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    How to make a resume? Check out 10 foolproof tips

    How to make a resume? Check out 10 foolproof tips

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | News |

    If you don't know how to write a resume and are tired of sitting in front of your computer waiting for brilliant ideas, you've come to the right place. From now on, we are going to list several tips that help you make a good resume to help you move forward with your professional goal.

    After reading this content, you will have enough information to find out how to make a simple and efficient resume. Follow up! 

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    How to make a resume: choose your goal

    Before learning how to make a perfect resume, it is important to choose which template is best suited to your profile. 

    • Chronological resume: is the most used by most professionals. It presents the data according to the periods. In this alternative, the most recent experiences are presented first and the oldest last;
    • Functional: the purpose of this type of resume is to pay special attention to your skills as a candidate, showing how your experience is related to the position; 
    • Combined or mixed: this curriculum template applies the two previous versions. It highlights the candidate's capabilities neatly and in chronological order. 

    be objective 

    The routine of a recruiter is quite hectic. Just search for any job on Linkedin to find a position that has received hundreds of applications. With multiple CVs to review, professionals prioritize those documents that are most objective. 

    Resumes that are longer than two or three pages are often ignored by professionals, especially if the skills and courses mentioned are unrelated to the position. When organizing your professional trajectory, think about the job of the recruiter. Make sure the reading of the content is clear and that he can interpret all the details with practicality. 

    If you're looking for a digital marketing consultant position, add only the courses, experiences and training that are essential for that position. In this case, a theatrical training may not attract much attention during the selection process. Therefore, it should be ignored. 

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    Take care of document formatting 

    To be objective in the curriculum, it is important to pay extra attention to the formatting of the document. Unlike what is shared on the internet, there is no standard size that is required by companies. However, it is important to follow certain characteristics to make a good impression. 

    The best fonts for writing a resume are: Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman. This is because they facilitate the reading of the Human Resources professional. 

    Regarding font size, the number 12 is more recommended for texts, while 14 or 15 are indicated for titles. 

    Only add important data 

    Generally, a resume contains a lot of personal data about candidates. Among the most common are: education, professional experience and courses. 

    To avoid future problems, we recommend being truthful. The recruiter may ask you about your experiences and, with a poorly executed test or the way you answered the question, it could be a sign that you were lying. 

    So don't damage your professional reputation. You may not have the right qualifications for the position, but the recruiter may notice other characteristics that are crucial to the position. 

    In addition, companies are always looking for true professionals. After all, they share confidential information with their employees and need to trust team members. Otherwise it will be more complicated to achieve the main objectives. 

    There is a standard order that can be used as inspiration for developing a curriculum. She is a great suggestion for professionals who don't know how to make a resume for their first job. 

    Personal data

    The candidate must add their personal information and which are those communication channels that the company can contact to inform them about the next steps of the selection process. 

    • Name;
    • Date of birth;
    • Address;
    • City;
    • State;
    • home telephones;
    • Cell phone;
    • E-mails. 


    It never hurts to remember how important it is to add a professional objective in a nutshell. If you intend to work as an administrative assistant for a company, simply include the following sentence “work in the administrative sector of the company”. 

    At this point, ignore showing what your personal goals, dreams and plans are that you want to achieve for the next few months or years. Just present what you intend to achieve. Other information can be shared at the time of the interview. 

    Academic education

    The purpose of this topic is to add schooling. One of the most common mistakes made by most candidates is to add their entire academic transcript.

    To surprise the recruiter, give preference to the most recent training. Here, it is interesting to include undergraduate and graduate courses that have been completed or are still under development. 

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    Professional experience

    Summarize your professional trajectory. Start with the most recent job and work your way up to the oldest experience. Start with the company name. Then show what the entry and exit years were. 

    The next step is to place the exercised position. Therefore, list which tasks were performed and what were the results achieved during the passage through the company. Objectivity also needs to be present in this topic. Avoid writing more than three lines for each company. That way, it will be easier to include the most relevant information. 

    Courses and qualifications

    You must list what were the best qualifications of your career. Choose to highlight those that have the most connection with the vacancy. In most positions, computer skills, participation in training and language courses help ensure a competitive edge in the selection process.

    If you have knowledge in English, Spanish or another line, mention if it is basic, intermediate or advanced. 

    Put personal photo only when necessary

    One of the main doubts among most professionals, whether beginners or experienced, is whether to add a photo on your resume. In the not too distant past, it was mandatory to attach photos to the material. Today, this type of content is no longer required by most companies. 

    If it is requested in the job advertisement, it is necessary to be careful with the choice of photo. Avoid including relaxed selfies or images. Your professional reputation is at stake. Therefore, we recommend opting for 3×4 images. 

    salary expectation

    An interesting tip is not to add the salary claim on your resume. When you include a high value, the chance of being eliminated early in the screening process is greater. 

    Some companies already disclose their vacancies with the salary, others ask the candidate to add the salary claim. To avoid a quick elimination, check how the opportunity was publicized. That way, you will know if the information should be added or not. 

    Pay attention to spelling 

    A candidate can be eliminated from a selection process for several reasons. Spelling errors are one of the main elements that most harm professionals in a selection process. 

    Before sending your resume to the recruiter, review the document. If possible, ask a friend or relative to read the content. Give preference to people who have a more advanced linguistic knowledge. Thus, it will be easier to identify errors and improve your reputation with the company. 

    Add professional emails

    Any element of a resume can influence your professional reputation. So pay attention to several details, including emails. Avoid adding an address that resembles a joke. Conveying a serious image is a great way to impress the recruiter. 

    Use the internet to your advantage

    For you who are looking for tips on “how to make an online resume”, we have good news: there are several websites on the internet with ready-made templates. The candidate's only job is to add the information that matches his profile.

    Canva, for example, contains several alternatives for users of the tool. The templates guarantee more economy and practicality for the routine.

    If you are not interested in using the tool, you can use good old Word. The good news is that to learn how to make a resume in Word, the process is simple. Follow the step by step below.

    1. Access Word from your computer;
    2. Use the search field, which can be identified in the “New” menu. It is useful for discovering various resume templates;
    3. Search by resume;
    4. Select one of the available templates;
    5. Click create.

    After this process, you can still find out how to make a PDF resume.

    1. Access the curriculum in which you want to add a PDF;
    2. Select the option “Insert”, then “images” and finally “image from file”;
    3. Set the PDF document;
    4. Click on “Insert”.

    Okay, the process has been completed successfully.

    Avoid the most common mistakes on a resume

    When learning how to make a resume, it is important to pay attention to the most common mistakes when producing this type of document. Find out below which are the problems that need to be avoided. 

    • Not including the most important personal data;
    • Add personal data that does not influence the vacancy;
    • Portuguese errors;
    • Wrong formatting;
    • Add photo in ballad;
    • List all courses that have been completed throughout the career;
    • Produce extensive material. 

    Here, we mention the best tips for you to learn how to make a resume. Remember to take care of objectivity, formatting and only add true content. The combination of these elements can be decisive to reach the dreamed vacancy. 

    After discovering how to make a resume, learn how to make a resume on mobile. A practical and agile option for the candidate. 

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