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    Instagram Algorithm: 8 tips to improve engagement

    Instagram Algorithm: 8 tips to improve engagementInstagram Algorithm: 8 tips to improve engagement

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 15, 2022 | Instagram |

    Do you feel that the reach of your Instagram posts has dropped? This may be due to the changes that the Instagram algorithm Has been suffering. So, we’re going to tell you some strategies to get around this situation and increase your engagement.

    To better filter and target content to users, an algorithm was created to display posts based on each person's interests and interactions.

    Each social network uses specific criteria to make these directions. Over time, the algorithm may be updated based on the functions of each platform.

    For this reason, being aware of changes to your feed and optimizations you should make to posted content is essential.

    In this post, we will present its characteristics and how the Instagram algorithm works, how to use it to optimize your posts and consequently increase your engagement.


    The Instagram algorithm seeks to optimize the user experience within the social network. Therefore, it filters the publications so that they appear according to your interests within the feed.

    This filter is based on three variables: temporality, engagement and relationship.

    Temporality is related to the most up-to-date content that is posted on the network. Since 2022, due to a new Instagram algorithm, the feed is no longer organized in chronological order. But even so, Instagram takes into account the most recent posts posted in the app.

    The engagement of a post is counted through the interactions it receives, such as likes and comments. Instagram delivers your post to 10% of your network of friends. If your post has a lot of comments and likes in the first hour, the social network takes care of delivering it to the remaining 90%.

    The more engagement you have, the more your posts will be delivered by the Instagram algorithm.

    The relationship is calculated according to your interactions with the other profiles of the social network. In this case, the publications that will appear to you the most will be related to the profiles you comment and like the most.


    Considered the second largest social network in the world, with more than 1 billion monthly active users.

    For brands, the platform has become a strong ally in digital marketing strategies on social media. But with the quirks of Instagram's algorithm, it becomes more difficult to deliver content to users.

    The biggest impact perceived by the companies was the reach of the publications that ended up decreasing over time. From this, we perceive some points that can help publications to obtain greater reach on the social network.

    But, in addition to applying the strategies that we are going to show you here, you should also be concerned about the relevance of your content. So, think about who you are going to post to and try to have a good quality in your post.


    1. Include relevant information in your profile

    The first thing you should pay attention to on your Instagram is the profile. That's because, it will be the gateway to your brand. Therefore, making it clear what type of product or service you have will make it easier for you to understand your business.

    Instagram allows you to tag profiles and also include hashtags in your description. So, think about topics related to your industry, because they will also help with SEO when someone searches for your content.

    Around here, we've already given super relevant tips on how to have a powerful Instagram Bio.

    2. Make your profile commercial

    With Instagram algorithm updates, some rumors point out that turning your profile into a commercial can increase your reach.

    But, that's not the only advantage of having a business profile. With it, you can track your account metrics and optimize your publications.

    Through the statistics presented, you can follow the times and days that your followers are most active on social networks and schedule your posts according to this data.

    In addition, you now have access to exclusive features such as ads and Instagram Shopping.

    Learn More: Instagram for Business: learn how to sell every day by turning followers into customers

    3. Quality in publications

    We have already commented on the importance of posting relevant content on the social network. So study your audience, research references and be authentic.

    Don't forget that Instagram is one of the most visually appealing social networks. So invest in attention-grabbing photos and videos and create captions so the user can interact with your post.

    Remember that the Instagram algorithm first delivers your content to 10% of your audience. In this sense, ensuring engagement in the first hour can make your post get more reach.

    4. Posts with specific and relevant hashtags

    We've already talked about the importance of hashtags here on the blog, but it's worth reinforcing how much they can help you within Instagram.

    Hashtags help your profile to be found within the social network. They work like a tag that will tag your content on that particular subject.

    On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. However, with Instagram algorithm updates, it is clear that using too many hashtags can classify your content as “spam”.

    Some research shows that using 5 to 11 hashtags can help your post performance.

    Also, it is very important to select relevant hashtags about the topic you are posting.

    Another point that should be explored is researching trends among users, because it is now possible to follow hashtags, which makes the use of this function even more indispensable.

    We suggest that you also create your own hashtag. This way, you can generate more engagement and visibility for your brand.

    Think of ways to encourage your follower to use your hashtag in posts.

    5. Use the geotag

    The Instagram Geotag has the function of sharing your location in real time through your posts. This makes it much simpler to discover new content and engage with people everywhere.

    Geotag collects your geographic position data through the GPS of your mobile device or an internet-connected computer, allowing you to assign a location to your post or create the location of your business.

    6. Interact with other profiles

    It is important to know that applying all the strategies mentioned above, sitting and waiting for things to happen, may not be the best option.

    If you're looking for new comments and likes on your photos, you also need to engage with other users.

    The best way to connect with other people is to look for profiles that use the same hashtags as you. Thus, you will also be attracting a targeted audience to your profile.

    More than engaging with random profiles, it is also important to maintain a relationship with your own consumers. Therefore, search for your brand's hashtag, search through the geolocation tag for people who have been to your store, like and comment on these users' photos.

    It is believed that the Instagram algorithm has been considering small comments like “love it”, “nice”, “beautiful” as irrelevant. Therefore, they do not count towards the publication engagement calculation.

    To get around this objection, we suggest that you make comments longer than 3 words and create captions that really create a dialogue with your audience.

    Remember to respond to user comments on your posts. This point will also increase your engagement.

    7. Use Instagram Stories, IGTV and Reels

    If you still haven't invested in producing content for Instagram Stories, IGTV and Reels, you're failing to attract your audience's attention.

    Whenever a new feature is released, use and abuse it. The Instagram algorithm usually highlights new features.

    So whether it's a "big" feature like Reels or just a new Stories sticker, be sure to use it.

    Of course, use moderation and only use what makes sense for your persona. If you don't work with delivery, for example, there's no reason to use the “meal orders” sticker.

    8. Advertise

    With the increase in advertising investment within Instagram, brands have realized that campaigns carried out on this network bring great results.

    With Instagram ads, you can work on advanced targeting and lead your audience to a call to action, since in Instagram posts it is not possible to place links.

    Instagram ads have the potential to increase your brand's visibility and awareness. Therefore, investing in them can also bring more followers and reach to your profile.

    Don't know how to do this? Then check out the text where we teach you how to advertise on Instagram in 11 quick steps.

    These are simple ways to boost the reach of your posts. With these strategies, you can bypass the Instagram algorithm and increase your reach and engagement.

    However, always keep an eye on updates and also on your metrics to see if the posts are bringing in feedback. Optimize what's working and eliminate what's not.


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