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    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 14, 2022 | Instagram | 2

    O Instagram highlight It's a way for you to customize your profile and make it more complete and attractive to those who follow your business on the social network.

    The idea of ​​Instagram highlighting is to allow Stories, which you consider important, to last longer than 24 hours on your profile and be available in “albums” for all those who follow you.

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    There are several ways to use Instagram highlighting to boost your profile and they can help you sell more. That's why we've separated 5 reasons for you to use Instagram Stories highlighting on your business profile.

    But first, we'll show you how to create, give you Instagram highlight covers tips and show you where to find images if you want to create your own.

    IMPORTANT: Currently, it is only possible to create or edit a highlight through the Instagram app on mobile. On PC, you can only view and delete Instagram highlights.


    Step 1. If you don't have any highlights, go to your profile and tap on + (plus icon) in the upper corner and then choose the option Highlight of Stories.

    If you already have an Instagram featured album, just go to your profile and click New next to what already exists;

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it

    Step 2. Select among the Stories in your archive those that will be part of the album you want to create and click Advance;

    Step 3. Give a name to the album you are going to create (remembering that it must be up to 15 characters long). Here you can also edit your Instagram highlight cover by tapping Edit Layer. We'll talk more about covers further down the post;

    Step 4. To create your Instagram highlight, click Conclude.
    That's it, your album will already be highlighted on your profile.


    To add a new story to an Instagram highlight, just go to your profile, tap and hold on the album you want to edit. Then click on Edit Highlight.

    Em Selected, Stories that are already saved in this highlight will be shown. Here, you can also delete a Stories from Instagram Highlights. To take an image out of the spotlight, just tap it. Thus, the blue selected icon will be deselected.

    To add new image in Instagram highlight, click Stories and tap the new videos or images you want to include in your album.

    To end any of the actions, click on Conclude. 


    If you want to keep your profile organized, one option is to put a cover on each Instagram highlight. For those who want to create a custom cover but don't have skills with professional image editing programs, the best option is Canva.

    We've talked about it several times here on the blog and it's for the same reason: for those who don't know anything about image editing, it's very easy to use.

    To create your Instagram highlight cover, follow the step-by-step guide:

    Step 1. Access the Canva app or website by clicking here.

    Step 2. In the ready-made design recommendations, click Social Medias and look for the option Covers for Instagram Stories Highlights;

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it

    Step 3. Choose one of the ready-made templates already available and edit as needed. Remembering that Canva offers free and paid options (it can be the template or some image used).


    If you are looking for ready-made templates for your Instagram highlights cover, Pinterest is the best source. By searching the app, you will find several ready-made cover options, which are both free and paid.

    To find ready-made Instagram highlight cover templates, go to Pinterest and search for terms like “Instagram highlight cover” or “stories highlights”. Several packages will be shown separated by their visual pattern.

    To download Instagram highlight covers, you will need to create an account in the app. But remember: Pinterest is a very popular social network, so other people may be using the same templates you choose.

    If you don't know Pinterest, visit this blog post and find out how you can use it in your business's digital marketing strategy.


    Well, now that you've created or found your Instagram highlight cover, the next task is to edit. What not everyone knows is that you don't have to upload the featured cover image in Stories and leave it for 24 hours to be able to use it as a cover.

    You can do this in two ways: when creating the Instagram highlight, as we talked about in the first topic, or after it is created by accessing your profile.

    We will explain the second option step-by-step. But first, remember to save the Instagram highlights cover images to your mobile gallery:

    Step 1. Go to your profile, tap and hold on the album you want to edit the Instagram highlight cover. Then click on Edit Highlight.

    Step 2. Tap the current cover image or Edit Layer;

    Step 3. Drag to the side the images of Stories that are in the spotlight and tap the gallery icon at the end;

    Step 4. Select the image and tap Conclude.


    If you're wondering what to put in an Instagram highlight, here are five tips on how to use an Instagram Stories highlight to get inspired and start using this feature right now.


    You can create an Instagram highlight to tell your followers a little more about your business. Take advantage of this feature and create an album with Stories talking about your brand, showing your office or store and introducing your team.

    This Instagram highlight will help you connect with your followers. Whenever someone new starts following your profile, they can easily learn more about your business.

    This is what the Plugcitários school does on its @plugcitarios profile, for example:

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it


    Creating an Instagram highlight with your contact options can help you sell more. Sometimes the Instagram Bio is not enough to put all our contact options.

    So, creating a highlight with Stories that lead to your WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and even your phone can be a really cool alternative.

    This will work better for those who already have the link option available in Stories, the famous “swipe up”.

    If you don't have one, you can also feature stories that show your phone number, email, and at sign. It's just not worth writing the links there, because your followers won't be able to click.


    If you did an event or action in your business and shared everything in your Stories, take the opportunity to turn this content into one of your Instagram Stories highlights.

    This is the kind of content that would get lost in the middle of the Feed. But, saved in an Instagram highlight, it can be found easily, as it is possible to name the highlighted albums.

    The profile of Natura's makeup line, for example, used this feature to highlight stories from festivals and events.

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it


    Instagram highlighting can be a great space for you to promote your products and services. The idea is not to flyer, but to use the Instagram Stories highlight to show news, exclusive products or even social proof of your business.

    A manicurist can, for example, create an album to save photos of nails she has done. A clothing store can highlight products from a new collection.


    This is another way to take advantage of the highlights that we use here. On Camila Porto's profile, there is an album with links to the ebooks and classes she makes available.

    Instagram Spotlight: How to create and 5 reasons to use it

    So, if you have online content to share with your audience, this can be a cool way to spread it.

    See how easy it is to start using Instagram Stories highlights? Take advantage of the ways to use this resource that we teach you. Start right now to make your profile even more complete for your business followers.

    Tell us in the comments, do you already use Instagram highlight on your business profile?

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