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    How to write an essay: 6 sites to practice

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    How to write an essay: 6 sites to practice

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 18, 2022 | Technology |

    You do not know how to write an essay argumentative essay?

    Have you ever had doubts when creating an efficient newsroom structure? Want to write a thousand grade essay? 

    If you answered positively to one of the questions above, you've come to the right place.

    From now on, we are going to show you different types of websites to train your writing in a simple and efficient way.

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    Why train writing? 

    Anyone who thinks that learning how to write an essay is an easy process is wrong.

    On the contrary, it is essential to do several tests to have more security during the test. 

    Training is essential because writing a text for writing is different from content on the internet, newspaper, among other materials.

    During preparation, you can find out which points are most demanded by the evaluators, which are the skills you need to improve and which are the points you master most effectively. 

    It is essential to make it clear that, in some cases, the writing may influence your elimination or approval of a contest or selection process to enter college. 

    To succeed with the assessment, we recommend skipping the ready-written essay analysis, platforms that allow automatic writing or that contain ready-made argumentative essay writing templates. 

    The best way to train is to develop your own content with the support of great technology and efficient professionals to point out the positive and negative points of your assessment. 

    You need to do constant training to achieve the desired results, train your arguments and the main details of the content. 

    How to do an essay? 

    The purpose of this article is not to explain “what writing is”, how it works, what are the main techniques, among other important issues.

    Our goal is to go further and offer practical solutions that can help you in the selection process.  

    From now on, we are going to list which are the best sites for you to learn how to write an essay more efficiently. 

    When building this list, we took special care to choose alternatives with the following characteristics:

    • Practical platform for students;
    • Reputation in the market;
    • Affordable plans; 
    • Consumer service. 

    By knowing the sites, you will not be afraid to write a text.

    You will find that the process is simpler than it looks.

    Writing may not be a complicated task when we train with the best resources. 

    1. Online Writing 

    Let's start our list talking about Online Writing.

    It is a platform that aims to help the student with a humanized correction. 

    In this alternative, the student has the possibility to prepare for the ENEM, entrance exams or higher and technical education contests. 

    Here's how it works: define the topic you want to write about in the newsroom.

    Then enter the wording. This process can be done directly on the platform or by hand.

    If you choose the second option, you can send a legible photo and forward it to the website team. 

    The next step is the responsibility of the Redação Online team.

    Teachers will correct the material according to the ENEM 2022 model.

    They also use entrance exams or contests as a basis. 

    Finally, the platform forwards a complete assessment to the student.

    In order for students to understand more clearly the points they need to improve, they receive scores, comments and tips on how to maximize results. 

    The writing tool is not free. To access the features, it is necessary to choose one of the available plans. 

    To make your decision in the best way, it is important to know what your production capacity is.

    This is because the values ​​of the plans change according to the amount of texts that are sent for correction.  

    2. Redigir Platform 

    The next alternative on our list was developed through adaptive teaching methodology.

    It's a great site to learn how to write an essay. 

    The student does not only receive the correction with an assessment of “good writing” or “low quality writing”, but several diagnoses that show tips for him to learn how to write a text that earns a great score. 

    Contrary to what most people imagine, the correction is not done by machine.

    Among the team of specialists, there are: teachers of Portuguese Language and Writing, proofreaders and professionals in the area of ​​Letters.

    The student can choose between three types of plans, which are classified as follows: dream vacancy, federal and medicine. 

    All Redigir Platform plans contain copyright content, writing, grammar, and updates, as well as video lessons. 

    The main difference between the available alternatives is in the number of redaction corrections. 

    In my approval, for example, two contents are corrected, while in the medical plan, 8 texts are corrected.

    Therefore, evaluate these two points carefully before hiring your plan. 

    With all the advantages, it will be easier to know how to write an essay. 

    3. Writing Note 1000

    The dynamics of this platform are quite similar to the other alternatives we mentioned above.

    The student submits his text and receives a complete correction.

    The material also contains several guidelines for the student to maximize the results. 

    One of the main advantages of the site is that it is possible to have just one correction for R$14,90.

    On the website of Redação Nota 1000, the student has access to all plans that are offered by the company. 

    4. Correct me 

    On this platform, you will write essays not only for ENEM and contests, but also for Vunesp and FUVEST.

    The correct me brings several benefits to the student.

    See below which are the most important:

    • Clarify your doubts: resource available to ask questions about corrections in the writing;
    • Daily tips: the platform sends daily guidelines for students to maximize their results;
    • Writing courses: content in video class format for the student to learn the main guidelines for writing a text grade 1.000;
    • Goals system: the user can register goals according to their main objectives;
    • Study plans: possibility to create a study plan according to your availability and goals;
    • Points to improve: in a single system, the student can visualize errors and what skills they need to develop. 

    The system contains three plans available to the student: extension, preparation and medicine.

    On the Corrija-me website, you have access to all the alternatives available to students. 

    You will be more prepared to write a good essay. 

    5. Writing Project

    The Writing Project contains a specific and detailed methodology.

    In other words, the lower the score, the more feedback the student receives about their performance.

    Here, both positive and negative points are highlighted.

    The team of teachers specializes in ENEM.

    To guarantee a competitive advantage in the market, the tutors have a demanding quality control. 

    If the student is not satisfied with the correction, it is possible to request a reassessment of the material free of charge. 

    The correction is sent within 48 hours, one of the fastest on the market.

    So if speed is important at this point, this benefit is worth evaluating.

    On the platform, you have access to two plans: ENEM Medicine and Top Contest.

    The greater the amount of essays purchased, the better the discount for your pocket. 

    The site has several writing topics.

    Therefore, it is not necessary to think of ideas to write the content. 

    6. ENEM+ essay

    In our list of sites to learn how to write an essay, we cannot ignore Me Salva.

    It is one of the most popular online courses on the market. 

    The platform also contains plans for those who want to prepare for ENEM or any type of test.

    The values ​​are one of the lowest on our list. 

    To have access to 10 essay corrections, the student must pay 12 times of R$9,90. 

    Here, we have mentioned the best correction writing sites.

    All alternatives are safe and designed exclusively for the student's development. 

    What is the best site to train writing? 

    When choosing a site to learn how to write an essay, the decision process cannot be done in any way.

    In addition to the price of the plan, you must evaluate how the platform works, what are the benefits of each alternative, your student profile, among other issues. 

    Redação Online, for example, contains plans from five corrected essays.

    If you have a habit of producing a lot of material, it can be a great option.

    Otherwise, it is worth resorting to another alternative.  

    Those who have a hectic routine and little time available to dedicate to their studies can train their writing skills at Redação Nota Mil.

    With only R$14,90, you are entitled to a content correction. 

    With the information mentioned above, it is possible to conclude that there is no ideal plan for all students.

    First, it is essential to know your profile to understand how much you are willing to produce. 

    Then, observe how the dynamics of the platform work.

    In this way, you will better understand if the proposal corresponds to your needs. 

    Finally, evaluate the price and make sure it is within your budget.

    Otherwise, you may find it difficult to pay the plans. 

    Now it's easier to learn how to write an essay, isn't it?

    Therefore, carefully analyze each of the alternatives and choose the option that best suits your profile.

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