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    How to vote for BBB 21? Learn how to vote on the wall

    How to vote for BBB 21? Learn how to vote on the wall

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 8, 2022 | News |

    ffazThe 21st edition of Big Brother our country has started and is already generating several controversies among the participants. If you follow the program, you know how to vote for BBB 21? Follow this post that we will teach you how to vote BBB 2022.

    BBB 21 started

    The most watched house in our country is now live 24 hours a day and full of stories to tell. Even in the midst of the pandemic, the BBB 21 edition of the house started on January 25 and has 20 participants. Every week, participants dispute who stays and who leaves the dreaded BBB 21 wall.

    Learn More: BBB21: how to watch live online

    What are the BBB 21 tests?

    The wall test includes several other dynamics that were created to make the reality show a ratings success. According to data from G1, the biggest wall in the history of BBB our country and which entered the Guinness Book was between brothers Manu Gavassi and Felipe Prior in 2022, with 1.5 million votes.

    Test of the Angel

    The Angel Test is a test that defines which brother will have immunity (or not) in the week. Usually the angel race includes some kind of dynamic, whether it's a game and the famous endurance races, depending on the race sponsor.

    The great motivation in being the angel of the house bbb is for 2 reasons: winning the prize of the race, which is usually very attractive and of course, giving immunity to a brother and forming their alliances and communities to stay until the end of the program.

    Who doesn't remember the BBB20 hippie community formed by participants Marcela, Thelminha, Gizelly, Rafa, Manu, Daniel, Ivy and Pyong?

    Monster proof

    The winner of the Angel test has the mission to choose 2 brothers to fulfill the Monster Test, which is a kind of punishment, where the brothers have to dress up and fulfill a task several times a day.

    The costumes are so cool and fun that the whole house participates. You may remember several monsters the house once had.

    Big Fone

    Since the eighth edition, Big Fone has been playing in the house and usually catches everyone off guard. The BBB 21's home phone is intended to give an order, followed by a request for secrecy to those who answer it.

    There is no rule on how many times the Big Fone can play per day or per week. Usually, presenter Thiago Leifert reveals when and how many times this will happen throughout the week and why.

    Seawall Test

    The BBB wall is the name chosen for the moment of public voting and elimination of participants, which usually takes place every Tuesday night, except for the final eliminations of the program.

    The formation of the wall takes place every Sunday live on Rede Globo. It can be double or triple, depending on the number of participants still in the house.

    As everyone already knows, the leader of the week has the mission to indicate 1 brother who goes to the hot seat and the votes of the rest of the brothers inside the confessional, define the other candidate to leave the house.

    Once the wall is formed, viewers can vote as many times as they want.

    In this 2022 edition, the brothers have already left the house:

    • Kerline
    • Arcrebiano;
    • Nego Di;
    • Karol Conká;
    • Lumena.

    The brothers remain in the game:

    • Carla Diaz: actress
    • Camilla de Lucas: influencer
    • Fiuk: actor and singer
    • Pocah: singer
    • Viih Tube: actress and youtuber
    • Project: singer
    • Lucas Hairstyle: actor
    • Rodolfo: singer
    • Arthur Piccoli: crossfit instrutor
    • Carlos Farah: farmer
    • João Luiz Pedrosa: geography teacher
    • Juliette Feire: lawyer and makeup artist
    • Gilberto Júnior: PhD student in Economics
    • Thais: dental surgeon
    • Sarah Barbosa: digital marketing consultant.

    False Wall and the Secret Room

    It is the first time that the false wall has happened at BBB 21. But you must be wondering: how does it work? The public votes on who should leave the house and go to the so-called “Secret Room”, where the chosen one has access to the house's cameras.

    The brother who is eliminated from the fake wall by open vote to the public returns home. The voting poll to send someone to the Secret Room is available directly on the GShow website.

    How to vote for BBB 21 to eliminate: Site gshow

    The simplest and fastest way to vote on the BBB 21 wall is to be logged directly on the Gshow page. To do so, simply access Globo's website, click on gshow bbb on the top tab and then click on the voting banner with the participants' photo.

    How to vote for BBB 21? Learn how to vote on the wallHow to vote on BBB 21

    Remembering that the vote is still logged, that is, you need to have a Globo account to participate in the bbb vote. If you click on the candidate you want to eliminate and you are not logged in, you will need to have your account. Here's how you're going to do it:

    How to vote for BBB 21: How to register Globo account

    • Click on “Register” on the banner that will appear. You can also log in using your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

    How to vote for BBB 21? Learn how to vote on the wall

    How to vote on BBB 21

    • If you choose not to use one of these 3 quick login options, you will need to fill out a registration form with your personal information (full name, email, password, gender, date of birth and location).
    • Once you have done this, you will receive an email to confirm and activate your account. And that's it: the next time you log into the GShow website, you can vote as many times as you want, as long as the BBB wall vote is active.

    How to watch yesterday's BBB?

    Another advantage of having your Globo account is that you can log into Globo Play and watch all previous episodes of the reality show, including episodes from the first, second wall, and so on.

    Just download the app, log in, click on “Realities” and then on “View More”. You'll be able to watch all previous episodes in Shows, in addition to seeing the most watched excerpts from the previous day. Cool huh?

    If you want more, you can subscribe to Globo Play and follow live everything that happens in the house, on BBB now, in addition to other series and movies. The plans start at R$ 19,90 monthly.

    Now tell us: what do you think of the BBB 21 edition? Who are you rooting for?



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