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    How to take criminal records online?

    How to take criminal records online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 24, 2022 | News |

    The criminal record certificate is an official document that informs you about the existence or not of records in the Federal Police systems, and knowing how to take a criminal record can be very useful for you.

    Having this document in hand can be useful, for example, in the selection process for a job vacancy or even when the professional activity to be carried out needs a criminal record justification.

    The difference between a criminal record certificate and a criminal record certificate

    There are two basic differences between criminal background check documents: the database where the records are checked and the validity.

    The criminal record certificate is issued by the Civil Police of each country in our country and is valid for 30 to 60 days, depending on the issuing state. Based on criminal information, it will also include police inquiries and legal proceedings in progress or that have been filed or have been extinguished from punishment.

    The criminal background certificate is issued by the Federal Police and is valid for 90 days. It is issued on the basis of criminal information and provided for civil purposes.

    How to take a criminal record

    Criminal background certificate

    The process is simple and free, being done through the Federal Police system.

    Step 1

    Have the following documents handy:

    • full name

    • full name of father and mother

    • nationality

    • naturalness

    • identity card and issuing agency

    • passport number and serial number (if any)

    • birth date

    • Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF)

    Step 2

    Access the link

    Step 3

    Fill in the form with all the requested information. Make sure that the document numbers are correctly informed. Do not abbreviate names or any other information.

    Step 4

    Check that the data is correct and click Search. The system will analyze the data and identify the records in the Federal Police system, releasing the criminal record certificate for download immediately afterwards.

    Important information

    According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, some people may not be able to issue a criminal record certificate online. The reason is that there may be discrepancies in information related to the CPF or even people with the same name.

    If this happens to you when taking a criminal record online, don't worry, because the system will generate a protocol number that you can take to a decentralized unit of the Federal Police, along with all the original documents that prove your identity and that you want to be included on the certificate.

    They will process your request and within 15 days your certificate will be ready.

    Criminal record certificate

    Just like the criminal background certificate, you can get the certificate online. However, some states charge a fee for issuing this certificate and not all of them offer the possibility to issue it over the internet, being necessary to go to the competent body in your city.

    For the issue you will basically need the same data used to issue the criminal background certificate and access the link of the state where you reside in the list below.

    Then just follow the guidelines on the certificate issuance page.

    Links to take criminal records

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    Mato Grosso
    Mato Grosso do Sul
    Minas Gerais;jsessionid=6C0056754AEDC88C36CDD961D9DF4C16?evento=cookie
    Rio de Janeiro
    Rio Grande do Norte
    Rio Grande do Sul
    Roraimahttp://www.idneto nosso paí
    Santa Catarina
    our city

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