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    How to make a resume on mobile

    How to make a resume on mobile

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 2, 2022 | Technology |

    How to make a resume on mobile creatively? Is it possible to make a good resume by smartphone? Which app should I use? These questions are asked by those who are looking for a job and want to edit the document in a practical and efficient way.

    Your curriculum vitae is the first impression employers have of you. After all, it contains your name, academic and professional information and all your important data.

    Want to know how to create multiple resumes using just your cell phone and apps? Check out the tips below!

    How to make a resume by cell phone: the importance of presentation

    The selection process to reach that much-desired vacancy begins well before approval or even the job interview.

    Showing the recruiter the whimsy with your document is a differential that can immediately draw attention and increase your chances of success.

    In addition, according to the Center for Company-School Integration, the CIEE, the curriculum serves as an important “business card” for the candidate to remain in a given opportunity.

    Therefore, making a good presentation starts with your resume. But it is not always easy to know where to start this edition. Often, the first options are the old models made on the computer, but which are impractical and do not value your information on paper or screen.

    For this, the Canva platform offers several ready-made file templates for editing directly from your cell phone in a quick and creative way. Best of all, you don't have to pay to use the tool. Just have a cell phone with an Android or iOS operating system and download the app.

    After making the changes and including all the necessary information, you can save the creation in the format you want, ready for printing in PDF or even for sending by e-mail.

    How to make a resume on your phone using Canva

    1. Open a Canva account: You must create a login account before starting. For this, choose to enter your email and create a password, or choose to use your Facebook or Gmail account.

    Introducing Canva


    2. Choose the ideal model: in the search bar located in the upper corner of the application, search by curriculum.

    Then, among the various options, choose the one that best suits you. Don't worry about colors or the arrangement of elements, after all, you can edit everything as you like.

    3. It's time to customize: Based on your preferred file, you can add your photo, include data, change colors, fonts, add spaces and text blocks.

    To duplicate or delete, use the upper right corner and to insert, explore the bottom of the app.

    4. Check Before Saving

    According to the supervisor of Inclusive and Special Processes, Lilene Ruy, in an interview for the Vida Melhor program, on Rede Vida, and published by CIEE, the recruiter will always be aware of the following elements: clarity in objectives, visual organization and grammatical errors.

    Therefore, pay close attention to the work as a whole, check that all the words are correct and that the harmonization of the layout is pleasant.

    Once this is done, the distribution can start with the application itself and be posted on your social networks. If you prefer, save as a PDF and do everything by email.


    How to make resume on mobile with other apps

    Like Canva, there are other tools that you can also use for editing and that can help you when creating your resume on your phone.

    1. Go2Job
    2. Curriculum App
    3. Resume in Pages (available on iPhone)
    4 Google Docs

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