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    How to Unsubscribe from Spotify on Android, iPhone and PS4

    Unsubscribing from Spotify is possible on both mobile and computer. Just access the browser of your choice and perform just five steps. If you signed up through iTunes or Playstation, the process is different, but just as simple.

    It is worth noting that, when canceling Spotify Premium, the user remains on the music streaming service, using the Free version. also teaches you how to close your account on the platform once and for all.

    How to cancel Spotify subscription on mobile

    Canceling Spotify Premium subscription through the app is not possible. However, the user can disconnect from the service by cell phone, through the browser of their choice.

    1. Open the browser of your choice and access your account page;

    2. Log into your account;

    3. Scroll the page that opens and tap Change plan ou change plan;

    4. Again, scroll down to Spotify Free and go to the button Cancel Premium ou Cancel Premium;

    5. Then go to Yes, cancel ou I want some to confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

    When accessing the account page again, you will see an indication of when access to the Premium version will end. After that, you will be able to use the free service.

    Can't unsubscribe from Spotify

    If by chance the above procedure did not work, it is possible that the subscription was carried out by a third party. This is the case for those who subscribe through iTunes or PS4. In these cases, the cancellation must be done through the same platform.

    How to unsubscribe from Spotify via iTunes (iPhone)

    1. open the app Settings;

    2. Tap your name;

    3. In the options that appear on the screen, go to About us;

    • If you don't see the Subscriptions option, choose imoney e App Store → ID Apple (usually this is the email address) → View Apple ID → Subscriptions.

    4. tap on the Spotify;

    5. Go in Cancel Subscription (Cancel Subscription).

    How to unsubscribe from Spotify on Playstation

    To select the indicated options, press the key X of the PS4 controller.

    1. On the main screen, go to settings;

    2. Then select the option PlayStationNetwork/ Account Management;

    3. So go to Account information;

    4. Now, choose the item PlayStation Subscriptions;

    5. Select option Spotify;

    6. Highlight option cancel automatic renewal and press the button X on the controller to confirm.

    How to close your Spotify Free account (and leave the service for good)

    As we inform you, when canceling the Spotify Premium subscription, the user remains with an active account on the Free version of the music streaming service. If you want to close your account for good, just follow the steps below. The process can be done via cell phone or PC.

    1. Open the browser of your choice and access the Spotify help page;

    2. Log into your account;

    3. Go in help with account ou Account;

    4. Then choose I want to close my account ou I want to close my account;

    5. On the next screen, confirm your choice in close account ou Close account.

    After closing the account, your username will no longer be usable. Also, all associated data such as playlists, followers and content saved in the Library will be lost.

    University discount users can only re-apply for the benefit after 12 months.


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