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    How to make an ebook in Canva Online?

    How to make an ebook in Canva Online?

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jul 20, 2022 | Marketing Digital | 2

    The task of creating an ebook may seem very complex, but it is not. We will help you with some tips to make your work easier and teach you how to make an ebook in Canva Online.

    It is important that it offers quality content and, at the same time, is attractive to those who purchase it.

    If you don't know how to use advanced graphic design software, Canva is a free tool option. The platform is very intuitive and offers numerous features. To help you in this process, we will bring in this post suggestions on how to make an ebook in Canva.

    This is the time for you to grab a pen and paper or open a file in Word to write down the step by step and learn how to make an ebook in Canva Online.

    The ebook as a Digital Marketing Strategy

    Initially, you need to understand the importance of creating ebooks these days. The digital book format is widely used for content marketing e inbound marketing.

    The ebook is nothing more than a strategy created with the aim of turning users into leads. When you share your ebook with users who visit your site, they understand this reward as a free gift.

    In fact, the ebook is much more than that. It is widely used in mid-funnel actions, as it is offered to the user precisely at the stage when he is already looking for a solution to his problem.

    It is at this moment that the digital book enters the scene as the long-awaited answer by the user.

    Why have an ebook?

    • Production of more complex content than posts, blogs and articles;
    • Varied, didactic and creative approach;
    • Low production cost, as it does not need to be printed;
    • It can be sent via download, email or devices;
    • Delivers knowledge in relation to matters relevant to the market;
    • It adds value, trust, notoriety and authority;
    • Your brand starts to be remembered as a reference in the subject;
    • Generates revenue for your business;
    • It can be used as an after-sales strategy: after the customer purchases your product, the ebook is delivered as a gift and you start to build a lasting relationship.

    How to make an ebook?

    Now that you know the importance of creating your ebook, let's better understand the steps to make your own digital book:

    Step 1. Choose the topic or topic to be addressed

    The subject must be of interest to you and also be relevant to the market;

    Step 2. In-depth research on the subject

    Find out what the main doubts people have about the topic and search for authors who have already written about;

    Step 3. Content planning and production

    Organize which subthemes will be dealt with in each chapter and subtitles to develop the written part. Also keep in mind what should be included in the introduction, development and conclusion;

    Step 4. Organize the information in the correct structure

    An ebook must contain: cover, author (present yourself to readers), summary, introduction (show the proposal), body (chapters and subtitles), conclusion (outcome and reflection), about (tell your story and put your contact) ;

    Step 5. Review

    Correct spelling and typing errors of words;

    Step 6. Formatting and design

    We will explain this part in the item “How to make an ebook in Canva”;

    Step 7. digital file format

    We have PDF or ePub format. ePub is used for simple documents that do not contain many images. JPG is indicated for files with more illustrations and more complex;

    Step 8. Set the price

    Consider the total investment for the production of the material:

    1. publicity and working hours;
    2. Compare with the competition as a reference;
    3. Know your audience and their purchasing power;
    4. Analyze the added value of the product.

    Step 9. Material registration

    Register the material with the National Library to protect the copyright of your ebook and avoid any fraud;

    Step 10. Disclosure

    To promote your ebook, you will need to host the material on a digital product distribution platform. Once your book is hosted, you can promote it on social media, post the material to your database and create a landing page to highlight the content.

    How do I sign up for Canva Online?

    So far you have learned how to define your ebook as well as its structure. Now it's time to understand the design part and how Canva can help you build your material.

    Initially, you need to make an account on the platform:

    1 stage. The first step to using Canva Online is to enter the site and register with your Facebook, Google or your email;
    2 stage. After creating the account, you will be directed to a window where you will need to select who you are (teacher, student, staff, small business, large company, NGO);
    3 stage. At this stage, you have the option to try Canva Pro by clicking on the “Take the Test” option or just select the “Later” option;
    4 stage. Now that your account has been created, you can explore the tool in addition to inviting other users to collaborate on your projects;
    5 stage. Whenever you log in with your account, all your created templates are separated into folders under “Your Designs”.

    How to make an ebook in Canva?

    Step 1. Type the term “Ebook Cover” in the search tool and select the option that already appears the right format on the side (512px x 800px);

    Step 2. Click on “Create a blank eBook Cover design”;

    Step 3. You will be directed to the ebook creation area;
    Step 4. In this step, you can use a ready-made template or edit a new one;
    Step 5. As you look at the ready-made templates on the left, you'll notice that most of them are just skins.
    Step 6. By placing the cursor over the designs, it will be easier to find which designs have more than 1 page. When you find one that has more pages, select to see what other ebook structures it features;
    Step 7. Look for ebooks that are more complete: with indexes, chapters, pages with topics and with space to put images and texts.

    Now, check out what Canva can offer you:

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    Canva ebook templates

    The entire ebook design should contain a color palette best suited to the theme and audience. Colors trigger different emotions and this fact should be used to your advantage.

    It's important to choose a main palette and use colors that contrast with them to make an element stand out. In addition, the choice of font must take into account the appropriate size to have a good read on any device, even the smallest.

    A layer aims to draw the reader's attention to the topic to be addressed and arouse the reader's curiosity. Because of this, it must be very creative and have a visual identity according to the subject of the ebook.

    Pinterest is a good place to get creative insights.

    O index anticipates the reader which topics will be covered in your ebook so that he can locate the order of the information. In this part, we know what each chapter will be about.

    before each chapter, it is common to use an illustration page to divide the content and bring more lightness to the reading.

    You can create in your ebook a list or topics. And for that, we have some Canva templates. This format is good for highlighting your information and enhancing your content.

    Although the chapters are the part where you find the most text, this does not prevent having a differentiated design. You can create text columns, add imagery and highlight the most important passages.

    The feature of “Quotes” or “Quotes” is the name given when we highlight an important phrase. This feature is used to break the text and make the text appear smaller.

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    After reading this text, you already have enough resources to make your own ebook, promote your work and start making money with digital marketing strategies.

    Get started right now and share your experience with us.

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