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    How to transfer via Pix Inter?

    How to transfer via Pix Inter?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 2, 2022 | Technology |

    In this article you will see a complete step-by-step guide on how to transfer via Pix Inter and all the important points that involve using this new payment tool.

    Since it was launched by the Central Bank in 2022, payments via Pix are being adopted by both banks and companies, which has been streamlining processes and reducing bureaucracy.

    Making a transfer through Pix Inter is a very simple task, free of charge and that will speed up payment processes for both individuals and companies.

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    How does PixInter work?

    Pix Inter works like any other bank, since the resource has a standard determined by the Central Bank and that needs to be followed.

    With it you can send and receive payments from individuals and companies in less than 10 seconds, including weekends and holidays. With that, the wait for the next business day to receive from customers or make transfers to other accounts ended.

    An interesting difference that Pix Inter has in relation to other banks is a turbocharged cashback.

    In 2022, they carried out a promotional action where they increased the cashback percentage for one year for those who registered the Pix key until December 31, 2022 and kept the key active in the bank until October 31, 2022.

    This boosted cashback is valid at Inter Shopping, for investments through PAI (interbank brokerage) and credit card.

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    Pix Inter's fees and limits

    At Banco Inter, you do not pay any fees to use Pix, whether in your personal account, MEI or legal entity. 

    Regarding the limits for transfers, there is no minimum limit, only the maximum limit which is the same amount established in the transactional limit of your account.

    As this amount may vary from account to account, check in the app what the limit is or contact Banco Inter support for more information.

    You can also make as many transfers as you need per day, as there is no limit on the amount of transfers.

    Now that you know how Pix Inter works, I'll show you how to create the key and transfer it through Pix Inter.

    How to register your Pix Inter key

    The Pix key is not mandatory, but creating yours makes it much easier to receive transfers and payments, as anyone who transfers to you will not need to enter your bank details (agency number, account number, check digit) and reduces the chances of error.

    To register your Pix key, access the Banco Inter app and select the Pix option. Then click on Register Key.

    At this point you will need to define the type of key you want to register:

    • CPF/CNPJ key: your document number (CPF/CNPJ) will be your key
    • Mobile key: your mobile number will be the key
    • Email key: your email will be the key
    • Random key: the app itself will generate a key for you

    When selecting the type of key you want, you will have to fill in the information regarding the type, except in the case of the random key, which the app will automatically generate for you.

    Then, just click Continue and follow the directions to finish the process and have your Pix key.

    How to transfer my Pix key from another bank to Banco Inter

    If you have already registered your Pix key at another bank but would like to use it at Banco Inter, you need to carry out the portability of your key, as it is not possible to use the same key in different banks.

    For this procedure, access the Pix option and then the Key portability option. Select the type of key you wish to transfer to Banco Inter and follow the instructions to complete the portability.

    How many Pix keys can I register for the same account?

    Banco Inter allows you to have up to 5 Pix keys for your personal account and up to 20 Pix keys for company accounts (MEI and PJ).

    How to get paid by Pix Inter

    Receiving money transfers through Pix Inter is very simple and you can do it in two ways.

    Sharing your Pix

    In this option, you just share your Pix key with the person or company that will make the transfer for you and wait for the money to fall into your account.

    Generating a QR Code (Static Pix)

    In this option, you will fill in some information (received amount, Receipt identification and description), select your key and then the application will generate a QR Code that you can share with whoever will transfer the money to you.

    To generate this QR Code, access the Pix option on the app's home screen, go to the Receive option and fill in the information. This filling is not mandatory, but it will help you and whoever is making the transfer to identify what you are receiving and paying, respectively.

    After all this introduction about Pix, key registration and how to receive, it's time to see how to make a Pix in the Inter bank app.

    How to transfer via Pix Inter

    Transferring money through Pix Inter is a very simple task and can be done as quickly as the time it takes for the money to land in the recipient's account.

    So let's go step by step to make the transfer by Pix Inter.

    Step 1: Access your account on the Banco Inter app

    Open the Banco Inter app, access your account, locate the Pix option on the main screen and click on it to get started.

    Pix app, menu and options access screens

    Step 2: Informing the transfer recipient's data

    On this screen you will have several options organized into two blocks: the first are action buttons for Pay and Receive and the second are quick access options.

    Click on the Pay option and select the way you want to transfer via Pix Inter.

    You will have 4 options:

    • Pix com QR Code: you will scan a QR Code that contains all the data necessary to carry out the transfer
    • Pix with CPF/CNPJ, cell phone, email or random key: you must enter the recipient's Pix key
    • Pix with bank details: you must inform the bank details (branch, account, check digit) of the recipient
    • Pix copy and paste: you will enter the Pix key manually or copy and paste the information from a QR Code

    After selecting the desired way to make the transfer and filling in the recipient's information, you must inform the amount to be transferred and a description (optional) for the transfer.

    After that, click Continue to proceed.

    Transfer mode, key type and value selection screens

    Next, you will see a screen to check the recipient's data and transfer amount and if everything is right, click Continue to process the transfer.

    It is possible that the app requests validation of the transfer by Pix Inter, and this is done through iSafe, a security feature used by Banco Inter. Validate and wait while the system processes the transfer.

    If successfully completed, you will see the transfer receipt and can share it with the recipient or save it to your smartphone.

    Data confirmation screens and proof of transfer by Pix Inter

    Making a transfer through Pix Inter is very easy and if you registered your Pix key until December 31, 2022, you can still enjoy the benefits of the boosted cashback that the bank offers.

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