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    Instagram templates: the 50 most pumped to post

    Instagram templates: the 50 most pumped to post

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 19, 2022 | Instagram | 0

    Instagram is one of the main social networks for you to post and connect with your audience, and one of the best ways to do that is with Instagram templates. There are several for you to use in your feed posts and, especially, in stories, being able to use stickers, emojis and even gifs, as well as tools such as question boxes, music and several others to interact with other users.

    So, if you're looking to increase interactivity and make your profile more fun and closer to the public, we've separated the best Instagram templates for you to use, containing different themes and templates. Without further ado, check out the best Instagram templates below. 

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    Instagram post template – The best ones for you

    1- More about me

    Image: Women's Tips

    This is an Instagram template that lets your followers know more about you. It has several questions that you will have to answer with an emoji that will serve as an answer, since there is space the exact size of an emoji. These are questions that complement each other, such as “What do my friends say I am” and “What I really am”.

    2- Ask me a question

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    A simpler option, this Instagram template works with the Instagram question tool, where users will have to ask questions about something they want to know about you, and the only rule is that you can only answer with “Yes”, “No” , “Never” and “Maybe”, without being able to justify their answer. 

    3- Which emojis define me?

    Image: Women's Tips

    This is also a very simple Instagram template alternative, where you won't have as much interaction with your followers, but it can help them get to know you better. The image contains the design of a pot, and you must insert in it several emojis that define you, whether in personality, thoughts or physique, for example, it's up to you. 

    4- Ask my top 3 a few things

    Image: Andri

    Also working with the question box tool, here your followers will be able to answer your top 3 of something, whether it be food, music, series, movies, books, cars or anything else. This Instagram template option contains three spaces for you to reply.

    5- What are the odds?

    Image: Mariana Araujo

    The game of “What are the odds?” works with Instagram templates that use question boxes, where your followers will ask you what are the chances of you doing something. There are three options for you to answer, they are: High odds, half and half and low odds. You can only choose one option when responding to the template.

    6- Who do I look like?

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    A very interesting game, you will insert a question box in this Instagram template option. Your followers must send a famous person or character that you can look like and you will be able to respond if you agree or not.

    7- About my books

    Image: Women's Tips

    One of the most suitable Instagram templates for book lovers, you won't have much direct interaction with your followers, but you can let them know more about you and your literary taste. The template contains four book-related questions, so you should answer each one with the titles of books you've read that fit the question.

    8- About Harry Potter

    Image: Potterish

    Harry Potter fans are not left out when we talk about Instagram templates. As it should be clear by now, this is a specific option for those who like the most famous little wizard in pop culture. The image contains several questions about the Harry Potter universe, such as your favorite Hogwarts house, character and books, and whether you prefer the movies or the books. Then just post so your followers know your opinion.

    9- My favorite soundtrack

    Image: Women's Tips

    Entering the world of music, in this template you will use your musical taste so that your followers know more and more about you. There are some questions in the image and you will have to answer with the title of a song, such as the song of your life, the romantic song that you like, the song that makes you cry and so on. 

    10- A random playlist

    Image: Mariana Araujo

    An Instagram template option that continues with the music theme, here you'll assemble a random playlist, practically indicating songs to your followers. You'll let your music stream, whether it's Spotify, Amazon Music Prime or iTunes, and the first six random songs that play you will list in the image for others to hear. 

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    11- My playlist

    Image: Pri Figueredo

    Continuing talking about Instagram templates related to music, this option is to talk and indicate your favorite songs. The image contains some questions and spaces for answers, such as your current song, the old one that you like, the one you listened to the most and etc. 

    12- Song challenge

    Image: Mariana Araujo

    The song challenge is one of the Instagram templates that works more like a game for you to do for 30 days. There are 30 spaces in the image with a type of music described, so every day you will repost the template in your stories, but with the music that corresponds to the description of that particular day. This challenge may end up demanding more of your knowledge and musical variety. 

    13- 30 musical days

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    This challenge works very similarly to the one described above, also for 30 days. However, it has more connection with your memories and personalities, where during the 30 days you will describe a song that reminds you of a certain moment or time, a song that you like to listen to when you are doing or feeling a certain thing and etc. 

    14- My soundtrack

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    Continuing in the musical line, in this option of Instagram templates you will talk more about your musical taste to your followers. The image contains some questions related to your musical experiences, such as the last song you listened to that you can't get out of your head, the last concert you went to, your favorite band and so on. 

    15- Movie night

    Image: Pri Figueredo

    Now it's time to talk about Instagram templates for movie lovers. With the Movie Night template, you'll talk about your cinematic experiences and show your followers, what's your favorite movie, what's your favorite genre, the movie you didn't give anything and ended up loving, the biggest disappointment and among others.

    16- 30 movies that marked me

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    The 30-day challenge works by taking into account the movies that most impressed you. The image contains 30 spaces with descriptions, so during the challenge period you will post the template once a day saying which movie fits the description for that day. 

    17- Journey of dreams

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    Those who love to travel can also talk about it with their audience using Instagram templates. This option, called Wishlist Travel, allows the user to talk about the places and moments you want to travel, also being able to talk about the food you want to try and the person you want to travel with. 

    18- Countries I want to visit

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    Still on the subject of travel, this template contains a world map drawn on it. Thus, you can mark the top three countries you want to visit, as well as use a different markup to mark the ones you already know. Below the image, the template also allows the user to type in the most beautiful place they've ever been.

    19- Backpacking in Europe

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    Who hasn't dreamed of making a famous backpacking trip in Europe? This is one of the Instagram templates that you can use to define the destinations you want to go to. The image contains the comparison of two different locations, for example: Oslo vs Geneva, Amsterdam vs Dublin, and so on. You will select the options you choose to travel between comparisons. 

    20- The states of our country

    Image: Julia Origin

    Not all travel needs to be abroad, right? After all, our country is full of beautiful destinations that are worth visiting. Thus, this template shows the Brazilian states, and has a color legend, where you will mark on the map, with the corresponding color, the places you have been, where you live, where you were born and where you want to go.

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    21- This or That of travel

    Image: Andri

    There are several versions of Instagram templates with the joke Isso or Aqui, and of course there would also be one for travel. In this template, there are some options for you to choose from, such as city or nature, Airbnb or hotel, plane or bus, group or solo, and so on. You will choose your preferred option for the trips and mark it, posting for your followers to check. 

    22- About my hair

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    The hair-themed Instagram templates are also not to be missed, so if you like to do different hairstyles and paint in different colors, this template is perfect. You will answer some questions about your hair, such as if you have cut it yourself, the colors you have used, if you like long hair, colors you have always wanted to dye and so on. 

    23- My hair

    Image: Women's Tips

    This option follows the same model of Instagram templates as the option shown above. However, here you will mark the things you have already done to your hair, such as if you had a chemical cut, if you never changed your color, if you are addicted to short hair, if you have already had a haircut, etc. 

    24- Tour da autoestima

    Image: Women's Tips

    In our list of Instagram templates, we couldn't miss an option to further improve the profile's self-esteem. The operation is very simple, you will post the template in your stories and people will respond saying what they like most about you and about you, to improve the game, you can reply back. 

    25- Girl Power

    Image: Women's Tips

    It's always good to honor the women who inspire you, so in this option of Instagram templates, you will list in the available spaces the five women who inspire you the most and that you admire. If they have Instagram, you can tag their profiles. 

    26- My favorite profiles

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    Following the same reasoning as the template above, here we will have a tribute in a more general way, and you will mark the Instagram profiles that are your favorites and that you most like to follow. You can tag the profile with the perfect feed, a motivational, smart profile and so on. 

    27- My favorites of the week

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    We all have our favorite places, foods, series and other things. In this template, you will mark your favorite of the week you are posting, showing your followers the things and places you like and frequent the most, in addition, this also serves as an indication for them. 

    28- Favorites of the moment with gifs

    Image: Mariana Araujo

    The operation of these Instagram templates is very similar to your favorites of the week, however, here you will say your favorites of the moment and use gifs or emojis to respond. That way, the game is more fun, at least visually. 

    29- My pets

    Image: Women's Tips

    If you are a pet owner, then most likely it is the one that shows the pet to everyone and at any time, so Instagram templates for pets could not be missing. Here you will talk about the pets in your life, such as your first pet, the name, what it was, what your current pet is and at the end mark all the ones you've ever had. 

    30- Draw your cat

    Image: Andri

    This is a really fun template for you to show your talents for the art of drawing. If you are a cat owner, here you will use the pre-designed template to finish drawing your kitten. This can be a very fun game and a very beautiful tribute to your kitty. You can use the tools provided by Instagram itself, such as brush, text, emojis and gifs.

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    31- Draw your dog

    Andri image

    There's not much to say here, but this is a version of the above joke, but for dog owners. You will draw your puppy with the tools provided by Instagram, the template already contains a pre-designed model, so you just need to finish. 

    32- More about my pets

    Image: Julia Costa Reis


    This is a game of Instagram templates very similar to “My pets”, but here you will have a much wider variety of answers, in addition to being a visually very different template, with other very striking colors. 

    33- In your head

    Image: Mariana Araujo

    One more among the Instagram templates that serves for your followers to know you even more. The template contains a drawing of a brain and a caption with the meaning of each color you paint the brain. You will paint the drawing with what is going on in your head at the moment, the color red means crush, yellow means studies, green means rest and so on.

    34- My little corner

    Image: Andri

    A perfect template for you to pass the time, it contains a living room model, and you will have to fill it with gifs and emojis in the way you think is best, decorating your corner in your own way. 

    35- You are my love story

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    Among the Instagram templates, this alternative is for those people who are in a relationship with someone special. You will answer the questions with something that reminds you of your boyfriend. For example, a series, song, movie, color, city, etc. You can even tag your partner to do their version.

    36- Relationship preferences

    Image: Nicolle Rocha

    It's always good to record what your preferences are when you're in a relationship. So, in this Instagram template option, you will select the alternative that you like the most among those listed, such as romantic dinner x cinema, flower bouquet x chocolate, nightclub x stay at home, and so on. At the end you can tag your crush so he can stay on top of your tastes. 

    37- For you to get to know me better

    Image: Pri Figueredo

    There are several Instagram template options that help other people get to know you better. In this alternative, you will tell followers what your sign, age, eye color, height, what you love and what you hate, in addition to your biggest dream. Then, just post in stories for your followers to view. 

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    38- Your personality

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    This template contains some groups of words, as well as the one mentioned above, it is for people to get to know you better. You will circle one word from each group that most closely matches your personality. Only one word per group is worth so people will get to know you more. 

    39- This or That?

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    This version of this or that works more generally, with several options for various themes. You will mark whether you prefer tea or coffee, sweet or savory, books or movies, dog or cat and so on. 

    40- This or That social networks

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    As you may have already noticed, among the Instagram templates there are a wide variety of versions of the game That or That, and of course we would have one for social networks. In this version, you will mark the social network that you like the most in the comparison, some examples are: Facebook x Instagram, WhatsApp x Messenger, YouTube x Blog and other various options. 

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    41- Summer or winter?

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    There's a lot of discussion about what's best, summer or winter, and in this version of This or That of Instagram templates you can give your opinion on which is better. The template contains some things you can choose to do, go to or eat in summer or winter. Among the options, we can mention breakfast x dinner, city x countryside, nutella x peanut butter and so on. 

    42- Things I Love

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    One of the simplest Instagram templates for you to play with on the social network, it has the design of a very large circle and you will have to fill it with the things you love the most. To make it even more fun, our suggestion is to fill it with gifs or emojis, if you don't want it, it's ok to fill it in writing.

    43- A little bottle of me

    Image: Women's Tips

    The basis of operation is the same as above, this is an Instagram template game that contains a drawing of a pot, and you will have to fill it with your favorite foods. The joke asks to do this with emojis, but nothing prevents you from doing it with gifs too.

    44- A little pot of me humor version

    Image: Women's Tips

    This is a more general version of the potty game above, you will use the template that contains several pots called hunger, sleep, dreams, love and so on. You can paint according to your level of each thing, or fill like the previous one, with gifs and emojis, but the space for this will be less.

    45- What's in your bag?

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    It's not hard to find everything in the bag, even things we didn't even know were there. In this Instagram template option, you will find a list of objects, and the game is to mark all the things that are in the bag at the moment. 

    46- About my tattoos

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    For tattoo lovers, we also have tattoo templates for you so people will know more about it. You will select the number of tattoos you have in the template, then you will be able to answer your first one, the one that hurt the most, your favorite and the next one you want to do. 

    47- Signs in gifs

    Image: Livia Ferreira

    If you believe in signs, we also have Instagram templates for you. In this template, you will use gifs to fill in the sign, moon, ascendant and venus spaces. Then just post to your stories for followers to check.

    48- Challenges of adult life

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    That adult life is full of challenges, almost everyone knows, and in this option of Instagram templates you will mark your biggest challenges in adult life, but only the ones you do alone are not worth the ones you can ask for help. There are several options, so you can have a good time filling in. 

    49- What have you done?

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    Bingo prank fits perfectly into Instagram templates, so why not play it with your followers. Bingo for this option is made up of a number of things that you may have done or that have happened to you. Thus, the right thing will be to mark all of them to complete the bingo. You can post for your followers to see and even challenge some to fill in too. 

    50- Gif Challenge

    Image: Julia Costa Reis

    Last in our list of Instagram templates, you will show your faces and reactions when certain things happen. You will use gifs to show the face you make when your online purchase arrives, when you finish a series you like, when you eat your favorite food, etc. 

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