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    How to make photo and video repost on Instagram hassle free

    Reposting on Instagram is still not possible natively, but there are several lightweight and easy-to-use apps that add the function to the social network. Don't forget to repost photos and videos always giving credit to the author. Thus, it avoids possible problems in relation to copyright.

    Among the most popular apps to repost a post on the social network are:

    • Repost for Instagram - Regram
    • Refuel
    • Regrann
    • Repost it!

    They all work in a very similar way and, for our tutorial, we chose Repost for Instagram - Regram. The app was chosen for being the option capable of also copying the caption of the post that will be republished.

    1. Download Repost for Instagram - Regram on your cell phone;

    2. Once the installation is complete, open the Instagram app;

    3. When you find the content you want to repost, click on the three dots icon above the photo or video;

    4. Touch Copy link;

    5. Open Repost for Instagram - Regram. The content will automatically be displayed in the New Post tab. Tap on it;

    6. In the editing options, choose where the box with the image credit will be located or if you will not attribute the credit (we do not recommend). It is also possible to change the background color of the credit on the buttons with the letters L, D e B;

    7. As already mentioned, the app also copies the caption of the publication. If you want to include it in your post, tap CC, at the top of the screen;

    8. A text box will open. It is possible to select the desired passage manually or simply copy the content in its entirety, in one touch, in copy all;

    • There is also the possibility to copy only the hashtags, if any, in the option Copy hashtags.

    9. To repost, tap on the two arrows icon, pointing at each other.

    10. In the box that opens, go to OK;

    11. Choose whether to repost content in the feed, as a story or DM;

    12. Instagram will open. Follow the normal publishing process;

    13. If you copied the caption in steps 7 and 8, just tap for a few seconds on the Write a caption box. Then you will see the option Necklace and then just tap on it. Of course, if you want, you can create a completely original text;

    14. Finish publishing on Share.

    How to repost on Instagram from PC

    Despite gathering more and more features in its web version, Instagram still doesn't allow you to publish natively on your PC. Even less, repost publications.

    However, it is possible to use the extension for Downloader for Instagram, available for Chrome. The plugin allows you to download photos and videos and manually repost from your computer.

    1. Visit the Downloader for Instagram on the Chrome Web Store. click in Use in Chrome For download. In the box that opens, confirm the download in Add extension;

    2. Now, access Instagram from your browser. Note that new icons will appear on the site's interface;

    3. Go to the post you want to repost and place your mouse pointer over the photo or video. option will be displayed Download. Click on to download the file;

    4. If you want to include the caption in your post, select the text and right-click on it. tap on Copy;

    5. Exit the publication and now click on the cell phone icon at the top of the page on the right. You will access the mobile view, through which it is possible to post from the PC;

    6. A new window will open in the right corner of the screen. Tap on the icon +, on the bottom;

    7. Select on your PC the photo or video you want to repost on Instagram;

    8. On the flap Edit, you can adjust the cropping of the image. Already in Filter, you can include the desired filters. After making the desired edits, go to Advance;

    9. Insert the caption. If you want to reproduce the caption of the original post, right-click on the caption box and choose Necklace. As with the smartphone app, you can also add people and location. Finish publishing on Share.

    I don't use Chrome, now what?

    If you happen to use another browser, you can repost the photo in a different way. The photo or video can be downloaded through the website Download Gram.

    Then just publish the content normally. the tutorial How to post on Instagram from PC without downloading anything explains how to do this from any browser.


    Our country's Copyright Law (Law nº 9.610 of February 19, 1998) does not have any specific information about social networks, due to the time when it was created. However, legal experts recommend always giving credit to the author of the content. Otherwise, it could be considered plagiarism.

    According to lawyer Ana Clara Ribeiro, if the author of the post does not like it, he can request that it be deleted. One of the ways to ensure that this doesn't happen is to ask for permission to repost. This can be done by commenting on the original post or via private message.

    Even if you don't get a response, you'll have a record that you tried to let him know. However, under no circumstances use third-party content for profit. Also don't take the photo or video out of context. In such cases, there are real chances of being sued by the creator.

    There are people who save the images they want on their cell phone or PC to make new posts. However, they do not have the credits of the original author, which is not recommended. Therefore, be cautious.


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