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    Investment simulator: Top 10 to save to favorites

    Investment simulator: Top 10 to save to favorites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 26, 2022 | Finance |

    The number of Brazilian investors on the stock exchange (B3) has been growing considerably in recent months and at some point these new investors used an investment simulator to choose where to invest their money.

    With that in mind, and to help new investors who will still enter this universe, we have analyzed and listed the 10 best investment simulators for you to save time and choose the investments that best fit your investor profile.

    But before seeing this super list, it is important to understand what an investment simulator is and how it works.

    What is an investment simulator

    An investment simulator is a tool that allows you to simulate investments of your applications within a specific time frame, which is chosen by you.

    Through the simulator you can discover different products of the investment market that are within your reality as an investor and some of them go further, showing what your investor profile is and even the best products to invest.

    How does an investment simulator work?

    Investment simulators are simple tools that require little information to show results.

    In general, you will need to inform the following when simulating investments:

    • value to invested

    • value of monthly contributions

    • time that will keep the investment

    Some more complete simulators may ask for some extra information, such as:

    • if you already invest

    • whether you are willing to make investments with greater risk

    • some personal data to customize the information and even to email simulation details

    It is very important to be aware that the simulators are just estimates based on interest rates and past returns on investments. Returns on past investments are no guarantee of future profits.

    To help you choose the best investments and achieve financial freedom, we have listed the 10 best investment simulators for you to bookmark and use whenever you need to.

    The 10 best investment simulators

    XP Investments

    The most complete XP Investimentos simulator in terms of information that you will find in this list. It will show you how much accumulated equity you will achieve based on the information about values ​​to invest that you fill in the form, as well as showing your investor profile, the type of recommended investment portfolio and product suggestion to start investing. .

    BTG Actual

    In this simulator, in addition to information about investments, you will know your investor profile, which is very important for everyone who is going to start investing or even those who already invest.

    Invest News

    Investment simulator that helps you buy how much you can accumulate by investing your money in fixed income investments instead of investing in savings.


    A simulator that helps you to know how much your money can yield in direct treasury investments, CDB and LC, LCI and LCA in relation to savings.


    Fixed income investment simulator that will help you calculate the monthly and annual profitability of investments in CDB, LCI, LCA.

    Toro Investments

    A fixed income simulator that will help you, who want to invest safely, to choose the best and most profitable investments.


    An easy-to-use direct treasury simulator with very useful information for you to choose the best direct treasury investment options.

    Spare me!

    A simple simulator where in 4 steps you will get information to help you choose your investments.


    A very simple simulator that helps you choose the investment between savings, SELIC and CDB based on profitability.

    Treasury Direct

    A simulator to help you find the most suitable direct treasury bond for your investor profile.

    Say Extra

    To close this article is an extra tip about a site that has several simulators that can be used when choosing your investments. It allows you to simulate compound interest, savings, fixed income, among others.

    They are calculation simulators and very useful information for those who are going to start investing and even for those who invest.

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