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    How to monetize posts on social media?

    How to monetize posts on social media?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 14, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Social media can be great allies to help you make money on the internet. But for that, you also need to know how to monetize social media posts.

    For starters, let's explain what this really means. Monetizing can be explained, basically, as the process of turning something into money. In this post, we are going to mention social networks and their tools as something that you can use to generate content and that content will be turned into money. 

    But it is not only with the content created that you will generate monetization. You can work in different ways to make money, as social networks are great choices to make money on the internet.

    Some other examples that we can cite are paid content, work with affiliates and even online sales. Therefore, we have separated below the main ways for you to monetize publications on social networks. 

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    How to monetize social media posts

    Below you'll find some options for monetizing social media posts. To make your search easier, we have separated the alternatives by social networks such as Instagram and digital networks, YouTube channel and videos, as well as blogs. 

    Monetization of Instagram and other social networks

    When it comes to social media, the best option for you to monetize and make money is perhaps Instagram. The methods we are going to list below are great ways to monetize social media posts, but you may find it easier to make it work on Instagram.

    How to monetize posts on social media?

    When it comes to tools offered, such as the possibility to record and edit long and short videos, Stories and photos, for example, Instagram is a step ahead of other networks for providing a greater variety of tools and variations of them.

    These platform features can make it easier to generate content to monetize. But nothing prevents you from also applying these paths to other social networks and monetizing them as well.

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    sponsored publications

    If you have an Instagram profile with many followers or want to invest in the social network, know that this can be a great way. An account with at least 10 followers and good engagement on the internet can end up generating revenue of $100 per post. But if you have a smaller amount of followers, there are also ways to make money. 

    Companies can offer up to $10 for every XNUMX followers. This amount can also be higher or lower depending on your niche.

    That is, if you work directly with advertising and sponsored publications, you can have a more than satisfactory income. Nothing stops you from monetizing social media posts other than Instagram. You can do the same with your Tik Tok or Facebook, for example, as you can also monetize both with your sponsored posts. 

    This type of monetization also works for blogs. So if you want to create a blog, you can sell advertising space or make review posts talking about products and companies related to your niche and target audience.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is nothing more than recommending products or websites using specific links and codes. Every time someone buys something using your code or through your link, you will earn a percentage of the value.

    An alternative is to become an Amazon affiliate for example, as the platform has a large amount of daily sales. Enjoy and check out how to participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Other affiliate networks you might consider are:

    • Shareasale
    • Commission Junction
    • ClickBan

    The best part about this form of monetization is that you don't have to produce content or maintain a product. Just post the link and the store you are affiliated with will do the rest.

    You can advertise in different ways. You can use Tik Tok or Facebook to share the link or make it available in your Instagram bio and even in Stories.

    You can also make a video for IGTV or Reels explaining how the link works or put together a feed post. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also leave the link in the video description or comments.

    Monetization of YouTube with Google Adsense

    How to monetize posts on social media?

    If you enjoy working with videos, then YouTube has excellent ways to make money. If you already have a channel or plan to create one, it is important to already have a defined niche and a loyal audience for this to work.

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    video marketing

    Video marketing follows the same reasoning as sponsored posts on Instagram mixed with affiliate marketing, but in video format.

    All you need to do is produce higher quality videos and place ads on them. One way to do this is with Google AdSense, a tool that allows the user to place ads from third-party companies and make a profit on them. The tool itself places the ad on your videos and whenever someone clicks on it, you will receive a percentage of the amount obtained in your account.

    If this works and your profile grows even more, you can also be hired by companies to record advertisements, promote products and services, etc. You can also do the same and monetize social media posts in videos, making advertisements and sponsored ads on tools like Instagram's IGTV or Facebook videos and, especially, Tik Tok.

    Other ways to monetize YouTube:

    • Views: YouTube pays its content producers using the CPM (cost per thousand) rule. For every 1000 views you have, you will receive an amount between R$1 and R$19 in our country, or between 0,25 and 4,50 dollars;
    • channel products: You can sell your own products and services using your channel to advertise. A great option if you have an online sales store or give courses on a subject;
    • YouTube Premium: Whenever a Premium subscriber watches one of your videos, you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by your audience;
    • channel club: If you decide to create a club, people who become members and participate in the club will have to pay a monthly fee defined by you. It will also be your responsibility to decide the exclusive content and benefits available in it, which can be unreleased videos, lives, backstage, chats and etc. You need to have more than 30 thousand subscribers on youtube to release the club;
    • Super chat e super stickers: This is the amount your audience will have to pay for their messages to appear prominently when you are live on YouTube.

    blog monetization

    How to monetize posts on social media?

    Currently, creating a domain on the internet and developing a blog is not something very difficult.

    What's more, you'll be able to focus the same on a niche that you like. For example, if you like cinema, you can create a blog about it, the same goes if you like literature, entrepreneurship or cooking, for example.

    If you know the right ways to monetize social media and blog posts, you can earn a good amount of money working on what makes you happy.

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    informational products

    One way to generate monetization is with sales of informational products on the subject of your blog. You can offer online courses if you have great knowledge and/or training on the subject and share your knowledge in the form of content.

    You can even hold events online and sell tickets on the blog for the public to attend. 

    It is worth mentioning that you also do not necessarily need to have a blog to carry out these informational product sales.

    You can do it all with just landing pages and email management tools. These sales can also be made through social media, such as Instagram via Direct and link sharing in bio, Stories and feed, for example. Other social networks like Facebook and Tik Tok are great outreach options.

    Offer a service/Sell products

    If you like crafts and drawings or want to work with product sales, using a blog can be a good option to make your business work.

    Another alternative is to sell books you've written about your blog's niche topic. Or instead, sell books of other genres written by you, if you create an online store with varied content. What's more, it's also a great way to get your writing career off the ground, if you're interested.

    You can also work with the sale of services, if you are an expert in a subject or have a skill that you master masterfully.

    A lot of people are willing to pay for it, and you can work as a lecturing, coaching, freelancing, consulting, and many other things. As well as informational products, you can also monetize social media posts by selling your skills and knowledge through them. In addition to being a great form of publicity, of course.

    Essential elements for monetization to work

    Before you start investing time and sweat in ways to monetize posts on social media, know that the process will not be easy and instantaneous. Building a brand on the internet and making money from it will take a lot more than you might think and it's not something for everyone.

    There are some essential elements that you need to know and make the most of for monetization to work. See below:


    The more traffic you have on social media, the more people your message will reach, and the more people you reach, the more value you will earn on a social network. The more you grow on social media, the easier it will be for you to get more followers. 

    For example, it's easier for you to gain 100k followers when you already have 100k, than it is to gain 100k new followers when you're starting a profile from scratch.

    The fewer followers/subscribers you have, the more people will think your brand is not that interesting. Therefore, increasing more and more traffic is essential for you to monetize your social media posts. 


    Engagement is even more important than traffic, so you need to be extra careful with it. How do you know that your thousands of followers are paying attention and liking what you say and post on social media? It's simple, you'll use engagement to find out. After all, what good is having thousands of followers if no one is listening to you?

    Measuring and reporting the number of likes, shares, comments and reactions, for example, will be a task for engagement. For you to be able to monetize your social media posts, you will need to have a combination and balance between traffic and engagement. 

    Brand proposal

    The brand's proposal is nothing more than the information that people need to know about you so that they are interested in consuming your content.

    If you do it well, your profits when you monetize social media posts can be much higher than if you don't care about the proposal or do it poorly.

    You will need to create valuable content that is relevant to your niche so that you gain the trust and loyalty of your audience. Only after you have secured this, you will be able to start selling products and carrying out advertising, for example.

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