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    How to open a Cacau Show franchise?

    How to open a Cacau Show franchise?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Who does not like chocolate? Now, in addition to enjoying it, if you work with sales of confectionery products or intend to start, did you know that being a franchisee of Cacau Show is a good option for your business? This company has a consolidated brand in the market, which draws the attention of consumers and reduces the risk of possible loss of money. In this way, see how to open a Cacau Show franchise in the region where you live.

    In this post, you will learn about the types of franchises that Cacau Show offers to its users, the steps you need to go through to become a franchisee of the company, the benefits that these people receive, how much does the initial investment cost to open a franchise, the growth of Cacau and some other important information.

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    But before talking specifically about the Cacau Show, quickly, know what a franchise is.

    What is a franchise?

    Simply put, a franchise can be defined as a business method that is based on permission to use a brand name, patent, infrastructure design and know-how. Therefore, this business mode uses a standardization of work methodologies and products.

    In this way, the right to use the brand is given by the franchisor, that is, the owner of the brand. Whoever receives this right is called a franchisee. In short, the business model using franchising is nothing more than having the permission given by the brand owner to an investor who intends to use the products of the private institution, usually from a company already successful in the market.

    If you want to know more about this subject, check out this other post that we have already published on the site about opening a franchise.

    Knowing how a franchise works, know that there are some business models within this franchisee world. In this way, learn about the types of franchise that Cacau Show offers for people who wish to join the company.

    Cocoa Show Franchise Values ​​and Models

    Until August 2022, Cacau Show offered six types of franchises for those who wish to associate with the company, they are: Conventional, Smart, Premium Kiosk, Express Kiosk, Container 6 m² and Container 7 m².

    Therefore, below, learn about the details of the franchises, the recommendations that the company passes and the characteristics of each of the business models.

    Conventional Cocoa Show Franchise

    You know when you're walking down the street and you find that one hell of a pretty store at Cacau Show? So, this establishment could be a Cocoa franchised store that uses the company's traditional business model. In a place like this, consumers can have coffee and, of course, enjoy the chocolates.

    Thus, according to Cacau Show, this model is ideal for places where annual revenue in the first 12 months of business is estimated at more than R$ 1 million.

    Check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the Conventional model of Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 28m² + 12m² stock
    • Investment from BRL: 196 thousand
    • Franchise fee R$: 40 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

    Cocoa Show Smart Franchise

    The Smart model is very similar to the Conventional one, including the space size requirement and annual billing. The difference between the franchise models lies in the financial issue of the initial investment and the franchise fee.

    Therefore, check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the Smart model of Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 28m² + 12m² stock
    • Investment from BRL: 143,5 thousand
    • Franchise fee R$: 20 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

    Franchise Cocoa Show Kiosque Express

    The kiosks are ideal for entrepreneurs who want to open a cheap Cacau Show franchise, but don't have all the money needed to get a conventional store.

    Thus, these establishments occupy a small space, and can usually be seen in malls or large supermarkets. Thus, users usually find in this store a service of coffee, gelato, fondue and desserts.

    Check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the Quiosque Express model by Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 8 m² + storage area
    • Investment from BRL: 114 thousand
    • Franchise fee R$: 40 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

    Smiley Premium

    The difference between Quiosque Express and Premium, in addition to the amount that needs to be invested initially, is the size of the space needed to open the establishment. While the Express requires an area of ​​8 m², the Premium requires 12 m².

    It is worth mentioning that despite these differences, both the products sold and the service need to follow a standard. This is Cacau Show's policy to try to avoid possible problems.

    Check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the Premium Kiosk model by Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 12m² + stock area
    • Investment from BRL: 161 thousand
    • Franchise fee R$: 40 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

    Franchise Cocoa Show Container 6 m²

    This is the last franchise business model launched by Cacau Show until the closing of this post. The company's focus is to open this type of establishment in the parking lots of large supermarkets, in the commercial area of ​​small towns, in neighborhoods with a lot of people, or places with more characteristics similar to those described.

    Check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the 6 m² Container model of Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 30 m² with 15 m² of internal area
    • Investment from BRL: 59,9 thousand
    • Franchise fee BRL: 10 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

    Container 7 m²

    The business model with Container will be more detailed later in this content, but already ahead, it is being successful. Therefore, the only difference between this model and the previous one is in the size and initial investment.

    Check out the characteristics to open a franchised store in the 7 m² Container model of Cacau Show:

    • Minimum area of: 30 m² with 17 m² of internal area
    • Investment from BRL: 66,9 thousand
    • Franchise fee R$: 10 thousand
    • Contract term: 30 months

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    Now that you know how Cacau Show's business models work, it's time to understand the steps to be able to affiliate with the company.

    How to open a Cacau Show franchise?

    To open a Cacau Show franchise you need to go through a few steps. Beforehand, it is important to warn that if you are going to try to undertake entering this field, study hard and create a good plan. That said, see below how the association with the chocolate company is made.


    Your journey of trying to open a franchise with Cacau Show begins on the company's website. To do so, when accessing the page, simply click on “Be our franchisee” and fill in the requested data to create your account.

    After you have placed all the information to complete your registration, after a while people responsible for this sector of Cacau Show will contact you to schedule a presentation meeting.

    Project meeting and presentation

    This step is usually done with a local manager of a Cacau Show store near the region where you live. This phase aims to present to the possible franchisee the benefits, the great differences of the company, the costs, the average billing value, the time to generate profit, the strategies, among other important aspects.

    That way, this is the time to clear all doubts, be sure to ask what you think is necessary, even if it seems to be something small.

    location analysis

    At this stage, the potential franchisee will receive guidance from Cacau Show to find a commercial location that has a good flow of people and that meets the company's requirements.

    After finding the location, the person needs to communicate to the company's team, who will carry out an analysis of the chosen location. If approved, the documentation process will begin.

    Documentation stage

    Cacau Show will send you all the documents you need to present to open the franchise, including proof of income. It is also worth noting that Cacau Show does not allow the use of financing.

    Analysis for contract validation

    After having delivered all the documents, Cacau Show will do a new analysis to decide if your application to be a franchisee of the company will be accepted or not. If approved, the person can sign the franchise opening agreement.


    After all the bureaucracy and technical terms, the franchisee will need to undergo training to understand how the operational and administrative part of the company works. Remembering that stores offer a standardized service.

    Opening Remarks

    But before finally opening their establishment, the company itself carries out marketing and digital marketing campaigns on social networks, and only after that can the person open the franchise. Above all, all these phases take, on average, about three months to complete, counting from the moment of registration until the opening.

    But what about after all this process, what is Cacau Show's role in franchisee development? You can see the answer to this question below.

    Services that Cacau Show provides after the store opening

    In addition to the help provided by the company in the initial phase with guidance for the franchisee, after the opening of the establishment, Cacau Show continues to support the person. Therefore, the franchisee will have access to the following benefits:

    • Mix of items that supports different economic profiles of consumers
    • Factory production using modern equipment
    • Constant training in order to increase the number of sales and improve results
    • Consultancy specialized in business through frequent visits by these professionals.
    • Institutional marketing and help with marketing for your local store.
    • franchisee council

    Thus, it can be concluded that the Cacau Show has a good range of advantages for franchisees after the opening. So, to get a better idea of ​​the company, see the growth they had, even with the covid-19 pandemic.

    Growth of Cacau Show

    Above all, despite the New Coronavirus pandemic having caused a 60% drop in the number of consumers interested in the company's products, between March and May 2022, precisely at the time of Easter, the year with the highest sales of chocolates, and only in August the movement returned as usual, and only in November the demand for the products increased 20% more than in the same period of 2022.

    Despite this unfavorable scenario described above, the movements in 2022 were very different. The Cacau Show grew by 25% the number of sales at Easter this year, even though several physical stores were still closed due to the pandemic. According to the company, more than BRL 80 million were raised through direct sales and BRL 92 million through digital channels, just during this holiday period.

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    But in addition to these good numbers, in 2022 alone, the Cacau Show has already opened 100 stores, with more than 2400 franchises in total, and they still have the goal of reaching 3 stores this year. Thus, many of these new stores were driven by the business model using containers, which was launched in December 2022.

    This franchise modality has proved to be assertive, even because it is a cheaper business model than the other services offered by the company. Thus, the container model corresponded to 51,4% of openings.

    Even with these numbers, if you have doubts about whether to invest your money in a franchise in the food industry, see some data below that can help you make a decision

    Is the Cocoa Show Franchise Worth It?

    Throughout the content, you could notice that Cacau Show offers several benefits and services to franchisees, but in addition, did you know that the food industry is very solid in the franchise segment?

    This is because, according to information from the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), the food franchise business raised R$ 41 billion in the third quarter of 2022 and 2022. Even with this high revenue, it is important to highlight that there was a decrease of 12,1% in the same period due to the pandemic.

    So, all these numbers, the opportunities that companies offer, entering this field can be a good option. And another aspect that shows potential is the Delivery system, which together with the food sector has grown a lot in recent years.

    Above all, if you really want to open a franchise, Cacau Show can be a good partner that helps your franchisee to grow. In this way, if you plan, you are already thinking about your commercial point to open your fine chocolate franchise using the largest chocolate chain in the country and enjoy the services as much as possible.

    Finally, if you are a Cocoa Show franchisee or intend to be, you can communicate with the company to talk about any of the franchises by the following number: (11) 3526-9854 or by WhatsApp: (11) 97114-2972 (ddd of our city).

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