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    How to put WhatsApp link on Instagram in 3 steps

    How to put WhatsApp link on Instagram in 3 steps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | WhatsApp | two

    Has a customer ever forgotten to respond to you after you sent your number in writing and asked them to get in touch? It is quite common for this to happen. So today we are going to teach how to put whatsapp link on instagram.

    In the midst of so many options to promote your business, any mistake could cost you a sale. Even more so when it comes to something related to customer service.


    This is a tip straight from our heart: avoid sending only the WhatsApp number and asking your customer to contact you as much as possible. Be it in Instagram posts, DMs, in Facebook groups, in comments, anywhere.

    Always leave the direct link to your WhatsApp. That way, the customer is much more likely to contact you. Regardless of whether the person is on the computer or cell phone, by clicking on the WhatsApp link, your customer will open a direct conversation with your company.

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    If you just send the number, the customer will need to open the phone, access the contacts, enter the number in order to open WhatsApp, search through the contacts and only then open a conversation with you.

    Did you realize all the way he's going to have to go and the time it takes? Imagine if he's on the computer then. If the purchase is not of extreme necessity, it is very likely that he will give up going all this way.

    By placing the WhatsApp link on your business's Instagram in a maximum of two clicks (or taps, if it's on mobile), your customer will be in direct contact with you.


    The easiest way to create a WhatsApp link to put on Instagram is through our WhatsApp Contact Link Generator, WhatsLink.

    With it, in addition to creating a direct link to your WhatsApp number, it is possible to add a message that the customer can use to contact you.

    We will show you how to create a WhatsApp link for Instagram using WhatsLink:

    Step 1. Access the WhatsApp Contact Link Generator page by clicking here;

    Step 2. In the first field, enter the WhatsApp number along with the country code (if the phone is from our country, the code will be 55) and the DDD;

    Step 3. Write a message, which will be sent by default when the person is directed to the WhatsApp app to talk to your company (we talk about this below);

    Step 4. click in generate link and then in Copy link from WhatsApp to put on Instagram.

    With WhatsLink, you can generate several links with different messages and thus know “where” the customer is coming from.

    For example, a company that sells two courses, but uses the same number to answer questions about enrollment. It uses two messages:

    That way, you'll know where the person is coming from, which site, group, social network, etc., facilitating service. Another example:

    Depending on the message, the link generated by WhatsLink will be quite large. A great option will be to shorten it. To learn how to shorten WhatsApp link to add on Instagram, visit this blog post.


    Surely, you must have seen and heard someone on Instagram write in the caption or speak in Stories to access the link to Bio. This happens because until a while ago a link only became “clickable” if added in the Bio of the Instagram profile.

    You can even put a link in the caption of an Instagram post, but you won't be able to click through and be directed to it. And unless your link is short and easy to remember, hardly anyone will leave the platform to type in their browser, especially since people access Instagram from their cell phones.

    Therefore, putting the WhatsApp link in Instagram Bio is the easiest way, as it is available for all accounts.

    Learn in this tutorial below how to put WhatsApp link on Instagram from your cell phone:

    Step 1. Copy the WhatsApp link you created;

    Step 2. Go to your Instagram business profile and tap Edit profile;

    Step 3. Paste the WhatsApp link in the option Site. To finish, tap Conclude in the top corner of the screen.

    Instagram only allows you to add a link in Bio. If, in addition to the WhatsApp link, your company has a website, blog or other profiles on social networks, we have this blog post that explains step-by-step how to place multiple links in your Instagram Bio.


    Placing the WhatsApp link in Instagram Stories is the easiest way for your audience to get in touch with your business.

    However, unfortunately not all accounts are able to put a link in Stories, the famous “swipe up”.

    Regardless of whether your account is personal, business or creator, only those that are verified or have more than 10 followers can add a link to Stories.

    If you meet any of these two requirements, follow the steps below to learn how to put the WhatsApp link on Instagram Stories:

    Step 1. Access your profile and create a Story;

    Step 2. Tap the chain icon at the top of the screen;

    Step 3. In Swipe up link, type or paste the WhatsApp link in the option Link da Web;

    Step 4. Tap the top button Conclude.

    By doing this, your WhatsApp link will be added to Instagram Stories and your followers will see the message. View more at the bottom of the screen. By dragging this message up, they will automatically be directed to a conversation on your business “zap”.


    There are two other ways to put the WhatsApp link on Instagram:


    Another part of Instagram where you can put the link is in direct messages, also known as: direct messages, DMs or Instagram inbox.

    By making a Stories, you can direct those interested in your product or service to send a direct message to receive your direct WhatsApp link.

    The same occurs in the caption of a Feed post, where you can ask anyone interested to comment and send the link in direct.

    If you want to learn how to increase your revenue using Instagram direct messages, access this free class.


    Anyone can spread their WhatsApp link on Instagram using ads.

    Whether it's in Feed or an ad in Stories, even if you're not verified or have more than 10k followers, sponsoring an Instagram post is a great way to share your contact. Check out how to advertise on Instagram Stories.

    Now that you've learned how and why to put the WhatsApp link on Instagram, let us know in the comments if any customer has left you in a vacuum after you ask them to send a message on WhatsApp.

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