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    How to make money at home? The 23 best ideas for self-employment

    How to make money at home? The 23 best ideas for self-employment

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 13, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 0

    Are you unemployed or want to earn some extra money but don't know how? One possibility is to learn how to make money from home, and in this post we are going to separate some of the best ideas that you can adapt to your knowledge.

    You will find suggestions on how to make money from home using your knowledge from previous jobs, some skill you have, or even in a completely new market.

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    How to make money from home – See the best ideas

    In case you're interested, below we've separated 24 great ideas that you can use to learn how to make money from home. They all have a great chance of having a great result, so be sure to check them out. 

    1- Start a franchise

    Our first suggestion for you to make money from home is to start a franchise. At first, it's normal to be a little afraid to consider this option, as a franchise can end up requiring a large initial investment. But on the other hand, especially for those who want to reduce the risks in opening a business and undertake, this is one of the best options. 

    The franchise model is already consolidated in the market, with a great support material for sales and marketing, in addition to potential customers, so you just have to start yours. For those who want to work and earn money from home, there are several interesting franchises on the market that you can join.

    Some of the main alternatives are: Ahoba Viagens (tourist packages); Jan-Pro (corporate cleaning); Acquazero (ecological car wash) and DocSystem (computer services).

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    2- Vire freelancer

    The freelance career is a great alternative not only for those who want to earn extra money from home, but also for those who are looking to pursue and build a solo career. Usually, this alternative is more suitable for advertisers, photographers, journalists, designers and software developers, as it is easier to find so-called freelancers in these areas.

    However, this does not mean that professionals from other modalities cannot explore the market. If you're interested, start by defining the type of service you want to provide, ensuring you're qualified to deliver a good job. After that, build your brand, look for freelance websites and apps, or other ways to get work. A great freela platform that we can recommend is 99Freelas. 

    3- Work with crafts

    That's exactly what you're imagining, working with crafts is an excellent way to earn money from home. With the ease of accessing content on the internet, many decorations for homes and other environments are made with the concept of “DIY”, also known as “Do it yourself”, which translates to “Do it yourself”. 

    The best part of this type of service is that you can use the internet to your advantage, if you are lacking creativity or having difficulty creating something, just look for ideas and solutions online. Selling is even simpler, as you can use social media for this and/or even create your own virtual store, which is currently quite simple to do.

    Some online places to create a store and get money online are Shopee, Aliexpress, Elo7, WixStores, Shopify, and many others.

    4- Sell healthy lunchboxes

    Lunchboxes are not only a great option to save money, but they also serve to make money at home. Many people don't have the will, time or knowledge to cook, so they resort to buying ready-made or pre-cooked foods to eat. 

    Because of this, they may end up missing home-cooked and healthy food on a day-to-day basis and that's where you'll come in to make a profit, as they'll be able to buy just that kind of food from you. In addition, you will be able to sell lactose-free and gluten-free foods, intended for vegans and vegetarians, having a very wide audience at your disposal.

    5- Create digital products to sell

    Most likely, your main companion when making money from home will be the internet. One way to use this tool to your advantage is to work with digital product sales. If you have knowledge on a specific topic, then you will also be able to profit from that knowledge.

    You can share your knowledge with others online, through digital courses, books or video classes, for example. After creating these materials, you can sell digitally through social networks or affiliate programs to earn more money, an example of a tool that you can use that offers a space precisely for this type of content is Hotmart.

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    6- Take care of pets

    If you live in a large house or apartment that has space for animals, a great option to work without leaving home is taking care of pets. There are some platforms where the user can register precisely for this type of service, facilitating contact between pet owners who need a place to host their pets while they work or travel, for example, and you. One of the main options you can use for this is DogHero.

    7- Work with product resale

    Currently, it is common for big brands to look for resellers for their products, which can be clothes, perfumes, homeware, jewelry, underwear, erotic products or others. The biggest difficulty may be finding out about which brands are offering these possibilities, but after discovering the best ones, just select the one you like the most, get in touch with the company to participate in the resellers, use your networks of contacts and start selling. 

    8- Teach something

    Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher and giving private or even more general lessons to earn extra income? Whether it's music, cooking, math, Portuguese, English or other classes, we always find people who need help in some of these areas, so if you have the knowledge, why not profit from it?

    Some sites can help you find customers and offer their services as a great way to earn money from home. Our recommendations are the GetNinjas and Engoo platforms, but you can find others on the market and on the internet.

    9- Work with stamping and printing

    Some materials are always in high demand, and we are talking about t-shirts, mugs and other promotional materials. This happens because stores, promotional campaigns on websites, politicians, theaters and among others are always looking for this type of material that serves as publicity.

    Thus, it can be very worthwhile to buy a stamping machine and offer its services to this public and also to companies that participate in events or fairs, for example.

    10- Sell party favors

    Working with weddings and parties is something that has always given and still gives a lot of financial return, so you can use it to earn money at home without any problems. You can work not only with cake, sweet and savory confections, if you have the culinary talent for it, but you can also offer ready-made party favors and personalized decorations made by yourself. So, just work on promoting the service on social networks and in other ways and start profiting. 

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    11- Work with maintenance services

    If you have experience with cleaning, extermination, electrical or computer maintenance, one way to earn money at home is to work directly with maintenance of various types. You can even use some applications or portals that facilitate the search for customers who are looking for this type of service. If you want to adapt as a professional in this area of ​​activity, a platform that can help you is Parafuzo.

    12- Create or repair clothes

    For those who have sewing skills, you can use the needle and thread to make money at home in a popular area. All you need is to invest in a sewing machine so you can create your own clothes or repair them. The best part is that the investment won't be too expensive, and if you don't want to spend a lot on a new machine, you can look for a used one that is in good condition. 

    This is an opportunity that can bring you a good profit, as bespoke clothing is always in high demand. Whether it's for special occasions like parties and weddings or for people who can't find clothes that suit or fit you, you'll get service.

    13- Walk with dogs 

    Many people do not have time for most activities, either because they work all day at a home office or because they are always away from home because of work, so pet owners, specifically dogs, do not have time to walk their pets. pets. If you have free time and want to earn extra money without too much work, you can start offering dog walking services or other pets.

    It is common for these busier people to hire people to take their dogs to parks or spacious places nearby so they can play. Normally, to get work with this you have to be by referral or with a person who knows you well and knows that you would not harm animals.

    14- Work with makeup

    Over time, more and more people start to care about their appearance, regardless of age or gender. It is common for them to look for someone to do their makeup at important events, such as weddings, birthdays, awards, etc. So, if you have makeup talent, one way to make money from home is to offer these services to the public.

    Not only can you do this work in person by going to people to do makeup or provide an environment where they can go, you can also make videos teaching makeup techniques and post them on YouTube or other platforms. Depending on the direction this goes, you can gain more and more followers and views and thus have your content monetized. 

    15- Make changes

    If you have a pickup truck, truck, or some other type of large car, you can offer your services for moving. We always find people who are moving house or city, and they need this type of service, so this ends up being a great opportunity to earn money at home with transporting goods, boxes and furniture. The further the transport, the more you can charge, thus ensuring a good source of income, you just need to stay informed and promote this service well. 

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    16- Be a tour guide

    If you have the habit of traveling a lot or know the place where you live and it is considered or has tourist attractions, you can very well work as a tour guide. Many people love to travel and see new places, so you can show them around, tell them popular stories, and make sure they have a good experience.

    The only catch is that you will likely have to remain fluent in other languages, especially English, as you may have travelers from all over the world. But this is still a good way to make money from home and being your own boss.

    17- Be a virtual assistant

    Many services are being outsourced and many companies prefer to invest in this type of work. That way, one way you have to earn money from home is to work as a virtual assistant, answering phone calls, organizing demands and agendas, scheduling meetings and some other activities. If you have experience in this type of work, it is even better, as companies are preferring to hire employees this way, seeking to reduce costs.

    18- Be a caregiver for the elderly or children

    If you work or have a background in healthcare, one way to earn money from home is to work as a caregiver for children or the elderly. However, this type of service requires a lot of experience and trust from those who are hiring. The best ways to get this type of job is through referrals from acquaintances or being hired by people who know and trust you. While you need to have extensive knowledge and skill to get the job, the salaries tend to be quite rewarding. 

    19- Do virtual consulting

    Several professionals, regardless of training, can work with virtual consulting. So, if you are unemployed or have a lot of free time, this is one of the ways you can choose to earn money from home. Your experience and knowledge in the area can be used by those who hire you.

    The best way is that you can perform this function on a contractual basis, being hired precisely for that, or you can make it your profession, acting as an individual micro-entrepreneur.

    20- Work as a technical programmer

    Another way to earn money from home is working as a technical programmer, which is an excellent option for those looking to work as a freelancer. Several companies looking to invest in new systems and technology in general need to hire someone to perform this type of service and who can adjust applications, software and websites, for example, and for that it is not necessary to leave the house. Usually, the remuneration for those who work in this area is excellent, so it is worth investing. 

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    21- Be a copywriter

    Working as a copywriter is usually more suitable for journalists, but if you have a great command of the Portuguese language and like to write, this is a great opportunity to earn money at home and without having to go to another environment. Typically, you work developing materials and content for other companies directly, or through platforms aimed at freelancing. One platform you can use to find this type of service is Rock Content.  

    The content you will write about may vary according to your knowledge and there are several ways to get paid. It is possible to earn by the amount of words produced, demand required from the company or in other ways. If you are fluent in other languages ​​such as English or Spanish, you can also provide services such as a content translator for portals or people. 

    22- Sell photos online

    If you are a photographer or you can take great photos, you can sell them online to earn money from home, as there are several portals that buy photos. Some platforms that we can mention that buy a lot of photos are iStockPhoto and Shutterstock. 

    The best part about working this way is that you don't have to worry about any rules about what kind of photos you can sell. So, regardless of the place, the people, the objects or brands that appear, you will be able to sell online. These photos live on the platforms and you will receive a notification to withdraw the money as soon as someone buys. 

    23- Rent your house

    Last but not least on our list of ideas to make money at home, we have renting your house or at least a room. This is a great option if you own a very large house or have a spare room that could be occupied by someone else. Another alternative to using this idea is if you own some other house or apartment that is unoccupied and can be rented.

    One platform you can use to rent a house or an available room is AirBnB. This rental can be done for the short or long term, and you will solve everything quickly and simply. 

    AirBnB works very similarly to Uber or iFood, where the person is evaluated with grades, which can influence the rent of the property or room by another user. To raise your grade or keep it high, all you have to do is be polite, a good host, and make good offers. 

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