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    How to open a Smart Fit franchise?

    How to open a Smart Fit franchise?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 30, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Want to know How to open a Smart Fit franchise and undertake in a business that has been growing more and more? So stay with us until the end of this post and find out how to be a franchisee.

    The fitness world is gaining more and more supporters of a healthy lifestyle every day, whether in the name of health or even aesthetics, many people have invested in their physical conditioning. 

    As a result, demand in fitness centers has increased significantly, which consequently causes the number of stores to grow. Smart Fit is among the best franchises to undertake in 2022, with many chances of success. 

    Furthermore, our country is among the largest fitness markets in the world, second only to the United States. Information released by the ACAD (Our Country Association of Academies) indicates that this activity generates up to 2,5 billion dollars.

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    Smart Fit: how it all started

    Smart Fit was founded by businessman Edgard Corona, who is also the founder of Bio Ritmo, another leading company in the sports activity segment in the country and Latin America. 

    When comparing the North American market in the fitness center sector with that of our country, Edgard Corona identified major differences in infrastructure and monthly fees. In his opinion, our country only had two options for a gym model, either the more expensive ones that not everyone was able to attend, or the cheaper ones that left something to be desired in terms of infrastructure. 

    Based on this, his main idea was the creation of an academy that would allow the democratization of access through affordable values, a large space and a high standard structure. The first Smart Fit store opened in 2009 in our city, and soon after it expanded to Porto Alegre, our city and Rio de Janeiro.

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    Currently, it is the 5th largest among sports academies and the largest in Latin America. In our country, it has more than 800 units spread over 24 states such as Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal.

    The gym is also located in 10 other countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, in addition to having more than 1,5 million customers. Smart Fit stands out, as it had the highest growth in its segment, in less than 5 years of operation it had already conquered a clientele of 1 million students.

    How to open a Smart Fit franchise?

    For, open a Smart Fit franchise, first, it is necessary to have the profile that fits the desired by the franchisor. 

    Logically, the company prefers people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are willing to follow the activities, to be present, to interact with their customers and to be committed to the development of the business. 

    Those interested in opening their business and becoming a franchisee must enter the Smart Fit and fill in the formI want to be a franchisee“. Click here to be redirected.

    There you will add your personal information, contact details, professional information and the amount of capital available for the investment. From there, the company will evaluate your profile and if you are approved, the company will contact you to proceed with the opening of your franchise.

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    How much does it cost to open a Smart Fit gym?

    To open a Smart Fit 2022 franchise, the candidate must have a high capital and be willing to invest in structure, as the cost of a franchise of the largest network of gyms in the country has a high value. 

    Since, as mentioned, Smart Fit values ​​the quality of the services offered and this also includes hiring duly qualified and trained professionals to carry out the activities. The gym space, the purchase of good equipment and its respective facilities also demand a considerably high investment, all in the name of quality.

    To be a franchisee and open a unit of the brand, the total cost is between R$ 2,2 million to R$ 4 million.

    Most of the investment is for the installation of the unit and purchase of equipment, which comes out on average for R$ 1 million to R$ 1,8 million. Amount that can be paid in installments or in cash. The cost of renting or acquiring the point must also be taken into account. The firm requests that the unit space be between 950 square meters to 1.300 square meters.

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    The institution does not require any advertising fee for the general fund, but the franchisee is required to allocate 1% to 3% of the monthly gross revenue to local marketing. 

    The franchise fee is around R$ 100 thousand. The royalty fee is 10% of gross monthly sales. The established payback period for all investment in the new business is 36 months.

    Smart Fit does not disclose the average monthly average billing. The number of registered customers will make a difference in revenue. Generally, the plans available at the units are between R$ 60 to R$ 100 per month. In addition, the franchisor offers support in the design of the new unit, legal support and help in choosing the commercial location.

    The franchisee also receives training for business management and consultancy in the area, so that the unit can offer good customer service and have good growth.

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    Is it worth opening a Smart Fit franchise?

    Just the fact of starting your venture with a company that is already consolidated in the market and that has an advanced methodology, is already a strong indication of success. Franchisees have a higher success rate than self-employed businesses. The chance of you closing the doors of your establishment is lower under these conditions.

    We can cite numerous advantages of opening a Smart Fit franchise, starting with the fact that it has a well-structured system, is recognized in the market and has a supply of know-how (a set of practical knowledge such as information, technologies, techniques and procedures).

    And as said, the fitness sector is expanding every day and Smart Fit stands out, as it pleases its students with programs that provide experiences for all types of audiences and have a very affordable cost benefit.

    The Smart Fit franchise may be what you are looking for to start a business, so assess the market and profitability probabilities and draw your conclusions. 

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