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    How to put a link in Stories to promote your sales

    How to put a link in Stories to promote your sales

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 4, 2022 | Instagram | 6

    Instagram Stories is an option to create photos and videos with a 24-hour expiration date. It's a very interesting way for your brand to stand out. In this post, we will teach you how to put link in stories.

    How to put a link in Stories

    By including an external access URL, you can generate traffic to your website, sales page or blog. People watch your story and, swiping up on the screen, go to the website you want.

    Here, you can use a lot of creativity, including putting the WhatsApp link in Instagram Stories. Thus, you facilitate contact with your audience and you can leave your contact saved in the highlights. Cool huh?

    However, not all profiles can put a link in Stories

    Accounts with more than 10 followers or verified accounts are eligible to use the feature.

    The seal of authenticity appears as a blue “seal” next to the profile picture. It demonstrates that Instagram analyzed that profile and concluded that it is the official profile of that person.

    Usually, verified accounts are profiles of celebrities, public figures or a big brand.

    If you have a profile that meets one of the three requirements, make sure your account has the verification seal by opening your profile in your app. If not, don't worry.

    You can request the seal of authenticity within the application, through account verification. Of course, for this, your account needs to meet some requirements and the request must be accompanied by proof.

    Adding an external link so people can access a website is a feature that many people have always wanted to have on social media. Especially those who work with Digital Marketing.

    However, in the caption of images published in your profile feed this is not allowed. With this, the possibility of including links in Stories becomes even more relevant.

    So, to help you start using this feature in your brand strategy, we will teach you step-by-step how to link to Stories.

    How to put a link in Stories: step-by-step

    Step 1. Make your story normally, use creativity by creating attractive content;

    Step 2. Touch the chain icon at the top of the screen;

    Step 3. Type or paste the Website URL that you want to redirect your target audience;

    Step 4. Tap the button to save.

    External link added.

    Proceed with the edits to your story as usual and then just publish. That simple!

    In Stickers, you can find icons to encourage your readers to swipe up and access your site.

    Do you already have the links feature available in your Instagram Stories? If so, it's time to start taking advantage of it to promote your brand.

    But if you still don't have access to the feature, don't worry, we'll give you some tips.

    How to Share Links on Instagram

    Step 1. Update your biography. If it was not possible to put a link in Stories, one option is to put the link in bio.

    To do this, copy and paste the link you want in your bio. Make a short presentation below the link talking about your site.

    Step 2. Create an ad. Ads can be made for both Stories and Feed.

    Through a business account, it is possible to create ads with redirect links, regardless of the number of followers.

    Step 3. Send a direct. Through Inbox, you can reply to your customers and also send links.

    In addition, you can organize specific sales actions by message, directing the customer to the link where he can complete the purchase. We have a free class teaching you how to do this.

    Don't have a website? No problem. You can direct your customers to your WhatsApp or to your product catalog on WhatsApp Business.

    Measuring the Results

    By placing a link on Instagram Stories, you can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

    But know that you need to measure these results. It's no use putting a link just to put it. It is necessary to understand if this strategy used is working (or not).

    The Facebook photo social network, in its commercial version, has a feature called Instagram Insights. In it, you can analyze engagement, reach data and impressions of your Stories and posts.

    Anyone who has a business account can use this tool with several access numbers related to the account. These data are worth checking.

    Ready! Now you've learned how to bring your Instagram customer to your website.

    The second step is to keep the site up to date, with clear information and well-made photos. You can't go through all this trouble and lose the customer when closing the purchase, right?

    Tell us in the comments if you already apply any of the tips we gave in this post.

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