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    How to post long videos of up to 60 minutes on IGTV from Instagram

    How to post long videos of up to 60 minutes on IGTV from Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 28, 2022 | Instagram | 5

    In this text, we will teach you how to post long videos on IGTV in 2 different ways: through the web version of the social network and through the Creator Studio.

    Launched in 2022, IGTV arrived with the proposal to open Instagram to long videos and compete with more consolidated social networks such as YouTube.

    Its main difference was in the format. At first, the tool only accepted vertical videos. The goal was to grab its market share by betting on smartphone users.

    The expected impact did not happen. However, the platform remains active and is gradually being improved so that it finally catches the eye of the public.

    Currently, it is now possible to post content in horizontal format on IGTV and previews of videos in the Instagram feed.

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    The possibility of saving the lives made on the social network directly on IGTV has also arrived and, in addition, the most awaited novelty: the release of the posting of videos of up to 60 minutes for everyone in the tool.

    However, even two years after the feature was launched, some people still have difficulty publishing on the platform and many do not even know how to post content longer than 10 minutes.

    That's what we're going to teach you today.

    How to post long videos on IGTV

    The first thing you need to know is that IGTV accepts videos that are between 1 and 60 minutes.

    When launched, only accounts of major creators had the option to post content up to 1 hour, the others had a limit of 10 minutes. Today, that limit no longer exists.

    Content can be in two formats:

    • Vertical: with 9:16 aspect ratio;
    • Horizontal: with 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Another important point is that once posted, there is no way to edit the cover of your video. That is, if you intend to add a custom thumbnail to your footage, you should do so as soon as you post.

    Also remember to proofread it very well, especially if you have any text. Well, if she has any problems, you'll need to repost the video if you want to fix the error.

    With that in mind, here are 2 ways to post long videos on IGTV:

    Via the web version of Instagram

    Step 1. Go to your Instagram profile at and click on IGTV;

    Step 2. Click Load;

    Step 3. Upload the video you want to publish;

    Step 4. Now, set the video cover and add a title and caption for it. Take the opportunity to decide whether or not you want a preview of the video to be available in your feed.

    This is highly recommended as it makes more people receive your content;

    Step 5. Define where your video will be published and then just click Publish.

    If your profile is already linked to a Facebook page, you can also upload content there. If you haven't already, take the opportunity to check out this post where we teach you how to make this connection;

    By Creator Studio

    Step 1. Go to Creator Studio for Instagram and click create publication;

    Step 2. Select the IGTV option;

    Step 3. Upload the video you want to publish and enter title and caption. Also, already set the sharing and preview options;

    Step 4. Now, click the Cover Image tab to choose your video thumbnail.

    You can use an automatically generated image, a video clip or upload a custom cover;

    Remember that once published, there is no way to change the cover of the video.

    Step 5. Finally, click Publish.

    These two ways are great for posting long videos on IGTV as they eliminate the need for you to have heavier recordings saved on your phone.

    In addition, they are alternatives for those who have problems publishing videos longer than 10 minutes.

    Some people even report error messages on mobile when trying to post long videos on IGTV. So these two desktop alternatives come as an option to solve this problem.

    Did you already know these methods? Tell us here in the comments.

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