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    Instagram bio: 6 tips to have a powerful bio

    Instagram bio: 6 tips to have a powerful bio

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 21, 2022 | Instagram |

    A Instagram bio It is very important because it is the first contact of your audience with the profile. The user sees the photo, then what you wrote and only then will they check your feed. Therefore, it must have all the information that the follower needs about your company.

    Done right, it helps promote your product or service and makes potential customers follow and follow your profile.


    The application provides a small space for you to talk about yourself or your business in Instagram Bio. For this reason, it is important to know the available options first, as this information will convey what you want to convey to your followers.

    Remember: the first impression is usually the last one.

    Instagram makes the following features available in the Bio of business profiles:

    • Profile picture;
    • Your name: inform your name, your brand or company;
    • User name: and yours @;
    • Site: here you can put any link, we will talk about it further down in the post;
    • Bio: there are 150 characters for you to make a brief description of yourself or your business;
    • Página: It is possible to link a Facebook page to your Instagram. This will be essential when making announcements;
    • Category: choose the category that best describes your company;
    • Contact Options: the name says it, but we will give more information throughout the text;
    • profile view: choose whether or not to display category and contact information on the profile;
    • action buttons: It connects your profile with other online services.


    As it is one of the most important spaces on the social network, it is essential to think strategically about what to put in the Instagram Bio. After all, there are only 150 characters available.

    In view of this, we have separated some tips to help you create a powerful Instagram bio and attract more followers.

    Remembering that some suggestions in this post are optional. You don't have to use them all. It's up to you to apply or not, ok?


    The photo is not necessarily the Instagram Bio, but it is an important item in the profile, as it is responsible for the user's first impression. It is essential to take care of the visual part of your company's digital marketing, and that starts with the photo.

    The idea is that the photo is eye-catching, that it somehow represents your business or you. It needs to make you or your brand stand out, depending on what your positioning is.


    Keyword is the term that summarizes your objective or your company. Through it, people will be able to find you, as they help with profile searches.

    Some users prefer to use the keyword in the username. But if that's not your case, you can use it right at the beginning of your Instagram Bio. If your business is local, using the keyword added to location can help users find you in search.

    If you own a caramelized apple store, for example, put in which city it is located. That way, if someone types in the search “Curitiba caramelized apples”, your company is more likely to be in the results.


    It's really important to tell people what they'll find by following your company profile. This makes them more likely to click on the Follow button, since that interests the follower.

    You can do this in the form of topics, or also using hashtags. Just be careful not to get confused and not too polluted. If you are going to use hashtags on your profile, choose the best ones and pay attention to the words you choose, as some are difficult to read.

    For example, writing that you are a Business Consultant is easier to read than #businessconsultant.


    Call to action comes from the English term of digital marketing, call to action (CTA), which is nothing more than asking or guiding your follower to take some action. In the case of Instagram Bio, you can put the website or your WhatsApp link and, right above, ask the follower to enter the website or place the order on zap.

    It is very common for users to put in their post captions or speak in Stories, for the follower to access the Instagram Bio link. This is another form of call to action, as it is not possible to put links in the captions and the “swipe up” of Stories is only for those who have more than 10 thousand followers.

    If your company has a website, a profile on neighboring social networks and WhatsApp to serve customers, with Linktree you can put all the links in your Instagram bio. We have this blog post that explains step-by-step how to use this tool and have multiple links on your Instagram.

    If you don't have a link outside of Instagram, you can ask your followers to watch Stories, access a particular highlight on your profile or order via Direct.


    Emojis are those symbols that are widely used, especially on other networks, such as messaging apps, which replace phrases or words, an emotion or an action. For some businesses, using emojis in Instagram Bio can be a different and creative way to get a message across and show what the company does.

    As we mentioned before, evaluate which of these tips suits your business and apply. Emojis in Instagram Bio should have context and be used sparingly, after all, not everyone can know the exact meaning of the sticker.

    Here we have an example of a bakery that made use of emojis to exemplify some products that followers will find in its store. And he also used them to illustrate that there is parking for bikes, preferential spaces and that you can only enter wearing a mask.

    To put emoji in your Instagram Bio, you can also use sites like Facebook Symbols. Access by clicking here, choose the emoji and automatically it will be copied. Then just paste it into your own biography.


    If you have a profile of your company on Instagram, it is essential that it is of the Commercial type. In addition to accessing insights, you can add your business contacts to your Instagram Bio with it.

    Is your profile not yet commercial? Don't worry! Learn how to convert a personal profile into a business profile on Instagram by accessing this post.

    Em Edit profile, you find the space to add your Public Business Information. In the Contact Options menu, you can add an email, phone (or WhatsApp) and address if your business is local.

    Don't forget that it's a good option to always keep your Instagram Bio updated. Also, you should use as many features of the app as possible. Everything can help when deciding whether to follow your profile (or not).

    After this review, just get your hands dirty!

    Did you know that you can schedule Instagram posts for free? In this blog post, we explain how to do it!

    If you want, paste your Instagram Bio here in the comments so we know if you followed the tips.

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