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    Images for Facebook: 8 powerful creation tools

    Images for Facebook: 8 powerful creation toolsImages for Facebook: 8 powerful creation tools

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 16, 2022 | Facebook | 22

    Create images for facebook It's not a seven-headed bug, at least it doesn't have to be anymore. We want to introduce you to eight tools that will make you impress your followers with your page posts.

    The quality of a photo totally influences the sharing of a post on Facebook. When you see well-made art, the chances are greater that your audience will share that content with others.

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    It's okay that you're not an expert in image editing. All the tools listed here are easy to use and ideal for creating images for Facebook.

    Images for Facebook: Selection of tools

    1. CANVA

    canva it's our favorite! Without a doubt, this tool is one of the best alternatives to create images for Facebook.

    You can create montages, make posters, create infographics and a multitude of arts. Canva is really complete!

    It is necessary to register on the site. This will generate a personal account to access your files whenever necessary.

    There is an option to use Canva without spending any bucks. The site has an image bank with several photos that can be used in montages to create content for Facebook.

    If none of these free files meet your need, you can purchase other photographs. Always keep an eye out for the “Free” symbol that appears on each element that is offered at no extra cost. Click here and discover the canva.


    Adobe Spark was developed by the renowned Adobe, a company that dominates the graphic design market. Photoshop, Premiere and so many other programs that are references for editing images and videos are theirs. So you can trust that the quality is good!

    This online tool is a good option for creating images for Facebook. The site has ready-made and creative templates in order to meet the needs of social media managers.

    If you want to make a montage on a special date, you will definitely find ideas here.

    It's all very easy to use, it's worth taking a few hours to get to know each option offered. You also need to register for free to use Adobe Spark. go to the website here.


    Edit a photo, retouch a portrait or make a montage. If you need to perform any of these tasks, we invite you to get to know the Photocat.

    The tool offers effects, frames, option to add text to images and other options that help you to create images for Facebook. It's free and runs right in your browser.

    When using the site, you will need to install an Adobe plugin, Flash Player. If you don't have this plugin installed in your browser, PhotoCat itself will show the warning.

    The link in this notice is safe and is for downloading Flash. Meet Photocat here.

    4. RELAY

    Do you want to create images for Facebook with a cool look and in a simple way? Take a chance to get to know the relay.

    Having quality images when posting on social media is essential. Think like a user: no one will share an ugly photo!

    It is very important that you dedicate time to these productions. This can help you gain new followers.

    Relay has predefined templates for you to use. Just choose one of them and edit as needed.

    The cool thing about these ready-made Relay templates is that an image can be resized easily. Need a photo for Facebook? Quiet. Want that same image with the ideal resolution to share on Twitter? No problem. With one click, you make this adjustment. Access Relay.

    5. WORD SWAG

    You know those images for Facebook with messages?

    Photos with motivational, inspiring texts that impact users. That's what you create here with the Word Swag.

    This is an application available for Android and iOS for manipulating images with the addition of texts.

    You choose an image from your gallery, define the text font that best suits your company and write the sentence. Word Swag saves this file on your device and you can post it on social media.

    This type of content tends to generate good share rates, when done with the audience, aesthetics and the right moment in mind.

    It is worth investing in beautiful images for Facebook with phrases. Download the Word Swag app here.

    6. Photojet

    Like Word Swag, FotoJet is also a tool where you can create images for Facebook with messages. The difference is that it operates directly in the browser or, if you prefer, it works through a mobile application.

    FotoJet is more basic and already has images that can be used as backgrounds for montages. These image options are simple and work like a quick fix. In addition, the fact that it is in Portuguese (our country) facilitates its use.

    Although simple, it is still possible to create beautiful images for Facebook with phrases. See how to use FotoJet.

    7. PIXLR

    Complete! That's the best word to describe the Pixlr. This site has advanced tools for photo manipulation.

    Pixlr doesn't have pre-defined templates, like Canvas and Relay, for example. Therefore, it is suitable for people who already have a little more experience with image editing.

    To give you an idea, this site has some tools very similar to those found in Photoshop. That is, you have access to advanced features right in the browser and without spending anything. Meet Pixlr here.


    If you think Pixlr has a more advanced grip, it's worth starting with P. This online image editor has simpler functions, but it does the job.

    The most suitable function to create images for Facebook in PicMonkey is Design Maker > Poster. There are a lot of templates for you to edit and customize according to your business.

    Effects, collages, retouching and other adjustments can be done with one click.

    PicMonkey is free to try. You have seven days to take advantage of the tool. After this period, if PicMonkey has won you over, you will need to pay to use the service. Access PicMonkey here.


    Yes, let's not be content with just presenting eight tools. It's the Pablo Buffer it's our first bonus for you who made it to the end of the text!

    This site follows the same lines as Canva, offering access to stock photos and options for writing interesting messages in images.

    It's the perfect kind of resource for creating motivational phrases and even banners. The result is beautiful images for Facebook. It is worth checking.


    Crello is an online tool for creating images. You can use creating images for Facebook and also for Instagram.

    This online service has predefined templates. That is: you choose a template, edit it the way you want and save it on your computer.

    There are free and paid options available on Crello. Click here to access.

    Now you have learned that it is possible to edit photos, improve them and even create images with beautiful phrases to post on Facebook.

    From now on, no boring visual posts on your page, okay?

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