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    How to set up a Wi-Fi Signal Repeater by PC, Cellular or WPS

    The signal repeater is a device that helps to increase the range of the Wi-Fi network, when the router can't handle it. Generally, it is possible to configure the device by cell phone, PC or even through the WPS button on the equipment.

    Next, we show the step by step to configure repeaters from TP-Link, Multilaser and Intelbras. The process is practically the same on all devices, regardless of the manufacturer's brand.

    By browser

    Although it is more easily done by computer, the process below can also be done by cell phone. Just open the internet browser on your smartphone and follow the steps.

    1. The first step is to connect the repeater to an outlet, preferably close to the computer or cell phone. Then, wait for the LED light to come on and stay steady;

    2. With the repeater turned on, connect your PC or smartphone to the repeater's network, just as you connect to any Wi-Fi network. Typically, this network is easy to identify by bearing the manufacturer's name or having the word repeater or extender included.

    Reproduction / Intelbras

    In the case of the brands below, it is possible that they are these names (or some variant):

    • TP-Link: TP-Link_Extender
    • intelbras: product name, such as IWE 3000N
    • multilaser: WiFi-Repeater

    If you prefer, connect the repeater to the computer using the cable that comes with the device. In this case, it is necessary to disconnect from any Wi-Fi network;

    3. Now, open the browser of your choice and access the repeater configuration page. The address varies from one manufacturer to another and must be specified on the device's box or guide.

    • TP-Link: or;
    • intelbras: http://meurepetidor.local, or;

    • multilaser:, or

    4. The navigation wizard page opens, enter login data if prompted. This information is usually available on the box or device tab. In the brands below, the following usernames and passwords are used by default:

    • TP-Link: username: admin/ password: admin;
    • intelbras: site does not ask for login data;
    • multilaser: username: admin/ password: admin.

    5. As of now, the process may differ slightly from one manufacturer to another. Some of them offer quick setup options which are quite simple to use.

    • TP-Link: Select the Wi-Fi network you want to repeat from the displayed list and enter the network password. confirm in Next ou Advance;
    Playback / TP-Link
    • intelbras: Select the Wi-Fi network you want to repeat from the displayed list and enter the network password. confirm in Save and then go to Finalize;
    • multilaser: Check the option Dynamic IP, enter the Wi-Fi password and go to OK. Now, in the side menu, click on universal repeater. Then select the Wi-Fi network you want to repeat, re-enter the password and confirm in OK.

    6. After informing which Wi-Fi network will be repeated, it is likely that you will only have to make preference adjustments and confirm the data.

    • TP-Link: If you want, you can change the name of the network, to differentiate it from the router's Wi-Fi. Then confirm in Next ou Advance. On the data confirmation page, check if everything is ok and go to Save ou Save;
    Playback / TP-Link
    • intelbras: The setup process ends in step 5 (above) after clicking Finish;
    • multilaser: In the message that appears on the screen, click OK.

    7. Then your repeater must be restarted. When you notice that the LED light is green and not flashing, you must reconnect to the repeater.

    Don't forget that it will now have another name, which will be the one you set or, if it was set automatically, it will possibly have the same name as the repeated Wi-Fi network.

    Via the mobile app

    Some brands of repeaters provide applications that allow you to configure the devices in a simple and intuitive way. This is the case with TP-Link, the only one of the three brands above that offers this option.

    If you have a TP-Link repeater, you must download the app Tether, available for free for Android and iOS. Then just follow the steps below:

    1. Connect the repeater to the outlet and wait until the green LED light is on (not flashing);

    2. Connect to the repeater's Wi-Fi, which will likely be TP-Link_Extender;

    Playback / TP-Link

    3. Now open the app Tether and then tap on the icon +, at the top of the screen on the right. In the menu that opens, go to range Extender ou Repeater;

    Playback / TP-Link

    4. Then create a password to access the app and repeat the same password below. confirm in Create ou Create;

    5. The app will search and list nearby Wi-Fi networks. Tap on the one you want to repeat and enter the Wi-Fi password (not the one for the app);

    6. By default, the network name of the repeater will be the same as your Wi-Fi network. If you want, change the name;

    7. On the next screen, check if the information is correct and complete the process in Finish.

    Wait for your repeater to restart and connect to the repeater's Wi-Fi network. Don't forget that it will now have another name, which will be the same as your Wi-Fi network or the one given by you in the settings.

    By WPS button

    Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Signal Easily

    Some repeater models offer the option to configure via the WPS button. The advantage of this method is the ease of not having to use a computer or a cell phone. However, your router must also have this feature.

    Just press the button WPS of the repeater, which is normally located in the center of the device. Then press the button WPS from your router. The main LED light should stop flashing and become steady.

    If the light turns red, orange, or does not stop flashing, repeat the process, as this indicates that something went wrong.

    Tips for installing the repeater

    Playback / TP-Link

    A Wi-Fi repeater is a good option for those who need the internet signal to reach all corners of the environment with quality. The item can be considered indispensable for those who want speed to watch videos online without interruptions.

    It's also a good choice for making video calls without crashes or downloading files frequently. The device should be taken into account as an option for a dedicated smart TV receiver.

    The place where you place the repeater, however, can make all the difference in the power or quality of the delivered signal. A few installation tips can help you get the most out of your device.

    • If you are going to place the repeater on a different floor than the router, try to locate it in the same direction, whether on the floor above or below. Thus, there will be less interference from walls, after all, there is already the floor to make it difficult for the signal to reach.
    • Avoid objects that can reflect or absorb the signal between the repeater and the place where the internet will be used the most. This means avoiding mirrors, large pieces of metal, walls, cabinets or columns and pillars that are too wide.
    • Devices that emit radio frequency signals can also disrupt the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, avoid placing the repeater near microwave ovens, baby monitors, refrigerators and, amazingly, cordless phones.
    • To avoid overlaps, avoid using the same name for both the original Wi-Fi network and the extended network.


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