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    How to watch Instagram live on PC in 4 steps

    Watch Instagram live on PC is not a feature of the existing web version of the social network. But that doesn't mean you can't watch a live video stream on your computer.

    For this, you need to use the IG Story extension, available for Google Chrome. Prefer to watch the shows and chats on TV? We also show you how. Check out!

    How to watch live on Instagram on PC (Chrome)

    The following tip only works on the Google Chrome browser and requires the download of the IG Stories for Instagram plugin.

    1. Open Chrome and go to the IG Stories for Instagram extension page on the Chrome Web Store. tap on Use in Chrome to download the plugin. Confirm your choice at Add extension;

    • When the download is complete, the program icon will appear next to Chrome's address bar.

    2. Go to the Instagram Web page. Log in if you are not connected to your account on the social network;

    3. Now, tap on the IG Stories for Instagram icon, next to the address bar. In the menu that appears, choose Go to IG Stories;

    • If you choose Go to, you can also view the live streams. With the extension installed, they are now displayed at the top of the page, before Stories.

    4. Now, just click on the live you want to watch and enjoy the content.

    How to watch Instagram live on TV

    Anyone who wants to watch Instagram lives on an even bigger screen can do so in two ways. For both, however, it is necessary that the television has an HDMI input. Or that you have an HDMI to AV or RCA adapter.

    mirroring the smartphone

    The most practical solution is to use a dongle, a device that turns normal TVs into smart ones and allows you to mirror your cell phone screen. Among the options available in the market are Chromecast, Fire Stick TV and AnyCast.

    As Instagram is not an application compatible with smart TVs, it is necessary to cast the smartphone screen to the TV. By doing this, everything that happens on your mobile device will be reproduced on the TV.

    To watch the live broadcast without interruptions, the ideal is to leave a device dedicated to this. In addition, it is not possible to activate the screen saver, which must remain active throughout the transmission. So it's good to have a phone charger close by.

    How to connect cell phone to TV in three ways

    mirroring the pc

    To mirror PC to TV, you need an HDMI cable. Just plug the cable into the HDMI output on the computer and then into the HDMI input on the television. Automatically, picture and sound from the notebook are played on the TV.

    The commands must all be done by the computer and, just like the mirrored cell phone, the actions done on the machine will appear on the screen. Therefore, the ideal is to leave the PC exclusively for the live, if you don't want to miss anything.

    Another alternative, for those who have Chromecast, is to cast the Chrome tab on which Instagram Web is on the TV. To do this, click on the three dots icon next to the address bar.

    In the menu that opens, go to To transmit... and, confirm that the option broadcast guide is the one selected. then click on chromecast and the open tab will be displayed on the television.


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