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    How to record a call on iPhone?

    How to record a call on iPhone?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 8, 2022 | Technology | 0

    The task of looking for ways to document your conversations and phone calls has been increasingly common among people.

    But you know how to record a call on iphone?

    If you don't know, you don't have to worry, because we'll teach you step by step how to do it.

    With the advancement of technology, many smartphones gain more and more features, some even allowing the user to record their calls, whether by video or audio.

    However, Apple cell phones do not usually have this alternative.

    So to know how to record a call on iPhone, you need to resort to other options that allow you to record.

    If you're looking for ways to do this, in this post we've separated some apps that can help you record a call on your iPhone.

    Just choose the best option and start recording your calls.

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    How to record a call on iPhone?

    Several smartphones on the market have the option to record phone calls.

    But as we have already said, there is no way to record your calls on an iPhone, as this is not one of its primary functions.

    It is worth mentioning that, in some countries, Apple offers to its smartphones this possibility of how to record a call on the iPhone, whether in a voice or video call.

    But for that, the other person you're talking to needs to give permission for the conversation to be recorded.

    This alternative is not available in many regions as it is heavily dependent on country regulations.

    If it's available in your country, just go to your iPhone's settings menu and activate the function by default.

    If this option is not available where you live, below we list some apps that may allow it and help you to know how to record a call on iPhone.

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    Apps to record phone calls on iPhone

    All the apps that we have listed below on how to record a phone call on iPhone are available on Apple's digital app store, the App Store.

    Google Voice

    As its name suggests, Google Voice is an application developed by Google.

    With it, it is possible for the user to keep track of all their phone calls and message exchanges.

    The app can be used on both iPhones and iPad.

    In this program, you use a phone number to exchange text messages, phone calls and voice mails as many times as you want.

    With the same number, it is possible to make calls both nationally and internationally through mobile devices.

    In addition to knowing how to record a call on iPhone through the app, you can also use the audio transcription function in your voice messages.

    Afterwards, you will have the possibility to read it in the application itself or send it to an email.

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    2. TapACall: Call Recorder

    TapACall is one of the most used applications for those who want to know how to record a call on their iPhone.

    In addition to this option, the app also has a tracking function so you don't lose your device anymore.

    TapACall also performs the transcription of your voice and call messages.

    This app goes beyond the competition and stands out for having a calendar of unscheduled and scheduled calls where you can track when each call happened.

    Usage is also quite simple.

    You don't need to mess with virtually any settings.

    Just download and start using it and it will work automatically.

    3. Call Recorder Lite

    Call Recorder Lite is a great choice of how to record a call on iPhone as it is available in more than 14 different languages.

    With the synchronization of all content and functions, the app allows you to record calls with just one touch on the screen.

    Whenever you finish a recording, you can send them via social networks or save them in Dropbox.

    Despite its benefits, the app has its limitations.

    With the free version, you will only be able to listen to 60 seconds of the recordings made.

    If you need more functions and time, perhaps the best option is to hire the app's paid plan.

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    4. Call Recorder App: RecMyCalls

    A simple option on how to record a call on iPhone is with the Call Recorder App.

    It has a simple interface and layout, as well as outstanding performance.

    Call recording works for both outgoing and incoming calls.

    What's more, you can share these calls with other apps.

    With free trial access, recordings are unlimited for a given call time.

    After the trial ends, you can purchase the premium plan to enjoy the functions of the Call Recorder App.

    In addition to having all the features, the premium account can be discounted directly from iTunes or can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

    5. DU Recorder Premium

    In addition to knowing how to record a call on your iPhone, with this application you'll also be able to record videos and share them on other platforms that are linked to your account, such as Facebook or YouTube, for example.

    In addition to the image, the audio and microphone are also captured, whether you use tablets or smartphones.

    It is also possible to broadcast directly to your followers, without the need for auxiliary applications.

    The best part is that the program has no ads, no watermarks and is completely free.

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    6. Record It!

    Last but not least when it comes to how to record a call on iPhone, we have Record It!

    It allows you to record calls, but also edit videos, record your cell phone screen, capture sound and image and distribute game tutorials for RPG game lovers.

    After editing as you see fit, the application still allows the user to share content on social networks without having to leave the platform.

    In editing, it is also possible to add filters, edit the layout and speed, in addition to several other functions.

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