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    How to remove WhatsApp online?

    How to remove WhatsApp online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 30, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Many people do not like to keep notices like “typing”, “last seen” and even “online” in the WhatsApp messaging app. For privacy reasons, many prefer to remove these functions from their application. However, not all of them can be removed just by changing its settings. So how to remove WhatsApp online, in addition to other notifications? See further in this post.

    Functions such as “last seen” can be removed in the app itself. However, it is necessary to resort to other ways to remove “online” and “typing” from WhatsApp. With that in mind, we have separated some ways for you to know how to take WhatsApp online along with other functions:

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    How to remove online and typing from WhatsApp

    Although it is not yet possible to hide the “typing” in the smartphone versions of WhatsApp, it can be done in WhatsApp Web with the new features. In addition, you can also access functions such as blurring conversations and contact names, as well as hiding the app's usage status. This is only available for the web version so far as you need an extension available for Google Chrome to make this happen. 

    You will need to download the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension from the Google Chrome Web App Store. With that, you need to install the extension and choose which functions you want to adapt for WhatsApp Web. However, it is worth noting that the tool is not an official extension of the app itself, it is something made by third parties.

    The tool also allows you to download public status media, pin unlimited conversations and highlight online contacts. The privacy functions that will be available with the extension are:

    • Hide the 'typing…';
    • Hide the 'online';
    • Blur contact names;
    • Erase recent messages;
    • Blur photos of contacts;
    • Erase messages from conversations;
    • View status without who posted knowing;
    • Listening to audios without the sender knowing;
    • Enable screen lock (password).
    • Restore deleted messages;

    See the step-by-step guide to install this extension and make use of its functions. It is worth noting that the privacy functions will only be available while you are using WhatsApp Web:

    Step 1. Install o plugin after loja de Web Apps do Google Chrome. 

    Step 2. Click on “Use in Chrome”. After that, wait for the extension to download.

    Step 3. Confirm the installation on your Google Chrome.

    Step 4. Access WhatsApp Web on your computer.

    Step 5. Log in by scanning the QR Code with your cell phone.

    Step 6. In the upper right corner of your Google Chrome, click on the extensions icon and tap on WA Web Plus for WhatsApp to be able to customize your WhatsApp. 

    Step 7. You will have the options to customize the privacy and customization of your app. Tick ​​the features you want active in “privacy”, among them “Hide 'by typing…'” and “Hide 'Online' (Invisible Mode)”.

    Image: Oficina da Net

    Step 8. Close the plugin extension popup so the changes you made will be saved. 

    With this, your contacts will not be able to know more when you are online or typing. But remember, this option only works on WhatsApp Web, the Android and iOS versions are not yet available. 

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    How to get last visa on WhatsApp

    Although Whatsapp does not allow you to remove the “online” through the normal settings of the app, the “last seen” can be hidden quite easily, just by configuring the privacy of your app. Here's how to do this:

    How to get last visa on Android devices

    Step 1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your WhatsApp.

    Step 2. After that, go to “Settings”.

    Step 3. Then click on “Account” and then on the “Privacy” option.

    Step 4. Select “Last seen”.

    Step 5. You will be able to choose which of your contacts can see your last view, the options are: All, My Contacts or None. Select the “None” option.

    How to get last visa on iPhone

    Step 1. Click on “Settings” and then on “Account”.

    Step 2. Go to “Privacy” and tap on “Last Seen”. 

    Step 3. Just like on Android, select the “None” option. 

    And that's it, no one else will be able to see the time you were last online, whether on Android or iOS.

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    How to remove WhatsApp online?

    You can use some tricks to do this and become invisible. One of them is to read the message only through the notification bar of your cell phone. However, this way you will only be able to see snippets of the message, and if you have more than one conversation with different people, you will not be able to see them all.

    turning off the internet

    A mode may be more practical, but it will also make you more limited within the application. You can access WhatsApp with the internet turned off, as the app will not be able to show you as being “online” if you do not have access to the network. To do this, just turn on the “airplane mode” of your smartphone. In this way, your access to Wi-Fi networks and the mobile network will be turned off.

    With this, you will be able to view messages, type and reply to certain contacts you want without being online and without others knowing that you are typing. However, the message will only be sent when you reactivate the internet and turn off “airplane mode”. And in order not to appear online, you will have to log out of WhatsApp before doing so. 

    Apps to take WhatsApp online

    There are other ways to remove the “typing…” and know how to remove WhatsApp online, which is to use other applications to have these functions not available in the original. However, they may be at risk for interfering and harming the external privacy of your WhatsApp data. Also, they are only available for Android devices and not iOS.

    Check out some apps that you can use if you want:


    This app displays small notification windows, called “Bubbles”, which allow you to read and reply to WhatsApp messages and other messaging apps without appearing online. In fact, you don't even need to open them to be able to type and see what was sent. 

    In addition to getting rid of the famous “online” and “typing…”, it is completely free and can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Play Store, the app store operated by Google. 


    This is an app that works similarly to Flychat. However, instead of popping up bubbles that let you reply without logging into the app, it lets you reply directly in the messaging app. But as its name suggests, people won't know you're online or typing. It also allows you to assemble and keep a history of all your messages.

    Like the aforementioned app, Unseen is completely free and can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android devices. As stated earlier, this app is not available for iOS devices.

    Did you like these tips? Is there any other way to remove WhatsApp online? Share with us in the comments

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