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    Instagram night mode: 5 steps to activate on your account

    Instagram night mode: 5 steps to activate on your account

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 1, 2022 | Instagram |

    Did you know that you can activate the Instagram night mode? The novelty has been available for a few months now. However, not all devices were contemplated with the feature.

    The cell phones that have night mode are those with Android versions 9 or 10. On the other hand, iPhones, only those with iOS 13 system.

    Some consider the dark mode more sophisticated in the application's presentation. If you are from this group of people, see the following tutorials to change in your account.

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    Walkthrough: Instagram Night Mode

    Step 1. Log into your Instagram account and open your profile;

    Step 2. Click on the sandwich button in the upper right corner of the screen;

    Step 3. Then click on the option Cconfigurations;

    Step 4. click on Tmother, to open the color options;

    Step 5: Check the dark option and your screen will automatically change color.

    This is what your Instagram looks like after opting for night mode.

    Remembering that to make the change, your application needs to be updated. However, if even updating the app, you don't find the option, it's because your device was not covered.

    But don't be sad, we will indicate an alternative for these cases. You can change your mobile screen playback. Most devices provide this function with dark mode.

    Instagram Night Mode on Android

    Before showing the way, it is worth remembering that this change will be applied to other applications with the dark mode theme. In addition, the icon preview on your Android mobile device will also be exposed with night mode.

    Here we will not show the step-by-step with images as before. That's because the icons vary greatly depending on the type and brand of your smartphone.

    Step 1. Get in settings from your cell phone;

    Step 2. Search for Fabric ou Viewfinder;

    Step 3. enter option Advanced (some cell phones do not have this option, and the change is directly in the screen/display section);

    Step 4. Touch Subject and choose the dark option.

    Ready! Part of your device's system will be in dark mode, including your social network Instagram.

    If your device doesn't have this option and you really want to use your Instagram with this change, there are external apps that can help. One of them is Dark Mode, just go to the Play Store and download it.

    Instagram Night Mode on iOS

    On the iPhone, the path is only one. Follow the steps:

    Step 1. Access the option Ajust;

    Step 2. Then click on Tshe is Brightness;

    Step 3.  Select option Escura to activate the dark theme.

    Okay, pretty simple isn't it?

    Fun facts about night mode

    – Cell phones with dark mode playback are good for those who are sensitive to light. That's because the black color emits less brightness on the screen.

    – For OLED or AMOLED screens, night mode saves your cell phone battery. Device operating systems thank you!

    Today's tip was this layout option available on the most used photo social network. Now tell us here: do you already use night mode on Instagram or other social networks?

    If yes, leave a "I use" here in the comments.

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