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    How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on PC and Mobile in 2022

    You can view Instagram Stories anonymously without having to download anything, whether on Android, iPhone or PC. For this, it is only necessary that the person you want to spy on has a public account on the social network.

    If you have a private profile and you are friends on Instagram, you can also view Stories without being seen. But in this case you will need to download a mobile app or a Chrome extension. Check out how to do it below!

    No need to download anything

    To carry out the step by step below, it is not necessary to have an Instagram account. It is enough that the person's profile on the social network is public (open).

    1. Open the browser of your choice on your computer or smartphone and access the website Anon IG Viewer;

    2. Type or paste the profile name of the user you want to view Stories anonymously in the search box and press the magnifying glass icon;

    3. On the next page, in the Stories tab, you can check the posts made in the last 24 hours. To view full screen or play a video, just click on it.

    Other website options to view Stories anonymously:

    • Stories Down
    • StorySaver
    • Installed
    • Dumps

    If the user has a private profile on Instagram

    In this case, it will be necessary to resort to applications. Anyway, to have access to Stories, you must follow the user and, of course, that he has accepted your request.

    On android

    If you have an Android smartphone, the tip is to download the app NoSeen. Then open the app and login with your Instagram credentials.

    1. The profile pictures of people you follow who posted Stories in the last 24 hours will be displayed. Tap on the profile image of the user who wants to see the posts anonymously;

    • If you prefer, you can type the user's username in the search bar at the top of the screen and tap on the profile picture (not the name) to see the Stories.

    2. If the user has published more than one story, just tap on the right side of the screen to see the next post, just like Instagram. To go back to the previous photo or video, just tap on the left side.

    Discover more apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

    On the iPhone

    No iPhone, o app iStory for Instagram allows you to see Stories from private profiles followed by you, as well as public ones. Just download the app and then log into your Instagram account.

    The login is not done within the app, but on the social network page, through the browser. Thus, developers do not have access to your data. Then follow the steps below.

    1. The list of profiles that published Stories in the last 24 hours will be displayed. Tap on the profile image you want;

    2. Stories are shown in thumbnails. Tap on the one you want to view. To see the next posts, swipe from right to left;

    • To exit full screen, just go to the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the screen;
    • In the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you will have access to the Story download options and link to mentioned profiles, when applicable.

    3. If you want to see the Stories of someone you don't follow, but have a public profile, go to Search, at the bottom of the screen;

    4. Then in the search bar write the profile name and confirm on the key Search of the keyboard;

    5. When it appears, tap on the photo of that user;

    6. You will be directed to the person's page. Tap on the option Story to see that user's Stories that are live.

    You can also check out highlights without being discovered, as well as feed posts without risking that accidental like.

    On PC (via Chrome)

    To view Stories on PC anonymously, you need to download the extension Stories for Instagram, available for Google Chrome. In the Chrome Web Store, click Use in Chrome and confirm in Add Extension.

    Access Instagram Web and, if you are not logged in, connect to your account. Note that, above, a new line with Stories will appear, above the one that appears on the site normally. If, by any chance, you don't see it, please refresh the page.

    To view the posts anonymously, it is necessary to click on the profile pictures of this new section. If you click on the bottom line, whoever posted the photo will see that they accessed Stories normally.


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