use of the site do not allow profiles to use practices that interfere with the good experience of other users, such as generating Spam, for example. Which could be one of the consequences for other real users when you buy Instagram followers.

    That is, this practice goes against the Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and Platform Policies. Instagram itself has technologies to identify which profiles have fake followers or not.

    If you are caught by the platform, you can be penalized with shadowban, which will make your posts reach only the profiles that follow you, in addition to the account administrator not being notified. If the case is considered serious by Instagram, your account may even be deleted. 

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    Buying Instagram followers is a scam

    The metrics of followers and likes are not the most reliable nor the best to know if your profile is working or not. They can be important, as long as the data obtained does not come from fake profiles, but from real people.

    Forcing credibility when buying Instagram followers, whether to convince others or the competition, will be a “shot in the foot”. Instagram itself is trapped by the quality of content and the mental health of users, and not by an obsession with the number of followers and likes.

    The answer we can get to whether or not it's worth buying Instagram followers is: no, it's not. What you need to have on your profile are followers who are genuinely interested in your content and what you have to offer. Working your social networks requires patience, as it is a medium and long-term process to give satisfactory results.

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