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    How to transfer by Pix Itaú?

    How to transfer by Pix Itaú?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 9, 2022 | Technology |

    As technology advances, the population gains more facilities. One feature that recently hit the market was Pix. However, some doubts may arise for users. In this post will be answered some questions about this tool and how to transfer through Pix Itaú?

    Pix makes it possible for transfers and payments to be made between different banks in up to 10 seconds, 24 hours, any day of the year, even on weekends and holidays. Traditional DOC and TED transfers are processed only on working days and at certain times.

    Each financial institution has its own way of working with Pix. In the case of Itaú, all transactions can be carried out online and through the bank's current platforms, such as Itaú on the internet and computer apps and the Itaú mobile application. It is worth mentioning that there were changes in the fare rate in March 2022, as will be explained later.

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    Below, you will see the answers to the main questions about Pix by Itaú, which will help in your experience with this feature.

    Is Pix registration mandatory?

    No need to register to pay or transfer with Pix. But it is necessary to make a Pix Key to issue a QR Code or if you want to facilitate receiving transfers. With the registered key, it is possible to receive transfers by sharing only one data, your Pix Key, without having to send all your account data such as Institution, Agency and Account.

    What is the Pix Itaú transfer limit?

    In March 2022 the Central Bank made changes to Pix transfers. Now, what is determined is that the limit for a transfer on Pix is ​​equal to the ceiling that the institution determines for money transfers via TED. Until February 28 of this year, this mode of operation was limited to 50% of the maximum amount for TED released by banks.

    In the case of Itaú, the DOC transfer goes up to R$4.999,99, from an Itaú account to an account at another bank. There is no minimum transfer limit. From R$ 5 thousand, the amount is transferred as TED.

    There is no minimum amount for TED and the maximum amount varies depending on your daily limit for internet or app transfers. If the amount exceeds this limit, you can make the transfer at your agency.

    What are the fees charged by Pix Itáu?

    Legal entities (PJ) are charged for making Pix transfers. There is no standard, each bank has its own way of working. At Itaú, the fee is 1,45% of the transferred amount. Each transfer will cost between BRL 1,75 (minimum amount) and BRL 9,60 (maximum amount). You can see all the values ​​in the General Tariff Table – Itaú Companies.

    There is a charge for Pix transfers to businesses, but the cost for financial institutions to operate Pix is ​​low. The Central Bank charges R$0,01 for every ten transfers made. However, charging fees in Pix may or may not happen, it all depends on the bank's strategy.

    In some cases individuals may be charged. According to the Central Bank, individuals, individual entrepreneurs and MEIs can receive a fee if it is verified that the operation has a commercial purpose.

    How to register the Pix key in Itaú?

    If you still don't have a Pix key registration, follow a step-by-step guide on how to get your key in a very simple way through the app.

    Step 1. Open the Itaú app and access your account.

    Step 2. On the home screen, choose the “Pix” option

    Source: Itaú

    Step 3. Then tap on the option “Register Key”

    Source: Itaú

    Step 4. Choose the option you want to use as a key. It can be the CPF, mobile number, email or a random key, which is a numerical sequence automatically generated by the system.

    Source: Itaú

    Step 5. Now, select the channel where all Pix notifications will be sent to you. After selecting click continue.

    Step 6. And then enter your card passcode and tap continue.

    Step 7. Tap register key. Ready! Your Pix key has been successfully registered.

    How to transfer by Pix Itaú?

    With the Pix key, you make transfers and payments with just one data from the recipient, such as: cell phone number, CPF, CNPJ, e-mail or random key. Check out how to transfer.

    Step 1. Open the Itaú app and log in to your account.

    Step 2. On the home screen, choose the “Pix” option

    Step 3. tap transfer

    Step 4. Now tap Pix key

    Step 5. Choose the Pix key type and fill in the data

    Step 6. Confirm the recipient

    Step 7. Select where the value will come from

    Step 8. Fill in the amount to be transferred

    Step 9. Read carefully and confirm the data. After that, tap on confirm transfer

    Step 10. Enter the password and confirm the transfer

    Step 11. Ready! Your transfer will be made. See how easy it is to make Pix with the app.

    It's good to keep an eye on the news surrounding Pix, this feature is constantly changing.

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