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    How to use housekeeping to optimize your workplace

    How to use housekeeping to optimize your workplace

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 19, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Having an organized workplace is essential for productivity and quality of service. THE house keeping can help you with that, as the Japanese program is created entirely for the optimization of your workplace.

    Although the concept may seem simple and easy to implement, it can make a huge difference in your day-to-day effort. Come and learn more about housekeeping.

    What is housekeeping?

    Housekeeping, or loosely translating “taking care of the house”, may be just what you need to optimize your workplace and improve your income and quality of life. 

    This program that you can apply whether working from home or in person, is also known as 5S, due to the basic words and techniques in Japanese that guide the program and start with the letter S.

    This concept of housekeeping was created in Japan and proposes cleanliness, organization, tidiness, standardization and discipline in the workplace. The program started being implemented in residential homes, but over time it was adapted to also be applied in companies and businesses.

    “Taking care of the house” ended up developing the team spirit in the employees, reducing costs, preventing accidents and reducing the waste of labor.

    Since this is a philosophy that can help you a lot in your day-to-day at work, we separate the meaning of each of the 5S and the benefits of using housekeeping. See below:

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    The meaning of the 5S

    Image: Blog Dynargie our country


    Now that you know what housekeeping is, let's explain what each of the 5S means in this program that can help you during the production and work processes:

    1. Seiri (Sense of Use)

    It is important to leave only what is useful in the workspace, in addition to always organizing all available resources and materials so that you can carry out your tasks. Try to organize by use, that is, keep the materials you use the most as close as possible and the ones you use the least may be further away. 

    With this, you will free up space to be comfortable while working and you will rationalize the use of materials, avoiding waste. In the long run, this will leave your company or business in a condition of maximum efficiency. 

    2. Seiton (Sense of Tidiness)

    Leaving the workplace always tidy, without objects thrown or stored in inappropriate places, saves you a lot of time and energy that you would spend trying to find a certain thing. It is essential to have an efficient visual communication system and quick access to all necessary materials.

    Seiton can help you keep your company's documents and stock organized, for example, also reducing the risk of accidents. One of the concepts of the housekeeping philosophy is that lack of time should not be a justification for disorder.

    3. Seiso (Sense of Cleanliness)

    It's no use eliminating useless things and defining an organization system if you don't also intend to maintain the hygiene of materials and the workplace. The resources you have at your disposal must always be clean.

    Cleaning increases your willingness to work, as well as improving the image of your business and company and making products presentable. In addition, a clean environment also contributes to your health and that of your employees, preventing diseases, allergies and infections. That is, in addition to the psychological factor, cleanliness is also essential for the physical factor.

    4. Seiketsu (Sense of Normalization)

    The steps mentioned above cannot be done once in a while. It is necessary to have a normalization and routine to always maintain the cleanliness, organization and usefulness of the workplace and materials. These concepts cannot be something abstract in the environment. So if you plan to implement housekeeping, you need to have routine practices and continuous improvement.

    In the beginning, it may be necessary to force yourself to perform each of the aforementioned practices. But over time this will become natural and the maintenance of your work environment will be treated as routine and done almost imperceptibly. This will generate the optimization of your company and better and better results.

    5. Shitsuke (Senso de Disciplina)

    In housekeeping, shitsuke can be the most subjective and comprehensive concept, as it also depends on the individuality of each of the people involved in the business and company. This program must not be implemented just as a habit or activity, it must be incorporated and assimilated by every employee from the highest to the lowest ranks. 

    Although it may seem simple to implement each of the concepts mentioned above, the changes and success of each one will depend a lot on the attitudes of everyone involved.

    It can be difficult to break some customs to apply the housekeeping program. However, if everyone strives for the program's success, the results can be beneficial and change can mean the best for everyone.

    The benefits of housekeeping

    Implementing housekeeping can cause a revolution within your company. Check out what you can improve with the program:

    Higher quality of service

    The program shows great results when even large companies like McDonalds use housekeeping to optimize their workplace. The company's customer service, food production and delivery were all based on the 5S system.

    So if it works for the market giant, why not give it a try even if your business is small?

    Prevent accidents

    5S and the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA) are practically one, where one helps the other to improve safety in the workplace through housekeeping. Safety comes through organizing and cleaning the environment, two of the most important concepts of 5S.

    As a result, machines are well used and properly maintained, objects are always in their place, avoiding accidents and unpredictable situations, the floor is always clean to avoid slips and injuries, in addition to several other accidents.

    Time optimization

    Housekeeping can serve perfectly for companies in the industrial sector. For example: if the time interval of the assembly lines is not checked rigorously and regularly, this failure can lead to delays in the production and delivery of products.

    If a single machine fails or stops for some reason, the entire process is harmed, as all the other machines in sequence will also stop.

    With a more organized, clean and functional environment, these problems can be avoided and daily goals will have a greater guarantee of being achieved. This also makes sure that all employees perform their duties perfectly and the machines keep working.

    Greater forecast

    Uncertainty is one of the biggest enemies of a company, regardless of its field of activity. However, uncertainty is also a result of the lack of organization, which generates disorder and obstacles to its success.

    The minimum conditions of organization and hygiene are essential to keep everything on schedule and follow the forecast of delivery, production and performance of services.

    Without this, there is no way to calculate what will or will not happen in your company and business.

    Increased productivity

    Several scientific studies prove that the organization and care of the workplace improve and considerably increase the productivity of your employees. This is because the place ends up increasing the employee's esteem and generates a feeling of belonging to that place.

    So, implementing 5S is not just about looking the best for your company's appearance, but also the best for production and the best for your employees. With 5S, you can set up activity and delivery schedules, team management, feedback and much more.

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