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    How to play Pokemon Unite? Check out our tips

    How to play Pokemon Unite? Check out our tips

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 28, 2022 | News |

    The Pokémon franchise has been an absolute success for over two decades. In addition, there are several derivations, whether anime with more than 1000 episodes, various types of cards, professional tournaments, games for different generations of consoles, items for indoors, which makes it impossible to list everything. And as if that wasn't enough, the Pokémon Company brought something new for fans of pocket monster games. In this way, the focus of this content will be on the game Pokémon Unite.

    So, in this post you will be able to know how to play the game, the system requirements that your device needs to have, some tips, the values ​​of the items that can be spent inside the game, the playable characters, the rules of the matches, and some more information to keep you up to date with everything that happens in Pokémon Unite.

    But before getting into the subjects mentioned above, first it is important to know more about the game that is already successful.

    About the game

    The mobile version of Pokemon Unite arrived for Android and IOS devices at the end of September 2022 and, as expected by fans, it was a great success right away. It is worth remembering that the game was initially released in July this year for the Nintendo Switch.

    Because of this, the Pokémon gamer community was very much looking forward to the game being released for mobile. Even because the download is free and in addition, the genre of this game is officially unpublished within the Pokémon franchise, as it is a MOBA.

    Just remembering that despite being a free-to-play game, there are microtransactions within the game, but this will be covered in more detail in another topic.

    Pokémon Unite is an online game that involves 5v5 fights, with teams of five players, which are called trainers. In this way, each trainer has to choose a Pokémon to be their character during the game. The group that scores the most points wins the match.

    Anyone familiar with League of Legends or DOTA 2 already has a good idea of ​​how Pokémon Unite works. But it is important to note that unlike these games mentioned, the clashes in Unite are short, lasting a maximum of 10 minutes.

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    Before talking more about the game in question, you need to know if your mobile device can run the app. So, see the minimum requirements that your mobile device needs to have for the game to work.

    Pokémon Unite minimum requirements on mobile

    Pokémon Unite runs on Android and/or IOS phones that meet the following minimum requirements:


    • System Version: Android 4.4 or above
    • Processing memory: 2 GB of RAM
    • CPU: 1.5 GHz quad-core (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • GPU: Mali-T860

    Tip: If you don't know your device's settings, you can download the CPU-Z app to check this information.


    • System version: iOS 10 or higher
    • Processing memory: 1 GB of RAM
    • CPU: 1.4 GHz dual-core (Apple A8)
    • GPU: PowerVR GX6450

    Tip: just like on Android, to check this information just download the CPU DasherX – CPU Z app

    If your device runs the game, it's time to talk specifically about the tasks within the game. So, so that you get along and have fun from the beginning of the adventure, stay tuned to the points of the next topic.

    The beginning of Pokemon Unite

    In this part of the post you will see how the initial part of the game works. It's more for you to get acquainted with the app, even because it may seem like there's a lot of information on the screen, but everything is very simple and intuitive.

    Step 1: right after the download of the game is completed, once you open the game you will be able to create an account, but if you have already started the campaign on Nintendo Switch it is possible to transfer your data from the console to the mobile.

    Step 2: if this is your first playthrough, you will need to choose a name for your trainer and customize your character.

    Step 3: After completing the creation of your NPC, a quick tutorial will start in order to explain the gameplay and dynamics of the game, in this case, you use Pikachu.

    Step 4: after seeing the commands, it's time to test what you've learned in a battle against the game's artificial intelligence (AI) using the dear Charizard

    Step 5: After completing the game, you will earn your first reward for completing the tutorial, which is a Pokémon of your choice. Among the alternatives are: Eldegoss, Snorlax, Pikachu, Charizard and Talonflame. Remembering that each of them have a different style of gameplay. Don't worry, this post will explain each of the Pokémon classes.

    Step 6: Ready! You are now a beginner Pokemon trainer. Remembering that matches are more fun playing with friends

    You need to know that the choice of Pokémon is very important, as it directly affects your gameplay. In this way, you may end up choosing a class and not adapt to it. For this not to happen, get to know each of the categories of pocket pets.

    Classes do Pokémon Unite

    Although choosing a class is one of the most important points in Unite, presenting the premise and understanding it is very easy. In the game, players choose a Pokémon, each of which has a function within the matches, as is traditional in MOBAs.

    For those who are used to MOBA, you know that the main classes are Tanks, Assassins, Support and Mages. In United the functions are similar, but the style name is different. Here the denomination is as follows: Attacker, Defender, Speedster, All-rounder and Support. Find out below the details of each of them and the Pokémon that fall into the categories.


    Attackers are Pokemon that do a lot of damage but have low resistance. Characters that fall into this category are:

    • gardevoir
    • Pikachu
    • greninja
    • Venusaur
    • Alola dolls
    • Cramorant
    • cinderace


    As the name suggests, this category has Pokémon with specialties in defense, with a lot of resistance. So, the characters of this class are as follows:

    • Blastoise
    • Snorlax
    • Crustle
    • Slowbro


    The Speedster class is pretty cool because it has Pokémon with great mobility, light attacks, and high offensive ability. This category is efficient when the team scores during matches. There are currently four little monsters available in this category:

    • Zeraora
    • talonflame
    • Absolutely
    • gengar


    This category is kind of a do-it-all. Here the Pokémon have two characteristics that stand out the most: offensive strength and resistance. With that, they are ideal for balancing the damage they need to inflict and having a good defense. Here you can also choose between four options:

    • Charizard
    • Lucario
    • machamp
    • Garchomp

    Support & Admin

    Ultimately, the purpose of Support Pokemon is to help teammates while trying to weaken opponents. Players have four alternatives in this category:

    • Blissey
    • Eldegoss
    • Mime
    • wigglytuff

    For people who played Pokémon on Gameboy and were used to the mechanics of games on this console, it's better to leave this idea aside, because in Unite the way to win new monsters is completely different. That said, get your Pokeball and learn how to conquer new pets.

    How to conquer new Pokemons?

    It is important to warn that the more Pokemons you have in Unite, the better it will be for your game. Therefore, if you are looking to increase the amount of pocket pets in the game, you will need to use Aeos coins (game money) to buy the Pokémon. In addition, it is also possible to have Aeos gems paying with real money, that is, the famous microtransactions.

    So, see below how much each of the Pokémon that are available so far costs.

    • Snorlax — 6 mil moedas Aeos / 345 gemas Aeos
    • Venasaur — 8 thousand Aeos coins / 460 Aeos gems
    • Charizard — 6 Aeos Coins / 345 Aeos Gems
    • Pikachu — 6 thousand Aeos coins / 345 Aeos gems
    • Alolan Ninetales — 8, mil moedas Aeos / 460 gems Aeos
    • Wigglytuff — 8, mil moedas Aeos / 460 gems Aeos
    • Cramorant — 8 Aeos Coins / 460 Aeos Gems
    • Crustle — 8 thousand Aeos coins / 460 Aeos gems
    • Eldegoss — 6 Aeos Coins / 345 Aeos Gems
    • Machamp — 8 Aeos Coins / 460 Aeos Gems
    • Cinderace — 8 thousand Aeos coins / 460 Aeos gems
    • Slowbro — 6 Aeos Coins / 345 Aeos Gems
    • Gengar — 10 Aeos Coins / 575 Aeos Gems
    • Mime — 8 mil moedas Aeos / 460 gemas Aeos
    • Absol — 10 Aeos Coins / 575 Aeos Gems
    • Garchomp — 10 mil moedas Aeos / 575 gemas Aeos
    • Greninja — 10 Aeos Coins / 575 Aeos Gems
    • Talonflame — 6 Aeos Coins / 345 Aeos Gems
    • Lucario — 10 Aeos Coins / 575 Aeos Gems
    • Blastoise — 8 thousand Aeos coins / 460 Aeos gems
    • Blissey — 8 thousand Aeos coins / 460 Aeos gems
    • Gardevoir — 8 Aeos Coins / 460 Aeos Gems
    • Zeraora — earned by quest / earned by quest

    You've just tracked the price of Pokémon in-game, but how much do Aeos gems cost anyway? See the answer to that question right away.

    How much do Aeos gems cost?

    Is the game free? Yes, it is, but somehow the game developer company needs to make money. Those who are gamers are already used to the famous microtransactions, and at United it is no different from what is already on the market. That way, in addition to buying Pokémon, players can purchase skins for their characters.

    Remembering that the game has already been released with the value of the packages using the currency of our country (Real), which is good since it is not necessary to pay in dollars or other foreign currency. In addition, the game has a bonus for the first purchase, which means that the player earns twice as many Aeon Gems. For example, the person first purchased the package with 245 Aeon, so he will receive 490 Aeon Gems in total.

    So, check the values ​​of the two Aeon Gems pack plans

    regular packages

    • 60 Gemas Aeon: R $ 4,90
    • 245 Gemas Aeon: R $ 22,90
    • 490 Gemas Aeon: R $ 44,90
    • 220 Gemas Aeon: R $ 109,90

    In Bonus Packages, the first purchase bonus scheme works differently, each of the packages receive a different additional value, not double. That said, see how much Aeon Gems cost and how much extra you'll get.

    bonus packages

    • 2450 Aeon Gems: BRL 224,90 (290 bonus Aeon Gems)
    • 3050 Aeon Gems: BRL 279,90 (450 bonus Aeon Gems)
    • 6000 Aeon Gems: BRL 549,90 (1.100 bonus Aeon Gems)

    Since the subject is about microtransactions, let's finish this topic soon in the next topic

    What are the types of Skins within Pokémon Unite?

    With the skins players can customize their character (trainer) and Pokémon. The costumes are very diverse and have a large catalog. The variation goes from buoys, glasses, hats, pirate eye patches, and many others.

    For those who like customizations, these skins are good for creating unique characters, leaving them the way you like the most.

    Remembering that these skins are just customizations, they will not affect your gameplay at all, that is, there are no advantages in the duels.

    Now that this matter of spending money in-game is over, let's get back to Unite's gameplay.

    Photo: reproduction/Pokémon Company

    How does Pokemon Unite's gameplay work?

    As I said before, Pokémon Unite is a MOBA game, but it is a little different from other games of this genre. Therefore, to better understand how the game works, it is important to explain the gameplay.

    Each game starts when Pokémon are added to an arena, and instead of players having to destroy towers to reach the goal, as is traditionally done in MOBAs, in Unite the objective is different. Here the Pokémon are randomly distributed on the map to be captured by the player, who is the Pokémon's trainer in the arena, and by capturing the little monsters, he will earn points to eliminate zones on the map that belong to the enemy team.

    Therefore, the premise is that with each eliminated zone, competitors can advance on the enemy group's map to gain more points. It is also worth noting that some Pokémon, for example Drednaw and Zapdos, are located in specific and random areas on the map and give players buffs during the confrontation.

    The difference that was mentioned at the beginning of this topic is that, unlike the conventional MOBA genre, in which the opponent's base eliminated is what makes the player reach victory for the team, in Pokémon Unite, whoever reaches the most points guarantees the triumph in the match.

    In cases where your Pokémon is defeated during the fight, you will lose a portion of the points you gained by capturing the animals on the map.

    With several Pokémon distributed throughout the map, the person can choose to use the following paths: Top Route, Middle Route or Bottom Route. However, at least for now, the Middle Lane has become the game's Jungle, a popular term in MOBAs in which the hunter role moves around the map to help teammates.

    Video: reproduction/Pokémon Company

    And as for communication, players, as in other MOBAs, can use pings to signal their actions in the game. In addition, there is the possibility to use the internal voice chat to interact with the comrades of your team.

    How are the powers?

    The classic powers, so well known by card-carrying fans of the Pokémon franchise games, had to adapt to the MOBA style. For example, the Fire Blast attack, which is used by some fire-style monsters, creates a circle of flame that burns opponents for a few seconds.

    Another case is Solar Beam, a plant-type Pokémon attack, turned into a kind of long-range solar beam, which is very reminiscent of the Final Spark, a special ability of the character Lux, from League Of Legends.

    In this way, each of the Pokémon has two different powers, which as they evolve and level up, they can change or gain upgrades that add extra items to the abilities. As such, players have a good catalog of powers to use with each Pokémon.

    What are the game modes?

    As of the closing of this post, Pokémon Unite has three different PvP modes (player vs player), which are:

    • Standard: is the casual modality in which gamers duel in the 5 x 5 arena
    • Quick: pits players in 4v4 duels with unique rules, on rotating maps that may change from time to time
    • Ranked: which is only allowed for players who reach level 6 (Master). People rank up through 5-minute 5v10 duels.

    In this way, the ranks are organized as follows: Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra and Master. In each match, players will be able to gain or lose points according to their individual performance and also whether or not they win the match.

    With everything that has been shown so far, the expectation is that you already have a sense of how Pokémon Unite works. And if you haven't started your journey yet or you're already playing, but you're having difficulties, check out the tips to get along well in your game.

    Dicas to send bem no Pokémon Unite

    Even the most committed gamers can have some kind of complication with certain games. To solve this, some tips can be essential to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. With that in mind, check out the best tips for doing well in Pokémon Unite. Remembering, the guidelines are for both beginners and experts in this MOBA.

    Trust the route your partner has chosen

    Paying attention to the movement of teammates is one of the most important points during battle. When choosing which Pokémon to play, it is possible, in addition to changing the powers and style of items that you will use on your little monster, in the settings, choosing one of the routes in the game to go with your Pokémon. In this way, the game signals which way is best.

    This is why, initially, a move by your teammate appears to be strange. So stay tuned to choose your route on the map, and trust the location your teammate has chosen.

    In addition, it is important to note that some Pokémon have certain difficulties in certain routes and others are able to have “advantages” in the scenario. For example, Cinderace manages to do well both on the Top path and in the Middle Area. But the same may not happen with other little monsters.

    If you have a Pokémon from the Defender category, don't even think about going through the Middle path since this class doesn't have enough firepower to go through this route, even more so because in this path players aim to earn points and climb level quickly.

    So, even if your buddy is playing Defender Slowbro and you're playing Speedster Talonflame, help him, don't leave your buddy in a mess. So, trust the choice of team partner in times when the situation gets complicated. Don't forget that it's always worth having the friend who plays Defender concentrate damage from enemies while you finish off opponents.

    Complete objectives as a team

    Avoid going to goals alone. Also stay tuned with Rotom, Drednaw and Zapdos which are the main Pokemon on the map. They have unique abilities like activating Drednaw's shield for example. That way, you need to pay attention to these NPCs because they do a lot of damage, which can be very difficult to face them open-hearted alone. So, if you cross the path with one of them, wait for a good opportunity and face these little monsters with your group.

    So, if you run into a Rotom or Drednaw, but if you're with a teammate, you can strategize by waiting for the best time to attack those Pokémon. Also watch out for other players as they can surprise you, trying to steal the advantage at the last moment, like a real ambush.

    Great, but what to do if the Legendary Zapdos appears? The first step is to remain calm and not despair. Get organized with your teammates to fight for the conquest of this amazing little monster and take advantage of the map.

    You can still be "rascals", wait for your opponents to attack first and then enter the battle, which can surprise the enemy team.

    Prioritize the team

    You know that saying: "the real ones I know who they are", so with Pokémon Unite it's a great test to see who has the team spirit. That's because although the main objective of the matches is to score points in enemy zones, only whoever scores the most points is the winner of the match, the game is still a MOBA and the focus of teamwork needs to be the priority.

    It's quite true that most MOBA players like to play on the front line, attacking everything and everyone, but seeing that a teammate has already chosen an Attacker, can you also catch another little monster of that class? He can. It's a good idea? Not. Your team may end up running out of a Defender, for example, which can hurt the performance of the entire team. Class balance is one of the keys to performing well in any MOBA.

    So, it's a bad idea to have only Pokémon with offensive attributes on the team, as the enemy will probably have Defender and Support, which will complicate your game a lot. It's no use having a lot of offensive power and having a weak security base. So, it's better to think about the team than personal advantages.

    To know which category is missing from the party, just look at the Pokémon selection screen, before the battle starts. When the team is unbalanced, a notification will appear in the right corner of the screen, with the information of which category is recommended to choose to balance the team formation.

    With all these tips in mind, you can bet that you're going to be a master Pokémon trainer.

    In the following topic you will be able to see some curiosities of the game, and maybe even feel a certain nostalgia. Be sure to check it out!

    Additional information and trivia

    If you are the type of person who has played several games from the Pokémon Company, you will be able to find some items with the easter egg factor that are present in Unite. For example, the traditional Leftovers, an inseparable object from the Snorlax that sleep along the road in the games, has a similar function in Unite when recovering players' health while they are out of fights.

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    The company that developed Unite is Tencent, which owns Riot Games, responsible for League of Leagends, for the most intimate, Lolzinho. And because of that, Unite received the affectionate nickname of “Pokélol” by the MOBA community. It is also worth noting that Unite is also inspired by another Tencent game, such as Arena Of Valor.

    It is worth mentioning how impressive it is that everything that came out of the Pokémon franchise is successful. Who doesn't remember Pokemon GO? For a long time, what you saw most in squares, on the streets, on buses were people with cell phones in hand looking for Pokémon. And even Unite, which is a MOBA, a game genre that has its target audience, is not something for everyone in the gamer community, manages to succeed.

    To have a small idea of ​​the size of the success of this game, in just two days of launch for mobiles, more than 10 million downloads have already been made on the Google Play Store alone.

    Another positive point is that the game does not require a bulky device, it runs smoothly on intermediate cell phones, and it weighs less than 650 MB. But the most negative point of this game is that it is not in Portuguese.

    Anyway, it's worth playing Pokémon Unite, even if you're a little behind the MOBA genre. Don't be afraid and try the new game of pocket monsters, it's quite possible that you'll enjoy it a lot. Nothing better than playing with a Charizard, right? Here you can be a great Pokémon trainer and show Ash how it's done.

    And finally, it's worth recommending that you follow Pokémon Unite's Twitter and official Youtube channel. The community is very active in these social networks, which opens the possibility of interacting in real time with the news.

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