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    How to schedule Stories?

    How to schedule Stories?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Apr 26, 2022 | Instagram | two

    The most awaited feature for those who use and work with social networks is finally here! In addition to scheduling posts in Feed and IGTV, we now also have a way to schedule Instagram Stories via Facebook. And best of all, it's free!

    What used to be exclusive to external and paid tools, is now available to users for free: Instagram Stories scheduling through a Facebook platform, the Business Center.

    Are you Social Media, content creator or manage your business's social network? Want to make your life a lot easier? So you need to follow our text and learn how to schedule free Stories by cell phone and computer.

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    What is Facebook Business Suite?

    If you manage a Facebook Page on a recurring basis, you may already be familiar with this platform. However, she changed her name. Formerly known as Pages Manager, it is now called Facebook Business Suite. With it you can manage your business's Facebook and Instagram in just one place, on your cell phone and on your computer.

    With Facebook Business Suite you can:

    • Manage, verify, publish and schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram;
    • View notifications, alerts and messages from your Pages and Business Profiles;
    • Find out how you're doing through Facebook and Instagram Insights.

    Is there a way to schedule Stories?

    Now there is! There are several tools that already do this, the vast majority are paid. We will talk about some of them later in this article. But finally the option to program natively on Facebook and Instagram is available. And we'll show you how to schedule Stories next.

    On Facebook Business Center it is possible to schedule Stories to be posted between 20 minutes and up to 75 days after the time they were created. Be they in photo or video. But still with some limited editing options before posting. As it is a long-awaited feature, especially with those who work on social networks, it will already help a lot in your content agenda.

    But first, remember that to be able to program Stories for free on Instagram, your Facebook Page must be connected to your account. If you haven't done this and don't know how it works, go to the text How to link an Instagram business account with Facebook.

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    How to schedule Stories on mobile?

    Learn below how to schedule Stories on Instagram and Facebook by following the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Download the app from Facebook Business Suite in the links below, according to your mobile operating system:

    • Facebook Business Suite Android
    • Facebook Business Suite iOS (iPhone)

    Step 2. Open the app and log into your account. If you have the Facebook application installed on your phone, it will automatically recognize your login and ask for confirmation. In that case, click Continue;

    Step 3. You will see a message explaining about the app. If you don't want to take a tour of what's new, tap Not now;

    Step 4. You will automatically be taken to your Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile options. If you have more Pages, just tap the icon in the upper left corner to open all of them if you are an Administrator or have some content editing function;

    Step 5. Click the option create story and allow the application access to the gallery of images and videos. To do this, tap Allow camera access;

    Step 6. The folder with your files will open. If you want to take a picture or make a video right away, just click on the photo camera icon in the upper right corner and allow the app access to the camera and microphone;

    Step 7. Choose from the gallery the photo or video you want to publish, or even create a story on the spot;

    Step 8. You will be able to add the main Instagram Stories stickers, gifs, emojis and also text. To do this, click on the icons in the upper right corner of the screen;

    Step 9. After making your edit, tap Advance;

    Step 10. You can choose if you want to publish only on Facebook Page Stories, only in your Instagram account or in both;

    Step 11. Em programming option define if you want publish now ou schedule for later;

    Step 12. To schedule Stories for free, select schedule for later. Select the date and time you want it to be posted;

    Step 13. After setting the day and time, touch Back, at the top right corner;

    Step 14. Check and if everything is ok, click Schedule.

    Your Stories will be posted to the defined account on the scheduled day and times. Oh! And if it's a video of up to 1 minute, the application will split it into 15-second files and you can edit each one. Within the available features, of course.

    How to schedule Stories from PC?

    Another option, and often even more practical, especially for those who work with multiple accounts, is knowing how to schedule Stories from the PC. It is also available, but still with slightly more limited features.

    To program Stories on the computer, you can only do one ready-made media at a time. That is, it is not possible to create on the spot, post videos longer than 15 seconds and the editing options are basic.

    To learn how to schedule Stories from your PC, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Access the link direto do Facebook Business Suite;

    Step 2. Please click Login and log in to your personal Facebook account that administers the Instagram Business Page and Profile;

    Step 3. On the Facebook Business Suite home page, you can access and change Pages from the top menu, in the center of the screen;

    Step 4. When selecting the Page you want to publish, click create story;

    Step 5. In the menu share story on, choose whether to post the file to Facebook Stories only, Instagram only, or both;

    Step 6. Please click load media to access the folders on your computer and upload the photo or video. Remember that if the file is in video, it needs to be 15 seconds or less, otherwise you will have to cut it;

    Step 7. A preview of your post will be uploaded for you to see how it will be published on Facebook and Instagram Stories;

    Step 8. Em creation tools, in the menu on the left, you will be able to edit your post. If it's a video, you can just Cut the size and Cut out to decrease time. If it is a photo, in addition to Cut, you can add Text and also some figurines;

    Step 9. At the end of the media edits, to schedule Stories, click on the arrow next to post story and then in Programar story;

    Step 10. Select the date and time you want to post and click Save;

    Step 11. To finish, click on Programar story.

    Ready! Your Stories will be scheduled and posted on the day and time you choose.

    How to schedule Stories: where to check the scheduled ones?

    As we said earlier, Facebook Business Suite has a number of features to help you manage Instagram and Facebook. Now that you've learned how to schedule Stories, let's show you where and how to check the ones you've scheduled.

    How to check scheduled Stories on mobile:

    Step 1. Access the Business Suite app and on the bottom menu of the screen tap Publications and Stories;

    Step 2. At the top, click Stories. Just below, click on the arrow and select the option Scheduled;

    Step 3. To edit, reschedule or even delete Stories click on the 3 dots.

    How to check scheduled Stories on PC:

    Step 1. Access the site do Facebook Business Suite and in the menu on the left, click Publications and stories;

    Step 2. Choose the option Stories menu and then click Scheduled;

    Step 3. Click on the scheduled story you want to access editing or deleting options.

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    How to schedule Stories: other options

    As we mentioned earlier, the resources to schedule Stories for free are still limited. That's why we separate some other options. These are platforms that provide this and other services to help manage, create and post content on social networks. They are paid but have a trial period for you to try.

    Learn about some tools to schedule Stories:

    1. MLabs

    With this tool, you can schedule Stories on Instagram with all the features that the original app offers: Polls, Questions, Hashtags, Mentions and even add a link to the Story. And even more: schedule posts on various social media. Take the free trial and learn more resources on the MLabs website.

    2. Environment

    Bume is one of the best-known platforms that offers solutions for managing and optimizing internet sales. Among the tools available for Instagram and Facebook, you can schedule Stories, schedule posts, respond to direct messages. Visit the Bume website for more information and a free trial.

    3. SocialGram

    It is one of the most complete tool to manage Instagram. It has reports, message and profile automation options. In addition, with it you can schedule Stories and also your posts. Discover all the features and test it for free by accessing the SocialGram website.

    Do you want to know more tools and boost your social network? Discover our 35 favorite apps for Instagram.

    At the time of publishing this text, there is still no way to schedule Stories on Instagram through Creator Studio. But it will definitely be available soon. After all, Facebook is constantly updating its platforms.

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