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    iPhone Installments: How to buy on boleto or up to 22 installments

    iPhone Installments: How to buy on boleto or up to 22 installments

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | Shopping |

    Having an iPhone device is the consumer's desire for many of our countries and gathering money to buy in cash can be a complicated task.

    But because of the high value of the newer models, being able to pay a iphone in installments only in dreams.


    In case you didn't know, there is the possibility of purchasing an iPhone in 22 installments on your credit card or up to 36 installments on your bank slip.

    The possibility of paying in installments for the device in almost two years is thanks to a partnership between Apple and Banco Itaú, in the iPhone forever Program.

    In this post, you will check:

    • How the program works;
    • Who can participate;
    • The advantages and disadvantages;
    • The program rules;
    • The available models of Iphone installments;
    • The care you need to have;
    • Some more extra information.

    In addition, it will also be shown how you can secure your device by paying via boletos.

    So, the first point you need to understand to guarantee your iPhone in 22x installments is to know how the program works.

    What is Itaú's iPhone Forever Program and how does it work?

    To be able to benefit from the program, you must be an account holder at Banco Itaú and also have a credit card from that financial institution.

    Upon entering the iPhone Forever Program, a person can choose one of the available models.

    The total cost of the cell phone will be charged to the credit card, divided into 21 installments corresponding to 70% of the value of the product, and another installment that is 30% of the final payment.

    After paying the 21 installments, the customer has up to 10 days to choose one of three alternatives in the bank's apps: keep the iPhone, return the device, or exchange it for a new model.

    Check each option in detail:

    • Keeping the iPhone: if the customer wants to keep the device, he will first have to pay off the 21 installments of the device, which is equivalent to 70% of the product. Only after that, he will have to pay in cash the last installment that corresponds to 30% of the value. Later on you will be able to check how much each one of the models costs;
    • Return the device: if you have already paid the 21 installments, but do not want to pay the 30%, it is possible to return the phone to the bank. To do this, the iPhone must be in perfect condition, and the device will undergo an evaluation by Itaú employees.
    • Swap for a new model: to have the option to choose this alternative, it is necessary to pay the 21 installments, but it is not necessary to pay the 30%. That way, when you reach the 21st installment, the person can request the exchange of the current model for a newer iPhone, which will start a new cycle of 21 installments.

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    According to the program's regulations, each person can buy up to five devices in their CPF.

    But for that you need to have enough limit available on your card equivalent to the total cost of cell phones.

    You must also be in compliance with all anticipated payment obligations.

    The possibility of having up to five devices at once came with a regulation update.

    At the beginning of the program, it was only allowed to have a cell phone connected to the account holder's CPF.

    Therefore, Itaú customers must have one of the following credit cards to participate in iPhone for ever:

    • Itaucard Visa;
    • Itaucard Mastercard;
    • Itaucard International;
    • Itaucard Nacional;
    • Itaucard Gold;
    • Itaucard Platinum;
    • Itaucard Black;
    • Itaucard Infinite;
    • Itaú Uniclass International;
    • Itaú Uniclass Gold;
    • Itaú Uniclass Platinum;
    • Itaú Personality Platinum;
    • Itaú Personality Black;
    • Itaú Infinite Personality;
    • Itaú Private Gold;
    • Itaú Private Platinum;
    • Itaú Private Black;
    • Itaú Private Infinite.

    But after all, what models are available and how much do iPhones cost through the Itaú Program?

    Check the answer on the subject in the following topic.

    How much does the iPhone cost in installments through the Itaú Program?

    It is worth noting that until the closing of this post, the iPhone 13 still does not participate in the program.

    That said, see all the models and the value of the devices through the iPhone Forever

    iPhone 12 Pro Max

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$366,63

    Total value: R$7.699,23

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$3.299,77

    256 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$411,39

    Total value: R$8.639,19

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$3.359,81

    512 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$493,30

    Total value: R$10.359,30

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$3.639,70

    iPhone 12 Pro

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$333,30

    Total value: R$6.999,30

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.999,70

    512 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$458,06

    Total value: R$9.619,26

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$3.379,74

    iPhone 12

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$266,63

    Total value: R$5.599,23

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.399,77

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$291,39

    Total value: R$6.119,19

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.379,81

    256 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$334,73

    Total value: R$7.029,33

    Last installment to keep the iPhone:+ R$2.469,87

    12 iPhone Mini

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$233,30

    Total value: R$4.899,30

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.099,70

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$257,11

    Total value: R$5.399,31

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.099,69

    256 GB version

    Cost: 21x of BRL 299,49

    Total value: R$6.289,29

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$2.209.71

    iPhone 11

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$190,44

    Total value: R$3.999,2

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: R$ 999,76

    iPhone 11 Pro

    512 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$351,39

    Total value: R$7.379,19

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$1.619,81

    iPhone 11 Pro Max

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$289,45

    Total value: R$6.079,29

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$1.519,71

    256 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$323,96

    Total value: R$6.803,16

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$1.595,84

    512 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$374,82

    Total value: R$7.871,22

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$1.727,78

    iPhone SE

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$149,72

    Total value: R$3.144,12

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$554,88

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$163,77

    Total value: R$3.439,17

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$559,83

    256 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$186,39

    Total value: R$3.914,19

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$584,81

    iPhone XR

    64 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$174,01

    Total value: R$3.654,21

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: +R$644,79

    128 GB version

    Cost: 21x of R$188,34

    Total value: R$3.955,14

    Last installment to keep the iPhone: + R$643,86

    Photo: Disclosure / Apple

    Buying an iPhone in Installments: Points that need attention

    The program seems to be advantageous and attracts customers looking to pay installments more cheaply.

    But despite that, there are some aspects that you should take into account if you are thinking about joining the iPhone Forever Program:

    Are interest charged?

    Under the program, no interest is charged. The installments are in 21 installments without additional fees.

    But it is not so in practice.

    In fact, interest is included in the total price of the product, which is the term cost on Apple's portal.

    In this way, the customer is informed that if he paid for the cell phone in cash, he would get a 10% discount, which in reality is precisely the interest rates that are not charged.

    That way, regardless of where you buy a long-term product, this 10% cash discount is a way to make up for the interest.

    It is common for buyers to come across this story.

    So it is connected with this situation of theoretically interest-free products.

    Even small damage can complicate your device replacement.

    Itaú even allows you to return the device so you don't pay the final 30% installment or exchange it for a newer model.

    However, if your current cell phone has dented, scratched parts, cracked screen or has any oxidation, you will have to pay the final installment of the program.

    Keep an eye on the latest installment

    In fact, the lower installment through the program seems to be very attractive.

    But if you think about the future, will you be able to pay the 30% to keep the device?

    And if you can't, is it worth paying 21 installments to have to return your cell phone later?

    For example, the iPhone Pro 12 Max in the 512 GB version costs R$493,30 per month.

    At the end of the 21 installments, you will have spent R$10.359,30 and if you want to keep the device, you will have to pay a further R$3.639,70 in cash.

    You need to keep this in mind before entering the program.

    Now, if you have paid the 21 installments but are unable or do not want to pay the 30% or return the cell phone, a viable alternative is to resell the phone for an amount above the final 30%.

    With that, you bought the device for 70% of the price, split it into 21x, used it and you can still earn extra money at the end.

    Remembering that Apple devices take longer to devalue than Android.

    iPhone at retail

    If you're the type of person who loves to take advantage of promotions, you've probably come across an iPhone cheaper in large retailers than in the Apple Store, for example.

    The problem is that normally a promotion comes without notice.

    In addition, another difference is that the monthly installment is higher than that of the program, as it is in only 12 installments.

    Anyway, if you want to know how to take advantage of the best promotions, you can check the post How to Compare Prices Online that we have on the blog.

    Installments cannot be advanced

    The installments are fixed at 21x plus 30%, totaling 22 installments, that is, it is not allowed to advance the installments, and this cannot be changed.

    In this way, customers cannot request a change of device model before reaching the 21st month of program discharge.

    This bank's method of working is bad for customers, because a person can buy a cell phone and the following year a new model comes out that they may also want, but they will have to buy this new one with a new payment cycle, if they still has not completed the payment of the 21 installments of the current device.

    View the iPhone Forever Program as another installment option

    If you intended to buy a new iPhone at the Apple store or at a retailer, paying in 12 installments, the Itaú program can be seen as just another possibility that, in this case, the monthly fees have a lower value, but will last longer.

    So, you have more alternatives to get your dream device.

    Thus, all aspects covered in this text need to be taken into account if you want to participate in the program.

    Put the advantages and disadvantages of installment payments on the tip of the pen to know whether or not it is worth asking for financing through Itaú, always taking your financial profile into account.

    It is also worth mentioning that your iPhone purchase using the program guarantees free shipping.

    You can also check more information about the models of the devices and the comparisons made by Itaú.

    Throughout the text, you saw the main points of the program.

    Take the opportunity to carefully check the full terms and regulations of the Program.

    And if you have already decided that you are going to join the iPhone Forever, see the following tutorial to learn how to buy the device through the program:

    How to get on iPhone Forever?

    You can enter the program using the following applications:

    • Itau;
    • credit card;
    • Itaucard.

    But for the operation to work. iToken must be enabled on your cell phone.

    If you haven't already done so, check out the following tutorial:

    How to activate iToken

    The iToken is a security code that aims to authenticate your transactions on Itaú's digital channels.

    In this way, to activate the iToken just follow the step by step:

    Step 1: With the Itaú application downloaded on your cell phone, access your account with your branch number, checking account and electronic password;

    Step 2:  In the search bar type “iToken”;

    Step 3: Choose the option “iToken in the app”;

    Step 4: Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and enable your iToken with the facial recognition function;

    Step 5: For the operation to be completed, enter your six-digit credit card password (the same one you use at the ATM);

    Step 6: Ready! If everything went well, now your device is authorized to authenticate all your operations that involve transactions on the bank's digital channels.

    It is important to warn that if there was an error when trying to activate the iToken, one way to solve the problem is to go to an Itaú ATM with your phone and debit or multiple card or wait for the bank's contact within 24 hours to validate your Dice.

    Now, with all the prerequisites ready, it's finally time for you to know how to participate in iPhone Forever:

    How to participate in the program

    Step 1: On your cell phone, open one of the applications: Itaú, Credicard or Itaucard;

    Step 2: Log in using your branch data, Itaú electronic account and password, Credicard CPF and password and Itaucard card number and password;

    Step 3: When logging in, enter the “Services” option and then “iPhone forever”;

    Step 4: Now it's time for you to choose the device model of your choice;

    Step 5: Finally, make the payment and wait for your new iPhone to arrive at your home.

    Note: on your monthly invoice, you will see two transactions involving the program: one corresponding to the 21 installments and another for the final payment (the 30%).

    Now, if you are not affiliated with Banco Itaú and do not even want to start being an account holder of this institution, but intend to buy an iPhone in installments more often than the conventional one from large retailers, discover, below, how to pay an Apple in installments via boleto .

    How to buy an Apple in installments on boleto

    There are cases where the person does not like to have a credit card, but wants to pay in installments for a product with a higher price.

    It is in situations like this that the boleto can be very useful.

    Thus, one of the possibilities for you to have an Apple device in installments and without using a card or cash is going to an iPlace store.

    iPlace Mobile is the only AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller) in our country.

    Therefore, the services provided and sold in this store are entirely dedicated to Apple products only.

    And a service that you can take advantage of in this store is Carnê iPlace, which allows you to make your purchases for iPhones, Macbooks, iMacs, iPads and Apple Watch, all with an invoice.

    In addition, it is still possible to include accessories for your Apple devices, such as headphones, for example.

    If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing an Apple product through Carne iPlace, please be aware that these payment terms can only be made exclusively in physical stores.

    You need to request an in-store pre-approval credit check.

    For you to know the iPlace establishments closest to your residence.

    Remembering that there are stores in our city, Rio de Janeiro, our city in several places around our country.

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    When going to a store, don't forget to take your National Driver's License or RG and CPF, and the documents need to be original for the purchase to be carried out.

    If your CPF is approved to be able to use the Carne iPlace service, a local employee will proceed with the simulation of installments and send the credit for a financial analysis.

    In this way, check out some conditions of the Carne iPlace financing:

    • One entry + installment of 2x up to 36x on the ticket;
    • Rate of 3,49% am + IOF for installments up to 19x;
    • Rate of 3,99% am + IOF for installments from 20x to 36x;
    • Both installments have a Credit Opening Rate (TAC) of R$19,90.

    You can use your Apple phone as an input value, but the device needs to be a selectable model, ie not all iPhone versions qualify as an input.

    To find out if your device is selectable or not, you need to go to a physical store and seek service from the establishment's employees.

    If you get approval, you will receive the tickets at the store.

    If you need to request a duplicate ticket, just call the Financial Service Center on the following numbers: 0800 704 1166 or 4004 79 90.

    It is also very important that you know that, unlike the iPhone for Ever Program, with Carnê iPlace, the user cannot sell or pass the debt on to someone else until the installments are paid. This is due to funding rules.

    In addition, the person is limited to using Carnê iPlace financing in only one CPF.

    If the customer wants to open a new installment cycle, the first loan will have to be paid off.

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