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    Income tax 2022: how to declare for the first time

    Income tax 2022: how to declare for the first time

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 9, 2022 | News |

    The middle of the year is approaching and you already know: I need declare income tax 2022. If you are going to deliver your statement for the first time in 2022, check out the 10 biggest questions answered so you don't fall into the fine mesh.

    Declaring income tax 2022: 10 biggest doubts

    1. What is Income Tax?

    Income tax is a tax levied annually by the Federal Government. At the end of each year, the citizen of our country needs to inform how much he earned in the previous calendar year through the declaration. That is, in 2022, for example, I need to inform the Federal Revenue Service (RFB) of my 2022 income movement.

    The income tax return is also called the Annual Adjustment Declaration (DAA).

    2. Who needs to file 2022 income tax?

    The 2022 income tax return is a mandatory annual return required by the Internal Revenue Service for every citizen who in the previous calendar year:

    1. Received taxable income above BRL 28.559,70;
    2. Received income that is exempt, untaxed and taxed exclusively at source above BRL 40.000,00;
    3. Received capital ganhos subject to taxation in any month relating to operations on the national and international stock exchanges;
    4. Received capital gain from the sale of real estate, cars and other assets;
    5. Received income from rural activity above BRL 142.798,50.
    6. Includes citizens who are not our country and who became resident in our country in any month in the previous calendar year.

    The tables with the monthly and annual calculations of the IRPF can be consulted directly on the RFB website. In addition, the taxpayer has access to a complete document with frequently asked questions (Question) and other documents on how to declare income tax 2022.

    3. Who is not required to deliver the declaration?

    If you do not meet one of the 6 mandatory rules above, you are exempt from submitting your DAA. This release also includes citizens who have had their monthly income up to BRL 1.903,98 and have no other sources of income.

    4. Am I required to file an IRS Tax Exemption Declaration?

    No more! Until 2008, taxpayers were required to submit the well-known IRPF exemption declaration, called the Annual Exemption Document (DAI).

    This declaration helped to keep exempt taxpayers from falling into the fine mesh. However, this obligation ceased to exist as of 2008 and was replaced by a written declaration signed by the taxpayer himself and available on the RFB website.

    5. From what age and up to what age should I submit the declaration?

    There is no beginning or end rule for the mandatory submission of the declaration. The rule for those who will declare is: if you had taxable income in the previous calendar year, you must inform the RFB.

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    6. What documents and personal information do I need to have when filling out the declaration?

    In general, you will need the following documents:
    1. Taxpayer's full name and CPF;
    2. Date of birth and date of birth of dependents (eg expenses with husbands, wives or children and other family members who depend indirectly on their income);
    4. Taxpayer's Professional Activity;
    5. Copy or receipt number of the last declaration delivered (if not your first declaration).

    7. How to declare income tax 2022?

    There are basically 3 ways:
    1. You can pay a professional accountant and he will do the work of filling out, reviewing and transmitting the information to RB for you;
    2. You do this process for free by downloading the Declaration Generator Program;
    3. You can do it yourself through the Meu Imposto de Renda app.

    8. I want to complete and submit my declaration. Where to start?

    On the website of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, you must download the Program for the previous calendar year of 2022. If you choose to fill in your Individual Income Tax Return by cell phone or tablet, just download it from your Google application store Store or Apple Store, the My Income Tax app.

    Both through the desktop and the app, it is possible for the taxpayer to fill in more information that is saved in real time through the tabs: Identification, Family, Income, Payments, Assets and Debts and Summary. In addition, it is possible to consult the transmission of corrections and tax refunds and whether you are up to date with the delivery of your previous returns.

    My Income Tax App


    9. How to declare late income tax?

    The first thing to do is stay calm and try to regularize your situation. For this, seek the help of a professional accountant, if you have doubts about how to settle accounts with the Lion.

    This regularization can be done after the deadline, however, the RFB Program generates a fine before finalizing the process of transmitting the declaration, which varies between 1% per month or fraction of a month of delay calculated on top of the total amount of tax due. of that year. According to the RFB, the minimum amount of the fine is R$165,74 and the maximum amount is R$20% of the income tax due last year. The fine can be paid within 30 days after the delivery of the delayed IR declaration.

    In addition to the fine, you must declare your IR to not have your CPF irregular, in addition to other sanctions such as not providing public tenders, being denied to apply for loans and other headaches.

    10. When to file 2022 income tax?

    The RFB has not yet released the official timetable for the delivery of income tax returns for 2022. As a rule, this period is usually 2 months. Due to the pandemic, this calendar has been adapted and had a longer period of 4 months in 2022.

    For this, we recommend that all taxpayers who want to make their declaration for the first time in 2022, follow the official channels and social networks of the RFB to find out about the deadlines.

    Until then, you can already gather your information, income reports, capital gains in national and foreign currency, in addition to seeking the guidance of a professional accountant, in case you have doubts about what should and should not enter your declaration.

    These were our 1st tips on how you can prepare to file your 2022 income tax return. Do you have any other tips that you do and usually work well when filing yours that you want to share with us?




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