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    How to schedule service on SINE: 3 service channels

    How to schedule service on SINE: 3 service channels

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 15, 2022 | News | 3

    SINE, the former National Employment System, now called Work our country, continues with several job openings. Find out in this post how to schedule appointment on sine.

    We have already talked here on the blog about how to register for SINE. If you are not registered yet, check out our complete post with 2 ways to do this: one through the website and the other through the SINE Fácil application.

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    With the worsening of the pandemic, our country saw the number of unemployment in the country soar. According to the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (Pnad), carried out in partnership with the Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 14,1% of our countrymen were unemployed in the last quarter of 2022.

    Faced with this, many people went in search of new replacements in the job market or had several doubts about unemployment insurance. With this, SINE made the scheduling of non-face-to-face service more flexible to handle so much demand.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE: Website

    1. Access the Work our country website, log in and click on the job you are interested in by clicking on “Apply for Free”. If you have not registered on the site, we suggest that you follow the step-by-step instructions in the post on how to register for SINE and get a job;

    2. After finding the vacancy of interest, the system will ask you to confirm your registration email;

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE

    3. After confirming your registration email, you will receive an email confirming your interest in that vacancy. Once this is done, just wait for the employer to contact you with the instructions to schedule the interview at the physical SINE branch.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE

    You can apply for up to 3 job openings. From the 4th wave, the system automatically locks and prevents your registration. Therefore, it is super important that you make a pre-selection of the 3 best job openings for your profile, as it is not possible to apply for all of them at once.

    How to schedule service on SINE: Application

    Through the application, in addition to consulting and applying for jobs, you can access the employment contracts of the vacancies of interest, without having to wait in lines or travel to the nearest unit.

    Another facility is being able to consult all the information about the job vacancy such as value + salary benefits, workplace and type of contract and requirements.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE: Contact Us

    In addition to service through the website and application, workers can schedule direct service at Fale Conosco 158.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE: Unemployment Insurance

    In order to help the largest number of people who lost their jobs in the last year, SINE also offers face-to-face assistance to answer questions about unemployment insurance.

    After scheduling the service at the nearest unit by calling 158, the worker must appear on the date and time scheduled to be guided by the SINE council on their rights and necessary procedures to file the benefit request.

    Practically every state has SINE services, including people with disabilities. Just call 158. Landline calls are free. Cell phone calls have the cost of a local call.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE: Tips on how to do well in the interview

    It's time for the interview. And now? Let's list some golden tips for you to do well in the interview and quickly get back to the job market.

    1. Have a good resume
    Do you know what it takes to have a good resume? We have a complete post on how to put together a resume and avoid mistakes when introducing yourself;

    2. Arrive on time for the interview
    The mantra already said: the first impression is the one that stays. It's super bad to be late for the first contact with your future employer. So don't skip the schedule, otherwise you'll start at the disadvantage.

    3. Research the company on the internet
    Researching the company on the internet can be an excellent source of information for your interview. Inform yourself about the company's mission and values, as well as knowing what the company's purpose is and if it has anything to do with you.

    4. Be polite and cordial
    Maintain polite and cordial communication, in addition to clearing all doubts about your professional resume and personal profile. Always tell the truth. It doesn't do well to invent things to impress your interviewers.

    5. Make yourself available for immediate start
    Showing willingness to get started right away can be an advantage over your competitors. Therefore, offer this possibility, especially if the vacancy is a temporary job.

    How to schedule an appointment at SINE: Conclusion

    Now that you know how to register and schedule an appointment at SINE, can you tell us? Have you already got a job with the help of SINE? If yes, tell us how it went.

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