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    How to put photos in Instagram highlight?

    How to put photos in Instagram highlight?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 18, 2022 | Instagram |

    Want to make your Stories last longer than 24 hours on your profile? Learn how to put photos in instagram highlight. In this way, people can follow your posts anytime and anywhere.

    Launched in 2022, Instagram highlights were created to save and make available on your profile the main images posted in your Stories. But unfortunately they are still little explored by users. Especially when the profile is used to promote products or services.

    For this reason, we will show you in this post how to highlight photos on Instagram, how to add a cover and we will even give you tips on what to highlight on your business profile.

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    How to put photos in Instagram highlight?

    There are two ways to put photos in Instagram highlight: creating a new one or adding to an existing one. We'll teach you both below:

    1. How to put photos in a new spotlight

    Step 1. Enter your profile, where the Instagram Bio is;

    Step 2. tap the highlight New, with sign of + (more);

    Step 3. From the Stories already posted, choose which ones will be part of this highlight. To do this, just click on them;

    Step 4. After selection, tap Advance no top edge;

    Step 5. Give your highlight a title, it can be up to 15 characters long. You can also add a cover photo, choosing between the added Stories or a file from your gallery;

    Step 6. To finish, tap Conclude (on Android phones) or Add to Cart (on iOS phones).

    That's it, your new highlight will be visible on your profile, right above your Feed posts. Each time you add a new image, the highlights will be reordered, meaning whoever has the most recent Story will appear first.

    You can add other Stories to them whenever you want.

    2. How to put photos in an existing highlight

    Step 1. Access your Stories active (posted less than 24 hours ago) or on Archived Items (by clicking on the 3 dashes in the upper right corner of your profile);

    Step 2. tap on option Featured, no menu inferior do Story;

    Step 3. Click on the existing highlight you want to add the photo or video to. If you have multiple highlights, swipe left and you'll see all of them;

    Step 4. A temporary notification will appear informing you that the Story has been added.

    Each highlight can have up to 100 15-second Stories, whether they are photos or videos. If you want, you can also add an image to more than one Instagram highlight.

    How to put old photos in Instagram highlight?

    Stories are available for 24 hours, so you can add them to a highlight during that time. If it's no longer available, don't worry. You can add it anyway. Check step by step:

    Step 1. In the upper right corner of your profile, where your posts appear, tap the menu sandwich (3 parallel strokes);

    Step 2. Choose the option Archived Items;

    Step 3. Em Stories Archive, tap the photo or video to open it on your screen;

    Step 4. At the bottom menu, tap Featured. Choose which folder it will be added to or create one by clicking New.

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    How to put cover on Instagram highlight?

    If you want to make your profile more standardized, you can add a custom cover to your Instagram highlights folders.

    Canva is a great tool for you to do this. In the post 5 reasons to use Instagram Stories highlights, we have already taught you how to create covers and also options for where to download them ready-made.

    Now that you've learned how to put photos in Instagram highlight, we're going to show you how to edit and put a cover. For that, follow the tutorial below:

    Step 1. After creating or downloading a cover, save it to your phone's gallery. Enter your profile, tap and hold the highlight you want to edit;

    Step 2. In the options that will appear, click on edit highlight;

    Step 3. Touch Edit Layer;

    Step 4. Swipe right, to the end of all files saved in that highlight;

    Step 5. The images icon will appear. Click on it to access the files available in your gallery;

    Step 6. Select the cover image you want and tap Conclude no top edge;

    Step 7. On the next screen, you have the possibility to adjust the image to the highlight circle. Then click on Conclude;

    Step 8. When returning to the screen edit highlight, to finish tap again on Conclude.

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    How to delete photos in Instagram highlight?

    Do you want to delete a photo from a highlight? Or even delete all of it from your profile? This can be done easily. We show you how to do this in the tutorials below:

    1. How to delete photos from a highlight

    Step 1. Access the desired highlight;

    Step 2. All photos and videos saved in it will be displayed, in chronological order of post;

    Step 3. When locating the Stories you want to delete, tap on the option More (three dots), in the lower right corner;

    Step 4. Please click remove from highlights;

    Step 5. Confirm the deletion by clicking Remove in the notification that will appear on the screen.

    The video or photo will be removed from that highlight. It will still be available under “Archived Items” and only you can access this folder in your profile.

    2. How to delete Instagram highlight

    Step 1. Choose the highlight you want to delete, tap it and hold until the options appear;

    Step 2. Please click delete highlight;

    Step 3. Confirm the deletion, tap Delete on the screen notification.

    The highlight will be deleted from your profile, but Stories will still be available in Archived Items. If you deleted it by mistake, you can create another one.

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    How to put photos in the spotlight on Instagram: 4 tips for those who have a business

    As the name implies, highlights serve to highlight from Stories those that are relevant to your Instagram profile. So users, both old and new, will be able to access them at any time. Since a Story only lasts 24 hours.

    It is very important to analyze what needs to be highlighted on your profile, even more so if you use Instagram to promote your business. That's why we've separated some tips on how to put photos on Instagram that are advantageous for your business.

    1. Feature a service and product catalog

    Instagram highlighting can be used to create a catalog of your products or services. You can, for example, separate products by category, by best sellers or even in collections, depending on what you sell.

    It is also a great option to show your business in more detail.

    2. Highlight important information

    Whether for those who just discovered your profile or who were already a follower, a great way to use Instagram highlight is to save important information about your business.

    They can be tutorials on how to buy or use a product, answers to your customers' most frequent questions, communicate payment methods and other explanations about how your service works.

    3. Highlight customer reviews

    Did you get a positive review, or did a customer post about your business and tagged your Instagram profile? Post to Stories and save to your highlights!

    People often seek third-party reviews to see if a product or service is trustworthy. Having a standout with reviews can help your sales.

    4. Highlight behind the scenes

    People love to know how a product is created and made. Also how a service works, who works in your business, monitor the day to day and functioning of your business.

    Show behind the scenes in Stories and then create highlights with them. This humanizes your business and still attracts customers.

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    You already know how to highlight photos on Instagram, add a cover and tips for using this feature, but are you out of inspiration in creating your content?

    We've separated 15 ideas of what to post on Instagram Stories, for you to practically copy and paste.

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